The 4 Day Diet

The 4 day diet plan diet consists of seven diet modules spread over a period of four days. Because of the variation in the diet plan, the body functions more effectively to lose weight because it does not get the time to get used to the diet. All the changes keep the diet working.

Secondly, people on this diet do not get bored with eating the same type of food each day. Psychologically, the 4 day diet helps the person focus more on what he or she will be eating over the next four days, rather than what they will be depriving themselves of over the month long diet plan.

The seven stages of the 4 day diet plan are:

Stage One: The Induction Phase

This stage focuses on the removal of toxins from the body. Dieters can eat low fat dairy products, whole wheat breads, fruits and vegetables. No meat is allowed in this phase.

Stage Two: The Transition Phase

This phase introduces a high fiber, low calorie diet. This part of the 4 day diet plan introduces limited amounts of lean meat into the dieter's food plan with some treats such as low fat pudding or marshmallows.

Stage Three: The Protein Stretch

This part of the 4 day diet plan introduces foods that are high in protein such as lean meat, fish, lean bacon, milk and eggs so that the body does not hit a plateau.

Stage Four: The Smooth Stretch

This stretch allows the dieter to eat what you like in moderation, such as a slice of pizza or a lean meat burger. This stage assumes you have learned proper portion control.

Stage Five: The Push Phase

The push phase goes back to its restrictive ways, preparing you for the final stretch of the 4 day diet plan. This phase includes small servings of fruit, vegetables, lean meat, carrots and salads.

Stage Six: The Phase Stage

This stage adds a few additional foods to your diet list that has been taken off during the fifth stage. This could include small servings of pancakes, one diet soda or fish.

Stage Seven: The Vigorous Phase

This is the last leg of the 4 day diet and helps one lose the last few pounds. Here the quantity of food is strictly regulated and calculated.

Coupled with light exercise for 30 minutes each day, this diet has been known to give phenomenal results!

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