White Food Diet

White food diet can seem a bit confusing when you first think about those three words together; however, as you begin to delve into what a white food diet might be you will understand why these words make sense. A white food diet would be considered a diet of carbohydrates. It is just another way of saying you are eating a low carb diet that can be a white food diet.

Have you ever looked at the nutritional values on certain foods? Take for example low fat yogurt. Low fat yogurt is supposed to be very good for you in a white food diet. After all you are eating low fat thus taking into account that there are foods that can make you gain weight based on the fat content. However, in actuality a white food diet would be avoiding yogurt. Yogurt is high in carbohydrates, even the low fat yogurt. It can have anywhere from 17 to 23 carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are fats and sugars. The sugars will burn up quickly in the white food diet, but the fats are actually stored. So, you need to avoid a lot of carbs in a white food diet if you want to lose weight. In a low carb diet you have plenty of options for avoiding the carbohydrates, but again if you look at the fat content the total fat might be higher in these low carb foods.

Take cheese as an example. In cheese you often have less than one percent carbohydrates, but total fat can be upwards of 5 percent or more. You could of course opt for a low fat cheese, which is a very good thing. There are numerous cheeses with low fat that are healthy for and that do not have high carbs. They are also high in protein.

Whole grain bread as opposed to white bread will have less carbs and fat, though the fat content can still be a bit high on the bread. The main point is that any diet you are on you should have something that is well balanced without heading for one food type more than another.

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