800 Calories Diet Menu

800 Calories Diet Menu

Before you begin any diet you should see your doctor. But, if you are thinking about cutting your daily calories to lower than 1,000, you must visit with a physician.

Going on an 800 calorie diet is generally a short-term way to lose weight because eating from an 800 calorie diet menu for more than three to six months can cause health problems. A low calorie diet is generally between 1,000 and 1,200 calories a day, so if you are thinking about an 800 calorie diet menu, be sure to ask your doctor first.

An 800 calorie diet menu is going to consist of clear liquids or full liquids or meal replacement supplements. This should be prescribed by your physician, so that you are getting the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs to survive. It is not unusual to lose three to five pounds a week on an 800 calorie diet menu. While you can find these diet menus online, it is advisable to have your doctor look at it and follow your progress before beginning it.

When you begin eating from an 800 calorie diet menu, there may be some side effects. The most common ones include nausea, fatigue, diarrhea and constipation. Although the effects generally disappear, you shouldn't begin a diet menu without a checkup and continued observation by a professional.

The 800 calorie diet menu can be prescribed for very obese people or those who are just very overweight. It could be necessary to go on this low calorie diet menu to reduce the risk of a serious health complication; however, a doctor should make the decision. Losing weight too quickly may result in gallstones, so it is very important to have your doctor's help.

A sample of an 800 calorie diet menu could start with fresh fruit, cereal, whole grain bread, and milk for breakfast. Lunch might be clear liquid broth, fish, a vegetable, milk, tea or coffee and fruit. Dinner might be a 3-ounce piece of lean meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and coffee or tea. You might also have meal replacement supplements for two meals with a very low calorie dinner. Always check with a doctor before beginning this diet plan.

Discuss It!

kooldude ·

I dont think that is right - calorie intake should depend on ur lifestyle. if u are sitting about doing nothing then i think 800 cal all good!

jdub ·

It has does not have anything to do with your activity level and rather your bodies starvation mode. For HCG to do what it I personally prescribed it to do your body must be releasing alternative fat cells.

Sarah Lamb ·

The doctor on one the morning TV shows said a Nutritious 800 calorie diet is possible. She has never retracted that statement. So just give us a Nutritious 800 cal diet please.

sun22 ·

It is dangerous to think that an 800 calorie diet is normal. Even a petite 5 foot 90 pound adult woman needs at least 900 for energy of just normal body function, please never think otherwise, for your own health.

cookie ·

hmmmm this 800 calorie diet sounds awesome....it is quite dangerous though. hmmmmm....I was on a diet similar to this to shed a few pounds. i lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. people found that i looked ill. but i felt great inside.I quit it after that but im planning on going back on it.

sami ·

i think its fine and agree with kooldude because i work in a call center all day and do not move at all so i am not burning any calories so whats the point in doing a 1000 calorie diet and not losing any weight while doing a 800 calorie diet i can lose something without taking it to the extreme

coco ·

I have a very active lifestyle. I workout for minimum of an hour and a half daily. And i am on constant move, while working, doing home chores and other stuff. Is it okay if a go on this 800 calorie diet. Can, anyone please suggest. I otherwise eat very healthy, but there is a scope to loose some weight for me.

sara ·

Eating 800 calories a day IS taking it to the extreme. Even if you are only sitting all day, you are burning more than 800 calories. Maybe the sitting lifestyle is what needs to be changed rather than some extreme diet. An average woman with rather low activity level needs about 2000 calories. The minimum amount of where you can get all the nutrients from is 1600 calories, so if you want to loose weigth, start with 1600 calories or even better with 1800 calories and increase your activity level. IT IS NOT OK TO GO ON 800 CALORIE DIET, it is not diet it is starving. People in concentration camps during IIWW had about 1000 calories a day

tom ·

If you're really a fat ass I think an 800 calorie diet is fine. I've been a long distance runner and climber all my life and I've been on less then 1000 calories for a week or two at a time with no ill effects. If you're really fat the less you can eat the better. GET SOME EXERCISE!!

margaret ·

its easy for people with a sound mine tom...get of your high horse pig..

emma ·

I went on the 800 calorie diet for about 3 months.I felt really ill for a few weeks, I had very little energy and felt really fatiqe.after the first few weeks were over my body got used to it and I felt fine after that.I lost 15lb the first few weeks and around 4 to 5lb every week after that.I have now lost 58lb in total and I feel and look great and I can now fit bk into my size 10s.

armychik ·

i started my 800 cal diet yesterday. so far so good, i replace food with water and supplements. hoping to see results soon :)

latasha ·

I'm here to say I been on an 800 calorie diet for 4 months the Optifast diet and I have lost 57 lbs. the first week was hard, but after it's been smooth sailing, I don't look sick, I feel great and I no longer have to take medication and I am under a physicians care. It's really a good diet and your body is not suffering from the nutrients it needs because meal replacements has everything the body need on a daily basis.

Johnny T ·

I also been on a 800 cal plan with all healthy foods, NO Junk! and have loss 36 pounds in two months as of today, I feel incredible so far!

Kelly ·

I am 52 years old. I have been calorie restriction for about 10 years (1,000 calories a day) and have maintained my weight without problem. Between the ages of 50 and 52, my metabolism became sluggish and I gained about 10 pounds, even with my low calorie intake and vigorous workout schedule (interval training 3x week, 60 minutes of cardio on non-interval days, daily weight lifting (arms one day, legs the next,and 75 sumo squats every other day with 65 pound barbells). I reduced my calorie intake to between 750 and 800 daily. I have lost about 4 pounds so far (about 8 days), and have not had any problems with fatigue, diarrhea, etc. This diet is not dangerous as long as you balance your carbs (minimal and only complex), eat adequate protein, vegetables (not starchy ones), and fruits. By the way, prisoners at Auschwitz were getting approximately 300 calories a day, not 1,000.

Dorothy ·

I have been on a 800 calorie diet Optifast since October. I have lost a total of 84 lbs. and could not be happier or healthier. I exercise daily and am off all of my meds. Just starting to bring food back into my life slowly and have a much better realtionship with food. I stll have a ways to go but I know with hard work I will get to where I want to be.

rihana ·

I have been on 800 calorie diet for 3 weeks and have lost 23 pounds almost at my goal weight! First couple days were hard to give up all soda and juices but water taste great when you see success! I am feeling good because I look better and yes I think everyone has sluggish days not necessarily the 800 calorie diet doing it to people! I'll tell you when I was eating 1800 calories a day I felt a lot worse! I felt sluggish lazy and extremely tired! Maybe the 800 calorie diet isn't for everyone but fat or thin we are all human and we all have feelings so I really think some people (names not needed) should have a little more respect for people whether they are over weight or thin as a rail!

Aaron ·

Whoever said that concentration camps gave 1000 calories a day to their prisoners is an idiot and very offensive. They were lucky to get 100 calories a day!

eiei ·

im actually on a 600 calorie diet and i can honestly say i feel great i lost a dress size in 2weeks, i also work out for about 15 mins daily(intense cardio) aswell as the honey/ cayenne detox. i also stoped smoking. i feel amazing.i get stabs on some days, nothing that a rice cake and a glass of water wont cure, i thin ill do this for a year, just to get rid of the toxins in my system, its clearly not for everybody, but it worth it.

BoRhap ·

I have severe arthritis and spinal stenosis, which limit my ability to even walk, let alone exercise. My doctor said 800 calories a day was plenty for someone with my level of activity, which is mostly sedentary.

tracy nesbitt ·

i am on my first week of the 800 cal diet and it has been difficult but now i'm no longer hungry so hopefully over the worst. people are saying its bad well what about cavemen and people during the war with rations they survived on hardly anything and they were healthier than the people are now.


Aaron, the WWII concentration camp inmates received more than 100 calories a day. Heavy labor+100 calories a day would equal very quick death. The poorly written article states that you should only attempt this under the care of a medical professional. 500-800 calorie diets are prescribed for morbidly obese individuals. If you are morbidly obese you should call your doctor to discuss weight loss plans. He will probably start you on a higher calorie diet unless you have an impending health issue. However, if you are morbidly obese your doctor will probably assume you will not comply with the diet. Let's be honest, you probably won't/

Laurie Soares ·

I am thinking about going on this 800 calorie diet... I have a liver problem, a thyroid problem, a heart fibulatar, I take a lot of medication for all my issues, my thing is should I try it or not... What are your thoughts, I am about 45 pounds over weight....

Moe ·

I started the 800 diet last week and I lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks , I drink almost Galon a day I work out 4 times a week I take protein shake at the morning..it's great when u see results , good luck all of u :)

Sara ·

I found 800 calories diet created by Dr. Bardadyn. You can can use for 3-4 weeks. Only natural products, natural fresh shakes. I lost 20lbs in 3 weeks. I look better and feel so much more confident and happy about my body. Now I change on 1200 calories and also lose weight.

IHateYou ·

I'm certain everyone here will say I'm lying, like everyone (including my doctor) ALWAYS does, but I cannot lose weight on a "healthy" diet. Currently I am exercising over an hour 6 days a week and eating 1300 - I'm completely exhausted and the scale hasn't budged in a week. I exercised until I injured myself - no weight loss. I'm dropping my intake down to 800 again because going under 1000 is the ONLY way for me to lose weight. Wow, you know, health problems exist! Amazing how not everyone is the same, right? Anyway yes, I am on the line between obese and morbidly obese, but I did NOT ivereat to get there. I tried weight watchers, being vegetarian, Atkins, I avoid fast food like the plague, I cook most of the food in my house so I always know exactly what goes into it. I've dieted until I have multiple nutritional deficiencies - still fat. So my doctor said - try getting 15 minutes of exercise a day. ......... after I told him I walk around at least half an hour every day (I don't even have a car). I wish any doctor I've ever been to would actually do SOMETHING to help me, put me on metformin, really check my thyroid, anything other than act like I'm a liar. In the meantime, I'm having to go back to starving myself again, like I have so many times before, just to keep myself from being MORBIDLY obese. Because if I eat more than 1200 a day I GAIN weight.

Tinygrannie ·

I am 4'11" and very small boned. Also 63 years old. I can't exercise for hours a day, altho' I DO go to Curves 3 to 4 days a week. I gain weight if I eat over 1065 calories a day, because I'm so small. I have successfully lost weight on 800 calories a day -- it's not that much less than what I "normally" eat. You can eat healthfully of that amount, but mainly if you're a fairly small person. Oh, and it was my physician who calculated by daily caloric intake.

Dee ·

Well seems there are positive and negative comments above mine. I'm taking both into consideration. Everyone is different, some with medical problems, some avid athletes, others with slow metabolism, etc. I think it's okay to try if you're selective in what you eat. Exercise and the right foods go hand in hand. I'm going to go for it and see if I can lose, and I'm betting I can if I reduce my calorie intake to under 1000. Good luck to everyone wanting to try this. A person doesn't know until they try something different.

Elliee ·

If any of you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod download livestrong my plate. It is free from the app store and helps you count your calories daily. Deffo worth getting and helped me loose 2 pounds a week.

Sheri ·

I am 5 feet tall on the diets doctors gave me were more food than I normally eat. I went on a 800 calorie diet & I finally started to lose weight. Not all people need the same amount of calories.

andrea ·

sounds good to me

Amber ·

I know this is calorie diet, works because some of my family has done it and they lost a lot of weight and they are just fine with no health problems caused by this diet. U have to stay with it and check up with a doctor.

GeorgeAnna ·

This is the ONLY thing I have left to try... I use to be 110 pound I am small framed and 5'4"... Ever since 2001 when I had a accident. and gained weight I have been on weight watchers Diet, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, High Fiber Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Low Fat Diets, juicing Flushing for a week here and their, been on a 1400 calorie diet for about two years now... I currently work out 1 time per day fir 45 to 60 minutes per day... I have a dietitian telling me how to eat for a little over 2 years now started out on a 1850 Per Day Calorie Diet to go to 1400 and I have stuck to the diet yet I am 1% below the BMI level federally to have surgery... (YES 1%) to have any surgeries performed... I walk every day that is part of my job to walk dogs and I do workout on a heavy bag and with Yoga on the X-box 360 a few times a week... NOTHING HAS WORKED... my insurance will not pay for me to go to the YMCA or have a trainers come in but they tell me to lose weight every time I talk to them because my Cholesterol is high I have a EXTREMELY HIGH RISK for Heart diseases because it is on Both side of my family and I am all ready starting to show signs of it... I already had a stroke 1 and-a-half years ago. I have other medical issues that help me stay on disability but yet I am getting NO WHERE FAST... I make 723 per month and they expect me to live within my means... (FEDERAL Government) decreased my food stamps along with everyone else in this country and I needed that extra 30 dollars per month to get me by for that last week.... so I had to go to work part- time to gain that extra $30 back and now they want to take more from me... Yet where I live I can only get food boxes 1 time a month because of the poverty level of where I live Food Boxes are in such High demand... there is NOTHING more I can do but to try something Like this...

Chelle ·

Quick question? Is it the same if I eat 1800 a day and burn 1000 in gym? Is that like eating 800 a day?

Kevin ·

I am on an 800 calorie a day diet. I've done very well on it. I have lost in one month, almost 30 pounds. Some weeks of weight loss are better than others. I feel that I am STILL getting proper nutrition with eating better foods than what I was eating by going to fast food restaurants everyday.

Sarah ·

im on a 800 calorie diet and i feel fine. i eat 3 full meals a day. ill have eggs for breafest, canned chicken and mayo for lunch, and then low calorie green bean casserole for dinner. its all about portion sizes and measuring intake. i am only 5'1 tho, so this wouldnt work for a bigger person.

Celeste ·

Today, my doctor prescribed a diet for me that is about 750 calories per day. He said I'm going to be on it for a while, but at least for a month. I was nervous, but I don't think it's impossible. I am 5'1" and weigh 240 pounds, so I am desperate to lose. But I have to see him once a month, and he prescribed the diet, so I should be safe.

mia ·

I have been eating around 800 calories per day for over 4 years and very active, work and walk around 7000 steps per day and I am still alive and well although thin I manage well and not dead so theory that i expend more than i eat should be dead is not true

fiona mcbride ·

I have been eating 850 calorie per day for many years and work and walk 6000 steps daily. weigh 84 pounds BMI 14 and healthy not dead so the theory I need more calories to live is wrong

Robert Boyd ·

a 800 calorie diet should be easy because your bmi (body mass index) depends on it too. I am 4 ft 11.5 in tall and I weigh 116. I think I am over weight so I am going to try the 800 calorie diet it might not be easy but ill try. also if you don't lose weight and you are very active like me I play sports for 1-2 hours a day and u don't lose weight try to slim on your diet and calories.

Tracey ·

I decided to give this a try. Its very hard to do 800 calories. Ill post an update.

Tom ·

I used a 600-800 calorie a day diet to lose 65lbs in 2.5 months. While it was not healthy it was effective. It’s a good way to lose weight fast, but you must transition your body back to eating regularly and you must exercise regularly if you want to keep the lbs off. I’m a male 5’ 9” that went from 235 to 170 in three months. I ate egg whites, white fish, and lean chicken breast. The side effects I experience were headaches, extreme hunger, and fatigue starting in the early afternoon. The mental hunger aspect can be immensely challenging, but if you stay dedicated to it, and transition your body back to eating well, this can be an incredibly effective diet.

Kim ·

Tom. I am 5'6 152 lbs. I started at 166 about two months ago. I have been aiming for 750 calories per day and taking phentermine. I have had all the symptoms you posted. I have been stuck at 152 for about 2 weeks and since I feel like total crap I want to start bringing in more calories and stopping the phentermine. I was thinking of going to no more than 1200 per day but do you think more like 900-1000 is better? I don't want to gain the weight back. I am pretty happy with my weight right now. I maybe think I could lose 5lbs more but I really need to be off this diet for a while. What are your thoughts on easing back into higher calories? Thanks!

julie ·

I've been doing the 800 calorie diet for 3+ weeks. I feel great, and have dropped like 12 lbs. It is the most effective thing I have tried so far, I'm 54 and that stubborn belly fat and back fat needed to get shocked into defeat!!!! I used to work out like a fiend and put on lots of muscle, but could not get rid of the midsection fat. This really is doing the trick, finally!!!! I'm very happy!!

LovemesomePhan ·

This is really confusing me... I am 5'6, 51 kg ( or 112 pounds) eat healthily, 3-4 meals a day, this sums up to about 900 or less a day, i also walk 50 minutes at a fast pace and all around school all day + Trampolin 3 times a week. I am healthy, I eat healthy, I feel healthy.. I dont understand what the problems is? I cant go over the 800-900 line ever.

rach ·

my doctor said 500 plus is fine if you start feeling your getting enough take an a-z multivitamin

Lucas ·

I went on the calorie diet of 800 calories plus added an hour exercise just spinning. Raising my heart rate and picked one to two days say sat and sundays ill eat propper meals but not over doing it. Been doing this for three weeks and lost 12 kgs so far.

Gill ·

Like the girl who has tried everything. I agree with you I can't lose an oz so depressed when I get on the scales.going to try the 800 cals a day see does this work for me K

Jane ·

I've been on the 800 calorie a day diet for three weeks and have only lost 1 and a half pounds so not fair. 10 years ago I could lose weight easily now nothing. I'm not cheating I have a meal replacement drink for breakfast 100 calorie salad lunch 350 veggie and chicken dinner and an apple and banana for snacks =750-800 a day. I'm not starving but not seeing any change I'll keep going but I'm getting frustrated.

Beth ·

I am doing 800 calories a day, on a raw juice and smoothie cleanse. I have been losing an average of 1.5 lbs. a day, and am planning on continuing this for at least 60 days to over 100, depending on how much the weight loss slows, and how I feel. I do have some planned days "off," and am considering one day every two weeks for upping my intake, to help avoid a metabolic slow-down. It is a mental-spiritual things for me, paying attention to what makes me want to eat, and how I have gotten in the habit of using food for comfort and to medicate or suppress feelings.

Bev ·

I'm 5'3" and 54 yrs. old and not currently exercising. Just doing regular house hold work. I started out at 195 lbs. and after my first week on the 800 calorie diet I've lost down to 184lbs. I find drinking unsweetened lemon tea satiates my hunger pangs. My body/brain is also adjusting to lesser portions. Even if I stay on this a few weeks, I've jump stared my weight loss.

lamemum ·

I'm in agreement with "I hate you" Same thing with me.

Shari ·

800 cal.should only be for weight loss surgery pt.only.i am one it is all about protein and fluid intake

Shari ·

It is more about much protein your body weight requires... I recently lost a lot of weight on 800 calories but my Dr said it was more important about the protein. After losing weight on 77gm protein a day... I have lowered it down to 69gms a day... The more you weigh the more protein you require.

Shari ·

800 calorie diets do not all have to be weight loss patients only. I don't know who the other Shari was... But definitely needs to be directed by your doctor.

Mary Maria ·

I've been on an 800 calorie diet for one week and have lost 6 lbs. I'm sure much this initial loss is water weight, but from past experience doing a diet like this I expect to lose about 3 lbs a week from now on. I am also taking various vitamin supplements. I feel good, and only felt hungry about the 4th day in. I'm doing cardio workouts 3X a week, 30-45 minutes per day. I am under doctor supervision.


I work where we do 10 week challenges using 800-900 cal diets, rule of thumb is if your BMI is above 30 then an 800 cal diet is suitable but should be monitored by a health expert GP, Nutritionist ect. BMI 27-30 1000-1100 and 26 below 1200-1500 cal. This is all pertaining to weight loss... I tried the 800 cal and it was too low for me the problem is long term ill effects, ie, gal stones believe it or not can be a side effect on too low cal a diet due to bile storing in the bile duct and becoming hard so gal stones are not always related to someone ingesting gtoo much fat but also not enough LDL good fats. Think about it if you were on a 800 cal diet then were to exercise say do a 7.5 km run on average you would burn 400-500 cal so then your body would be running on 300-400 cals a day. Think about issues such under nutrition on a short term these diets are great but long term will have pretty shocking side effects. Vitamin deficiency malnutrition, digestion issues and possible disease related illness due to not have adequate amount of high density nutrients... anyway that's my 2 cents. BTW I think TOM is full of it I was brough up by a marathon runner an elite athlete trust me they carbo load and eat way more then the average person as there metabolisms are generally excelerated and her body fat % was 8 % very low and she ate like a horse but it was all healthy and complex carbs... Cheers

Drew ·

It's proven to work and it is safe. I've lost 24 lbs. in 2.5 months on it and I feel great. You know when to eat more. Working out or being outside will require more calories for that day. Duh! Low calorie diets work!

Laurie ·

800 a day does not have to be liquid & meal replacements! I'm 5'10", currently at 196 (I've lost 5 lbs in less that 2 weeks), I eat no more than 800-820 calories a day, I'm NEVER hungry, and an eating healthier than I ever have. I have 3 very filling, quite large meals a day with 2 healthy snacks in between. It's really pretty simply, I can eat an 800 meal if I choose to without thinking about it, but by eating the RIGHT food, lots of fresh veggies, fruits & good fats & proteins, I'm shedding pounds, gaining energy & aspiring a greatly lifestyle. If I go back to eating the way I was, of course I'll gain it back, but I'm not. This is my lifestyle now. The longer I do it, the easier it is.

Tanya ·

I had to lose 4 stone for osteoarthritis reasons, even though I am only 39. I am 4ft 11, and I eat between 600 and 800 calories, and its enough for me. If you load on veggies and eat smaller meals through the day it works. Also do not underestimate the power of filling up on water. My blood tests came back clean and healthy for the first time in years since doing this diet, and we as a nation do eat far too much and panic we are not eating enough? Its rubbish. It all depends on the individual, their lifestyle and their health so whats good for one is not for another. I have energy lots of energy and I get really annoyed at people who say you should do this or should not do that, in the end see your doctor take that advice above general Joe and you will surprised at how many doctors encourage people to eat far less calories. As you get lighter you will not need as many either. My typical breakfast is grapefruit, water and green tea. Lunch is rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, green beans, olives and a boiled egg, dinner is greens and tuna. Tea is seed bread with soup, and I often still have calories left over. The only thing I never eat is dairy because I am lactose, and I do not eat a lot of carbs such ad rice or pasta and after a few weeks not even missed! Mushroom are a good alternative. Honestly some days I think I am always eating.

violet ·

the 800 calorie diet is meant for people with type 2 diabetes. Its a way to get the pancreas working to lower glucose in the blood. Its is an extreme diet for an extreme problem.

Astra ·

Has anyone researched their basal metabolic rate? Not your body mass index. Your basal metabolic rate is what the body needs to carry out basic function. There are calculators on line and all you do is follow the prompts and you get your bmr.the rest is up to you. What you eat and how you eat and how you excerise.

Julie ·

The smaller you are the harder it is to lose weight ... I'm morbidly obese eating around 3000 cal and I lost 19 pounds in 5 weeks


I am 28 yrs. old, and I have been on 750-800 calorie diet for 4 days now. I am 5” 1” (Yes I am short) weighed in at 239 on 01/16/16. So far I gotten the B12 injections, I take 3 a day appetite fat burner supplement (that means 1 pill 30 min before breakfast/lunch/dinner), and 1 a day Phentermine 37.5mg. I weigh in every Saturday, so I can’t wait to see if I made any progress. The doctors only put me on this for 30 days, and after the first 30 days we will increase it to get back up to that normal calorie intake a day. I don’t know how much I can lose in a week just by doing this, but I’m hoping it’s at least 2lbs a week. I feel fine with the shots and the pills; I have way energy that gets me through the day. I wake up in the mornings now without feeling sleepy like I use to. I don’t feel sluggish at all during the day. So I’m not sure for those who have had not a good experience with the shots and pills I mentioned above. I am so sorry that it did not turn out the way you planned. We have to keep in mind that everybody bodies are different. What I can handle you may not, and vice versa. You have to just stay focus and don’t cheat yourself with the food. Remember you don’t have to change your entire routine on how you eat; just eat smaller portions. Ex: Breakfast: 3 tbsp liquid egg whites (50 cal), 1 slice of whole wheat bread (100 cal), smuckers blackberry jam sugar-free (10 cal) = 160 cal. Snack: 1oz of pineapples (fruit of your choice) 15 cal. Lunch: 4oz Tilapia fillet (100 cal) 2/3 cup of peas & carrots (50 cal). Snack: ½ naval orange (31 cal). Dinner: Caesar salad kit (130 cal), chicken breast cutlet (110 cal), 2 tbsp lite Caesar dressing (34 cal), and for later Snack: 10 red seedless grapes (34 cal) comes to 750 calories for the day. My goal is to drop 65-69 lbs. Wish me luck, and good luck to all who’s trying. Bypass all the negativity and up light the piece of fruit to your mouth, and say I CAN DO THIS…

pat ·

Don't no how many calories are in most foods wear can I get a diet sheet from

fiona ·

I have been eating 850 calories per day for 6 years and keep size 4 84lbs at 5ft 4 " . I am fit and active and manage to function really well but only eat super healthy foods no dairy wheat or junk

Angel ·

Hi, I've been feeling really heavy/gross lately so I think I'm going to go back on a diet. I've been eating 1500 kcal per day for the past 2 years. I know the last time I ate 800-1000 kcal per day I had weight loss. I'm 5ft 8in and 135lbs. I'm going to try to eat between 800 and 1000 kcal per day to lose 5-10 lbs. My plan now is to do this for 4 weeks. I also plan to continuing exercising 30 minutes per day. Maybe some days I'll up it to 60 minutes (if I have time). Hopefully I'll see results. Stay strong!

Sion ·

I think everyone is forgetting, a 800 calorie diet is to lose weight. Your body they used stored energy (fat) as a fuel source. Someone who exercises everyday is not exercising as such as that is then the norm, exercising is mixing up the routine with meals to fit around that day. Keep going and forget the negative people.

MartinW ·

All interesting comments and the following is my experience. For years I've suffered with weight gain despite being active and could not lose weight no matter which diet. Chronic gut ache pins and needles diarrhoea etc. I've had tubes in every possible orifice. End result was GP admitting they did no have a clue what was the matter with me. Then found a book 'the 8 week blood sugar diet' and have followed it for 6 weeks. Have gone from 16st 3lb to 14st This has been on a very low calorie diet AND cutting out sugar. Never felt better and totally changed my eating habits. A lot of days I eat really good food but keep around 800 to 1000 calories. In my opinion there is no such thing as starvation mode provided you keep active. Good luck losing weight it can be done

Beth ·

This diet works.. im finishing up my first month... 27 lbs lost. My eczema is gone on my face which ive had for the past 2 years. The first week was rough but after i got into the routine of meal replacement shakes and doing some research on fruits and vegetables ... i now eat to fuel myself... and for no other purpose... dont get me wrong.. im still 219 lbs... but a month ago I was 246. It works.. And I feel amazing... I will do this for one more month and then the real work begins... keeping the weight off and eating healthy. It works.. ive averaged a 850 cal a day diet using low carb 100 cal meal replacement shakes from EAS

Pauline ·

as a type 2 diabetic and wanting to do the 800 calorie diet to try and reverse my diabetes. Do you keep taking metformin while on it?

A-plus ·

I've been eating 800 calories a day for a month, it's very easy in fact some weeks I've even gained a few pounds and my muscles are very strong now.

Rich ·

800 calories per day is not harmful or bad, I am male 5ft 8 and was 180lbs I have used the diet to stay around 160lbs to 165lbs and remain healthy. In fact if I gain at least 10lbs my blood pressure increases, and have diff sleeping but with this 800 cal plan I am never tired or sluggish and feel very well at 48years of age, I would recommend it for anyone that has been obese or want to maintain a healthy weight, you look and feel very well and no meds are medication or surgery is needed, the best way to lose weight is to manage your intake and this is very easy to control. after the first 3 days is a habit and not difficult at all. I would suggest anyone starting the plan is to use apples and a warm lemon and honey tea to manage the first week. I lost 12 lbs. the first 6 days and have lost the desired weight and has kept it off without any problems at all.

Catherine ·

I am trying it. I am on my first week my side effects are very tired, loose bowels, very nervous, not sleeping well wake up every two hours I exercise too afterwards I feel like vomiting, I am going to see what happens after 2 weeks.

asha ·

3 weeks into my 800 calorie diet I lost 15 pounds but I experienced hypoglycemia. Had to bump it up to 1200 and still losing. Be careful for blood pressure problems too. Have a doctor monitor you.

cha_eunsang ·

i tried this 800 calorie diet and it really worked for me. i used to be 75 kilos and it was reduced to 55 kilos. i only did this for a month. of course diet alone is not enough to lose weight. you also have to exercise but it doesnt mean that you have to go the gym everyday. so what i did,i downloaded the 30day ab challenge and followed it. i always start my daily exercise with the usual morning exercise like stretching and stuff. i also jog once a week. but before going into 800 calorie diet,i checked my bmi first. based on my age,height and weight i need to get atleast 1200 cal to keep me on track but since i wanted to reduced weight,i decided to get 800 calories in a day instead. ofcourse i made sure that all the foods i ate are healthy and nutritional. going on a diet its not just a thing that you can do anytime. for me its like a game. you have to startegize,plan your moves,focus and determined to win.

Alice ·

I'm on a 750 calorie diet and I can't see how anyone can call it "dangerous"! I eat three meals a day + snacks if I get hungry. I eat mostly fresh veggies, eggs, greek yogurt and fish. I'm 168 pounds (I was 180 when I started) and 5'3. I am no health expert but I know that this amount of food keeps me full and energetic, so where's the "danger"? My favorites are green bell peppers--they're only 60-80 calories for a large one, and they're really filling and delicious!! Also, I don't believe in supplements in place of meals ever. I do take multivitamins but skipping food for supplements is never a good idea!!!

Chacha ·

Hello!! Im actually will start my 800 calories diet tomorrow. When i saw this article i think i should or i must try it so i will start this diet tomorrow. I feel so excited. When i saw there are so many positive comment it makes me want to lose weight to and i really need to lose weight actually. I hope i can achieve my goals like u all..

Joc ·

Why not trying eating only once a day?

Cristinm803 ·

I started 800 cal a day Mon.it is wed I have already lost.4.7 lbs..feel.ok I experienced a few headaches but other than that I'm good..good luck to all.I will stay on this for about 3 no and see where I am..keep u posted..

Shareen ·

Is eating bread at meals ok as long as your sticking to 800 cal/daily?

KL ·

I went on a 800 calorie diet for 1 year and 3 months. I lost 125 pounds and I'm great. No bad side effects. I was big. So it's how bad you want to lose weight.

Sam Samyn ·

RE: Tom (4-24-2011) Obviously you are ignorant to use the language you did. Some people have physical limitations and gain weight. I'm one of the "Fat Asses" you are directing to "get some exercise". You try getting exercise with a spinal disease, neuropathy and an inability to walk well or much.

Petrina ·

Starting January 1, 2017 I will go on a 800 calorie diet weighing in at 337lbs. Will keep you posted.

Lanismom ·

Good luck Petrine. I had my initial consultation today and will get started next. I'm eager to see the number 100lb something instead of nearly 300 lbs. I won't be posting my progression but I will be enjoying it !!

Katie ·

Hi everyone. I started my 600-800 kcal diet yesterday (Monday). I have LOADS to lose but so far so good. I admit tho I am also using meal replacement shake together with other foods (loads of veg, proteins but avoiding carbs big time). I have a wedding coming up in 17 days! So my first goal is to fit better nto my dress :-) I have to loose about 65 lb in total! I know it's a lot but it's better to start now than never! I will keep ye posted how I'm doing! Good luck everyone xx

Katie ·

Hi everyone. I started my 600-800 kcal diet yesterday (Monday). I have LOADS to lose but so far so good. I admit tho I am also using meal replacement shake together with other foods (loads of veg, proteins but avoiding carbs big time). I have a wedding coming up in 17 days! So my first goal is to fit better nto my dress :-) I have to loose about 65 lb in total! I know it's a lot but it's better to start now than never! I will keep ye posted how I'm doing! Good luck everyone xx

Tara ·

I have been on the 800 cal. diet for 3 weeks. I lost 8 lbs. I'm going to continue for four months. I have 30 lbs to lose. I find zoodles to be a pasta replacement and I have fallen in love with spaghetti squash. I'm staying away from bread, pasta, rice, and cheese. Those calories add up quickly. Good luck everyone!

Katie ·

3rd day and 3.7 lb down woohoo And I feel fantastic. Full of energy, no "health issues" so far. Good luck everyone x

Ann ·

I am 42yrs old and 4'11. Started 800cal diet on January 2nd and workout 15mins most days. I'm down 6 lbs.and feel great!

Willi ·

This is strictly on a person to person basis .. I've been doing an 800 calorie diet (sometime as low as 500 Cal) for about a month now , and I workout intensely 4-5 times a week, so far I have dropped 33lbs and I feel great! No complications , and my physique is the best it's ever been, and I don't look sick. I don't eat pasta, bread, dairy products, junk food , juice or soda. Mainly just water, fruit, veggies, brown rice, grilled or baked chicken and fish ..some people bodies won't allow them to do this and some do .. I say try it and if you feel like you need to stop then STOP.. but if not keep going because it's working fantastical for me .. and if you're going to do it , Drink LOTS OF WATER. It makes it so I'm almost Never hungry , sometime I have to force myself to eat to reach 800 calories

tina ·

i have fibromyalgia and unlike a lot of people with this condition i do try i work daily 2 /1 for 30 mins , i dont have a perfect diet because since fibro there are so many food sensitivities its really hard , fruit either makes me itch or constipates me i know hard to believe but it does ,i am ok with certain veg and i try to make sure i eat this every day ,i dont do takeaways or sweets ,i have a couple of squares of dark chocolate most days ,i have reduced my sugar intake in decaff tea . and still wait does not move , i dont drink i dont smoke ,i dont drink pop ,or squash or eat a lot of cake or biscuits ,ten to make mine and only have one or two when i do . it makes me sick when i see people tucking in to takeaways , whole pizzas to them self or several items of chiness or Indian .and they still zip into there clothes its just so unfair ,there has to be more to weight problems then just food.

Karendawn ·

I am 50 and put on alot of weight over past few years. I am 5'4" and was 175. I went on exercise program and 1500 cal diet and lost a few pounds over 3 months. Not satisfied. Have been on 800 cal for past two days and lost 2.5 lbs. No hunger...plenty of energy and no negative side effects.

Tara ·

I have lost 24 lbs thus far. I am very happy and I don't feel deprived. Spaghetti squash has been a big part of my weight loss. I use it to replace pasta and my family now likes it better than pasta. I am about to enter the 140's! I haven't seen that number in over 20 years! I can't weight! (Pun intended)


I would love to hear from just one person who maintained their weight loss more than a year out after an 800 calorie diet, and what kind of lifestyle do you have now. How much do you eat? Do you exercise? This is not for my sake, i am very thin and active and need way more than that just to function. This is for my mother's sake, who told me yesterday she is on this diet. I am worried for her health as I don't think this is healthy or sustainable long term. I did 800 to 1000 calories for months when I was in the throes of anorexia nervosa and yes I got down to 90 lbs over a long period, but the minute I began to add in a few more calories here and there the weight piled on. I also suffered heart arrhythmia's, niacin deficiency, extreme bradycardia, bone density loss (I have severe osteoporosis), you name it. I am a low normal healthy weight now. But this isn't about me, it's about my mother. Yes, she is obese and no she doesn't exercise much at all. But she has a myrrhaid of health problems and I can't imagine lacking the nutrition she needs will help them much. She's been on so many different "diets" I have lost count. I am concerned for her and for the whole idea of pushing this kind of extreme dieting on ANYONE.

Nikki ·

Can someone give me recipe ideas for this program? I am not a big fan of eggs or fish, but will force it if I have to. I need some assistance with meal planning for this and can't seem to find it on the site. What are you all making. Also I need to switch it up and not eat the same thing daily...1 because it is not good for you to eat the same thing and 2 because that ill be too boring to stick too for me.

Nikki ·

To the person wondering about maintaining weight loss for her mom...I was on a similar diet through New England fat loss...I lost 40lbs and was very excited. Unfortunately, I didn't keep it off. BUT I have severe sleep apnea and am constantly exhausted, I tried the masks and dental devices for sleep apnea and it wasn't working. I believe because I am and was so exhausted that I couldn't exercise, this is why I gained the weight back. Recently, I got a new mask and am hoping it will be more user friendly and help me get sleep that I need. I am planning to use the 800 calorie diet for awhile and then go up to 1000 calories. I am hoping to get the sleep needed for energy to exercise more this time around and that way when I get to the point I feel 1000 calories is needed I can keep the weight off with exercise as well as healthier eating. I am trying to avoid weight loss surgery, but that is my last resort if this doesn't work. I would ask that your mom consult her doctor to make sure her health problems won't be worsened by such a drastic change in diet before she starts.Good luck to you both.

Rita ·

Everyday I keep track of what I eat and calculate nutrients using the USDA database. The result is that on a healthy Whole Food Plant Based lifestile diet I have been eating between 600 and 800 kcal/day for about 4-5 YEARS. Sporadically I have cheat days when I eat more, say up to 3000kcal but this happens sporadically. I am doiing just great, no hunger, perfect ematic values, my joint pains vanished. I am 58 years'old weight 48kg and I am 5.7" tall. My skin is almost wristless, no soft neck and other nasty things.

Lili ·

I have been on 800 cal diet on and off for years. Most of the time I eat less than 100 cal. Few days a month more than 1500 cal. I never feel hungry. I excercise and do chores all day long. 800 cal plan is fine.

Lili ·

Correction from above, should be less tha 1000 cal

Lili ·

To achieve 800-900 cal diet, I skip breakfast and eat late lunch. For dinner I only eat heakthy snacks. Works fine for me. That's the way I eat most of the time.

Laurie Burnell ·

I spent a year trying to loose weight on 1250 kcal diet prescribed by a dietician. I did not loose a lb. I went on protein drinks 3 times daily only and lost 10 lbs over night just as I have always been able to do one a strict low carb diet. after two weeks I lost a total of about 14 lbs. Then the weight loss stopped. I decided to add in who foods only and began counting all calories with organic, who foods I had sent to my home from the Green Chef. I would make one of the meals and eat it over two or three days, freeze the meats because each meal has too much meat for one person. I eat the fresh who foods first then found I had little room for meat in my stomach. My calorie intake daily was 500 to 1000 kcal. I have not lost a lbs even though I ketose every day, and am off all diabetic medication. I was on 30 units twice daily. My blood sugars have ranged from 85 to 124, usually around 104. I have not been hungry, even for one second or had any cravings since on this diet. I have a very bad back and end stage arthritis of the knee and can barely walk. My son says I must do exercise to loose weight. I do have an adrenal tumor and cortisol levels that are slightly elevate on two out of the four test that the endocrinologist ran, but they were just barely out of normal range. I am very frustrated. There seems to be no doctor able or willing to help. Any advise?