3 Day Diet Detox

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Are you looking for a way to kick-start your diet? Have you reached a plateau in your current diet and you cannot seem to lose any more weight? If either of these situations describes your current needs, then a 3 day diet detox plan may be just what you need.

A 3 day diet detox will both kick start a new diet or get you over a weight loss slump in your current diet by flushing your system of dangerous toxins and poisons. Further, a 3 day diet detox can help to reduce and or eliminate health problems such as, skin, kidney and liver problems.

Other benefits of a 3 day detox diet include reducing the effects of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. A 3 day detox diet is very strict. If you have trouble with diabetes, consult your physician prior to using. With proper modifications to account for fluctuations in blood sugar, diabetics can safely use the 3 day diet detox.

To achieve the greatest results while on a 3 day diet detox, it is best to prepare your body a week or so prior to starting the 3 day diet detox by eliminating caffeine, alcohol, red meat, sugar and junk food from your diet.

While on a 3 day diet detox, you will eat light meals consisting of fresh organic fruits, steamed vegetables, small amounts of brown rice and at least eight glasses of filtered water. If you do not like plain water, freshly squeezed organic lemon may be added.

In addition, light to moderate exercise during a 3 day diet detox may improve circulation and speed weight loss results. However, be sure not to overdo an exercise regimen during the diet or else you could run the risk of dehydration and fatigue.

Once you have completed the 3 day diet detox, you should continue to drink at least eight glasses of water per day and eat a diet consisting of light foods, while reintroducing foods that are more complex gradually. Good examples of a light diet would include fresh fruits, vegetables, and soups.

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