3 Day Chemical Breakdown Diet

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It is easy to be fooled by diets online. They all profess to give you the body you want with little work. The truth is that any diet you are on will take work. If you truly want to lose weight, than you have to be realistic in your goals and stop looking for fad diets. The 3 day chemical breakdown diet is a fad diet no matter what name it is tagged with. Those who advertise the 3 day chemical breakdown diet as the Mayo Clinic Diet are misleading you.

First of all, you can lose weight with the 3 day chemical breakdown diet. However, professionals do not use this diet as anything other than a fad diet. If you have health issues, you should consult a physician before you start it.

The 3 day chemical breakdown diet is supposed to quick start your weight loss. The concept is that it works to increase chemical breakdown of the foods you eat. It is also set up so that you cannot substitute any of the menu items found on the 3 day chemical breakdown diet. The idea is after this diet you will lose 10 pounds in three days. You do not have to increase your exercise or anything. You just eat the meals outlined for the three days, eat responsibly for four days and then repeat the three day diet.

A sample meal for breakfast is half a grapefruit or half a cup grapefruit juice, one slice toast, one tablespoon of butter and black coffee or tea. Lunch offers black coffee or tea, half a cup of tuna, one slice of dry toast or one ounce of cheddar cheese. Dinner is three ounces of lean meat, one cup of string beans, one cup cut carrots or beets, one small apple and one cup vanilla ice cream. The calorie count adds up to be 1,500 calories.

As a 3 day chemical breakdown diet, it is not bad. You are eating healthy foods on the 3 day chemical breakdown diet, and it includes a dessert. The most difficult part of this diet is the lack of variety in the foods you are allowed to eat, but it is only for three days. It is a great option, if you are in need of a quick weight loss.

Discuss It!

Rachel ·

It works for me every time. I've lost 5 lbs each time following it to the T. It has taught me the value of portions and to eat to not be hungry instead of feeling full. I highly recommend it.

Libby ·

It has worked for me everytime too. With a loss of between 5 and 7 pounds each time I did it. I think it would be hard to stick to over a long period of time but for 3 days what do you have to loose. I would recommend this diet to anyone wanting to kickstart a healthier eating plan.

tejaswini ·

it was very goood must admit

Vee ·

Does this plan REALLYwork or is it another SCAM?

Cindy ·

Iv done it loads over the years I allways lose at least 5lb. Should it be full fat cottage cheese? It's hard, you will be hungry but it's three days- give it a go

Lexi C. ·

I’ve done this diet twice. First time I lost 8lbs because my body was used to eating higher calories. I regularly eat 1300 to 1500 now, so this last time I tried it, I lost 4.5 lbs. but it DOES work! I even managed to not gain any weight back!