3 Day Diet Fruit

Three Day Diet Fruit

If you feel you have some extra pounds attached to your body, you might consider the 3 day diet fruit plan. It will help you get a jump start on losing those extra pounds. It is by no means an all the time diet, but the 3 day diet fruit plan has been shown to be effective. For 3 days you will eat a high content of fruit in your meals. You may already eat a lot of fruit, but the 3 day diet fruit plan asks that you concentrate on even more.

The 3 day diet fruit plan is based on 1500 calories and the official food pyramid. Before you begin this diet you should consult a doctor. Ask your doctor if the diet is right for you, talk about the risks, and determine if you are really ready to go on a diet. You may find that you have issues that can reduce the effectiveness of this three day plan. Pregnancy for example requires you to watch what you eat to promote a healthy baby. Going on a 3 day diet could affect you and your baby.

The diet is also going to be combined with at least 15 minutes of exercise a day. You should get your heart moving in order to get your body ready. Without exercise no diet will work. Instead you will reduce what you eat, and yet get frustrated with not dropping any pounds on the 3 day diet fruit plan.

For the first day of the 3 day diet fruit plan you will have 1 cup of your favorite cereal with 1 banana and a cup of milk. You will have half an apple for a snack before eating the other half at lunch with raisins, 4 cups of salad greens and tuna or chicken. A medium peach is allowed for the midday snack, with chicken, orange, potato, green beans, and whole grain bread for dinner.

As you can see on the 3 day diet fruit plan you are actually eating more than fruit. You are actually eating a well balanced meal rather than junk food.

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