Free 1200 Calorie Diet

<<a href="//">p>If you are looking for a fast and effective diet that will help you shed pounds quickly, well look no further, the free 1200 calorie diet is just what you need. A free 1200 calorie diet plan contains nutrient dense foods, which cause rapid weight loss. In order to achieve optimum results while using a free 1200 calorie diet plan you must follow the plan precisely and eat both the proper kinds and amounts of foods.

If you end up eating less than 1200 calories, you could actually cause more damage than good to your free 1200 calorie diet plan by slowing down or stopping the weight loss process all together by depriving your body of vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which are essential to an efficient metabolism.

A free 1200 calorie diet plan works well when coupled with exercise. You should be sure to keep in mind that a free 1200 calorie diet plan is designed for short term use only because it is such a low energy diet plan.

On a free 1200 calorie diet plan you should eat two 1-cup servings of fruit, three 1.5-cup servings of vegetables, 4 ounces of grains, 3 ounces of meat, 2-cups of dairy products, and 17 grams of fat and oils. This leaves 171 calories for measuring errors or hidden calories. You should avoid foods like cookies and non-diet sodas because they are empty calorie foods and will sabotage your diet.

Foods that work well while on this plan include raw or cooked fruits and juices, dark green and orange vegetables, legumes, starchy and other miscellaneous vegetables, bread, rice, pasta and cereal, and poultry beans, fish tofu, and nuts. Also, add milk, natural chesses, and trans-fat free oils of your choice to your free 1200 calorie diet plan. If you decide to splurge a bit here and there be sure to deduct those calories from the left over 171 calories to ensure you do not go over daily caloric limits.

As with any diet or weight loss program, approach this free 1200 calorie diet plan sensibly by eating the total allowable amount of food each day. This will fuel your body and shed the pounds!

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Nina ·

Some days I eat 1200 cal, some days 800-1000 cal. Days I eat out 4-5 times a weak I eat more, 1500-1800cal