7 Day Diet

Many of today's people are concerned about their weight. For this reason, they pursue many nutrition plans called a 7 day diet. When deciding in which plan to choose they have to decide what the goal of the diet is. Is it to look better in your swimsuit or is it for genuine health benefits? Often a short term a 7 day diet doesn't have any lasting effects since there is no long term change that will allow for permanent weight loss and a leaner healthier body as a result.

The pros of a 7 day diet are a few that will benefit one's health. By losing some weight quickly, there will be less stress on joints and muscles,a possible benefit to blood pressure and blood sugar. There is also the added psychological ego boost of looking better. Also by being lighter, mobility improves. There is less fatigue at the end of the day. One other plus is that there is a conscious commitment to eat healthier foods with better more natural ingredients

The cons of a 7 day diet are tht often the desired results are short termed, When on a 7 day diet, the first goal is simply to lose a few pounds. The problem is most people don't want to make the diet a permanent part of their life. When the desired amount of weight is lost, most pople go back to their old eating habits.sometimes, they actually gain back the weight lost. Frequently, they gain a few more.Without a commitment to a complete lifestyle modification, 7 day diets don't always work.

So, when considering a 7 day diet, ask yourself the following questions. Do I only want to look good for the beach party? Am I willing to change my life to make it permanent? Am I willing to stick to it to achieve my short and long term goals? In reality, most of us simply are never satisfied with our bodies as they are. Maybe we need to look inside ourselves to see what we are really looking for.Then once we have examined what we feel inside, then the outside will begin to take care of itself.

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