How To Tell If You Have Gastritis

How To Tell If You Have Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining or mucosa. The inflammation may be caused by viral infection, alcohol, smoking, certain drugs, poisoned food, or stress. There are many forms of gastritis. Erosive gastritis can lead to significant bleeding of the stomach and ulcerations. Gastritis may be acute or chronic.

It can occur with any major physical stress such as severe illness, surgery or burns, and therefore is referred to as stress-induced gastritis. Medications that are well-known stomach irritants can contribute to gastritis. These include aspirin, nonsteroidal agents such as ibuprofen and pancreatic enzymes. Excessive alcohol ingestion can also cause gastritis and erosions. This is all the more reason to avoid over consumption of alcohol, and seek help if necessary. Sites like can provide useful advice.

Acute gastritis causes vomiting, hairy tongue, thirst, severe stomach pain, and mild fever. Dehydration may occur. Chronic gastritis usually produces few symptoms, although in some cases a person may experience one or more of the following discomforts: mild indigestion; slight nausea; a bloated feeling after a small meal; a bad taste in the mouth; and vague stomach pain.

Acute gastritis improves of its own accord if the precipitating factor or factors are eliminated. Antacid preparations and/or histamine blockers and antinauseant drugs such as Mylanta or Maalox, and Tylenol; don't use Aspirin, are often prescribed. Don't eat solid foods on the first day of the attack, give your stomach a rest and drink liquids only, milk or water are preferred. Add bland foods to your diet slowly and as tolerated (cooked cereals, bananas, rice, potatoes, toast) and avoid greasy, spicy foods.

Chronic gastritis can be treated only by eliminating the causative factor, for example, alcohol, smoking, or highly spiced or other foods that are difficult to digest. Antacid drugs are recommended for the treatment of chronic gastritis.

The classification of gastritis can depend on the region or function, predominantly involved. Gastric atrophy is a condition which is typically characterised by loss of function, namely reduced acid and intrinsic factor secretion. The combination of changes in the mucosa and the greater risk of bacterial colonisation in the stomach from the low acidity both give rise to gastritis, often with Helicobacter colonisation and an increased risk of carcinoma. Lack of production of intrinsic factor can give rise to pernicious anaemia from decreased Vitamin B12 absorption, giving a macrocytic (megaloblastic) anaemia.

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Jim Smith ·

Gastritis is horrible, don't treat it lightly.

Betty ·

I agree with Jim. Its more serious than it sounds and can get worse if not taken seriously.



Phoebe ·

I was just diagnosised with Erosive Gastritis and man im glad some one took the knife out of my stomach, My problem now is what to eat .. basically your giving up everything SIGH

liliana ·

its changing my life comletely

tshering ·

i have chornic gastritic n m pregnant.m having a tough time sleeping because of the pain in my stomach.

Gabrielle ·

I have it and I keep passing blood. Unfortunatly, I am laid off so I am at the mercy of county assistance. I was told that as long as I don't vomit blood, I should be alright. Oh yeah, also try not to stress so much. Horrible.

Sue ·

Have had gastritis for years. It's a horrible feeling and dibiltation.Good foods to eat while having a flare up are bananas,yogurt,rice. Refrain from coffee, tea, alcohol.

Kathy ·

It is horrible and life changing. I was told to take 2 doses of prilosec each day, but it's not helping. Too many things you can't have just to avoid the pain and burning. I was under a great deal of stress which I believe brought it on. To change everything you eat and drink is really hard with a family you have to cook for. Nice to know we're not alone.

Lyd ·

I am dealing with it and it seems to get worse before it gets better...ugh And its not easy when you're the only one in your family dealing and it seems as if no one cares. There cooking foods you shouldn't eat and adding all the spice!

Karo ·

something that helps with my symptoms is chewing sugar free [no mint!] gum

staci ·

what are good diet/menu/recipe options?

Rich ·

Carrot,apple,celery juice made in a juicer and if you can stand it, cabbage. It will fix you up real quick. Lots of rice, then bring in apples more fruit and veggies. Then small ammounts of lean meats.This will be over the course of a few weeks, try it and i hope it works.It does for me.....Rich....

Laura ·

I had to leave work because the pain was horrible.

Kathy ·

I have just been diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia wherein I have atrophic gastritis. I have terrible pressure and pain under my rib cage area. Anybody else???

Jose ·

Just horrible, I was just diagnosed with gastritis, I had a severe stomach ache under my rib cage area that was too long to be normal, I feared I was going to need surgery so I decided to go the ER and was told I have gastritis. Better than having surgery, but still a pain I would like to avoid :-/

Jeannie ·

I have gastritis which makes me throw up every morning. Now having to figure out what I eat that makes me so sick. I sometimes end up throwing up for hours. It's debilitating and I end of missing work. I went to the ER twice in 3 weeks, just so they can stop the vomiting, rehydrate me and give me zofran so I don't throw up. I hate this disease. The meds don't seem to help slow the acid production and I have been on every kind imagineable. This has turned out to be such a nightmare. Hope changing my diet with ease this. Trial and error. God help me!!

Rashanda ·

I'm 20 years old and in college. I got gastritis after food poisoning during my finals week of school. And your right it's extremely painful. I can only sleep on my left side when I can sleep. I had to go to the er and that was the first time I ever had to get in a bed and receive and IV. I was extremely scared. I'm turned off of beef and pork now. I hungry and tired and I just wish it would go away. But after reading this post sounds like it won't be going away for awhile.. sigh. I want to eat good food again

Krishna ·

I am 60, frankly, by gods grace, I dont know what it is.

Tony ·

Some food allergies manifest themselves with gastritis like symptons. You can order food allergy tests on line for about 80%. It is a blood test and takes about two weeks.

montana ·

Two Words For All ALOE ELITE look i up, all natural and I ca almost guarantee it will work. Albeit expensive, it's worth it!

Barb ·

I have chronic gastritis, and I was a healthy eater before, big on salad, fruit & fish. Now even water hurts to drink. I have been trying to eat soft foods and liquids for over two months now and I have no relief. I take everything prescribed the acid blockers and over the counter drinks like Mylanta, but I still have chronic pain, it keeps me up at night. I have lost 30 pounds in 3 months. Everything I eat makes me sick, all I eat is clear broth based soup, sugar free jello, applesauce and rice pudding and water. I have decided to buy Ensure because I am becoming too weak to function. I hate have this pain all the time, my quality of life has diminished greatly. My chronic condition started when I tested positive for H. Pylori and I have been in agony ever since.

Debbie ·

I too havejust found out that i have gastritis .It is so painful at times .Nothing works .Ithink im on the last kind of med they have for acid reflux .Nothing ever stays down .Constant burning feeling in back of throat .Started to learn what makes it worse and what doesnt .The night time is the worse .If anyone finds a way to stop it please let mev know .This has been going on for years for me. But the last 3 months has been the worse .I want to be able to sit a dinner and eat my meal and drink a glass of wine not get heart burn ,pain and beable to keep my food down .Im so tired of this myself .Goodluck to all .

lisa ·

I was just diagnosed with gastritis but I had already figured-out the foods that my stomach could tolerate. I have baked potatoes with steamed carrots(until soft), and boiled chicken(breast-meat only), or grassfed organic beef or turkey. I also add Udo's 3-6-9 Oil Blend to my food(1 teaspoon 3x a day) and I warm-up a small amount of the potatoes with olive oil to add some fat to my food(since I cannot tolerate uncooked olive oil. I have this food 4x a day( every 3 hours). It is very repetitive but at least I don't have the gas, bloating, and stomach cramps. I also only drink water in the morning and then wait 1 hour before I eat breakfast. If I have water during the day, it upsets my stomach and I can't eat anything. I hope this helps someone out there because I know how hard it is to find a diet that won't bother your stomach.

Steve ·

Is anyone here taking corticosteroids? I'm 21, and for the past year I've had gastritis. I didn't understand why, seeing as I'm already taking antacids (proton-pump inhibitor, one of the strongest antacids you can take) and while it helps, I still feel incredible discomfort and nausea. I was doing some research as to why someone who is young, not an alcoholic or a smoker, would get it, and I've read from a few sources that it can be caused by long term use of corticosteroids, (Prednisone being the biggest culprit). So if any of you are taking corticosteroids, talk to your doctor about it. (Your doctor may say that's not it, but trust me, corticosteroids can do a lot of GI damage. You can also try asking a pharmacist, they're better educated when it comes to drugs anyway.) Hope this helps!


Sounds too familiar haven't been diagnosed yet they are still chasing gallbladder but this sounds exactly like me pain under right side ribcage into hip and back. Visit to emergency room for fluids CAT scan was unremarkable. Very frustrating. Thanks for diet tips Rich I will definitely try them.

Romualda Klever ·

I was diagnosed with Gastritis today. I have been in pain for months, I though it was my liver it scared me to death, and it caused a tremendous amount of stress witch made it more painful.

Tracy ·

I too have had a bout of this, not as bad as some people on here, but when it strikes its very painful.....

Bonnie ·

I have had gastritis for 3 yrs. Initially I had gastric erosions with it. Those have healed however I still have severe burning which penetrates through to my back 24/7. I have been on proton inhibitors for 3 yrs. Recently I had my third endoscopy which showed stomach polyps. Apparently those can be caused by taking proton inhibitors for long periods of time. Luckily they weren't cancerous. I have tried everything and nothing seems to relieve the burning in my stomach. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Mary ·

Truly awful. I spent almost 24 hours in bed with the attack after I returned from the ER. Guess I won't eat anything today except for oatmeal and yogurt :-(

christy ·

i am like Gabrielle, it is quite scary,the anemia made me sooo tired and lathargic, also coused lack of concentration... i have a heart condition so the pain mimiced an angina attack .. thats how it was found i had an internal bleed, so a round of tests & xrays means i have gained two more tablets and i have to see the heart specialist....SO NEVER TAKE IT AS INDIGESTION!,,IT IS NOT..get it checked out pronto!

shelly ·

I was at the ER almost all moring I just found out I have gasritis it is so painful. I had bad stomach pain and back pain to the point that i felt I was going to die, I never thought it could be this bad.

Amy ·

I noticed people said they have paid under their ribs can people please describe more about this pain? Where it is located? Which side? Give back pain? Give a band around your chest? - thank you

Kate ·

I'm not sure it's available in the USA but if anyone can get prescribed ACIDEX from their doctor. It's a thicker version of Mylanta. Also, for those with chronic nausea & vomiting see if your doc will prescribe domperidone - this increases the transit time of food through the stomach so acid does not hang about so long. It also will prevent nausea/vomiting therefore making eating so much more enjoyable. It;s helped me get my appetitie back after gastritis. Also avaoid anything citrus - I've found chicken, rice potatoes okay along with most veg except too much onion, no brocoli/cauliflower, no tomatoes. Peppermint tea seeme to help & I've heard fennel tea does the same. No spicy foods either. Good luck to all, as I know it seems impossible to find anything to eat, especially the foods we onced loved, that out stomachs now seem to hate!

Vicky ·

what about eggs.. how does the gastritis handle eggs?

Jannie ·

my husband was diagnosed w/diffuse and chronic mild gastritis. Very painful and generally uncomfortable. Tried prilosek. Not helping. Went to health food store today and got Enzimes. Told it should be totally cleared up in 2 months.Praying!

Sandra ·

My Dr. prescribed amytriptiline which is an antidepressant. It worked at 20mgs for 1 1/2 yrs then I went back to drinking coffee and it came back. Do NOT drink coffee, even decaf. Another name for amytriptiline is Elavil. Ask your GI doctor for this! and God bless.

Sandra ·

My GI Dr. prescribe amytriptiline(Elavil) and it worked like a miracle for 1 1/2 years til I started drinking coffee again. Do NOT drink coffee even decafe or caffine teas! This worked when none of the pills did. God bless!

sandra ·

Try Amytriptiline (Elavil. It worked for me! NO coffee ever again, even decafe or tea. This can be a stress thing.

Malia ·

My doctor put me on Dexilant - it seems to be working.

Danie ·

I'm 13, and I have chronic gastritis and i have had unparable pain for the last couple of days.I'm taking about 4 pills a day to help ease the pain. I wouldnt say that its working because i just got them perscribed yesterday. i really dont know what to eat because all of the foods around me are greasy, spicy, and just reallly unhealthy. i am kinda overweight for my age, i guess, so maybe this is kind of a good thing because i read that you can loose a lot of weight from it, i already lost 3 pounds. i always feel like im full, and i like never eat anymore..

Lorrie ·

Those of you with pain under your rib cage, especially on your right side, this is a sign of gallbladder prolems. Make SURE someone ultrasounds your gallbladder. That is misdiagonsed as stomach problems according to my doctor. I've had erosive gastritis and on my second REALLY bad flair up. I'm having more test done. IT IS HORRIABLE.

Jay ·

In order to find a proper treatment you have to ask for acidity test - there is gastritis with increased acidity (regular type) and with reduced acidity. And different diets and remedies are required to treat those. It's a long process but good news - it can be treated completely. When I was a kid I was put on a diet, special mineral water and herbal stuff for years (I am allergic to many conventional drugs). Slowly, I am able to eat just about anything in moderation, avoiding stuff that plays into stomach acidity (this is why it is important to know whether you have reduced or increased stomach acidity). Self-discipline is important, don't think about proper nutrition as giving up something but rather making changes to avoid pain and possible complications. And yes, B-vitamine complex should be taken too. Seems like in North America doctors don't want to know anything about dietary nutrition, while back in Europe it was a major part of any prescribed treatment.

lisa ·

I've had gastritis for a year now and have stopped eating red meat, chocolate, and a bunch of other favorites of mine. This disease is horrible and everyday I feel like just forgetting about food and never eating again because of how sick everything makes me. But stressing makes it worse so keep that to a minimum. I have also found that cantaloupe helps extremely in the process of making the acid build up go down. It has saved me so many days! I dont wish this on anyone and I hope all of you feel better.

Mark Victor A. Segador ·

I have an Acute gastritis and all things that you have said are really true, horrible,extremely painful and etc. It makes my life incomplete. I don't know what Foods to eat, can you advise me? I want to be cured from this. I was confined at hospital twice this year...and it was so exasperating...please try to give me tips.

aimee ·

i miss food! and sleep. after going to the ER 3 times in a week, i was finally diagnosed with gastritis. i couldnt eat anything for 8 days, and was in the worst pain i have ever been in, and i also suffer from migraines. i thought those were bad, but gastritis is so much worse! its horrible to be so hungry, and yet so afraid to eat!

Nomsa ·

I was diagnosed with gastritis on Friday that was a week after taking H pylori treatment (triple therapy. I am now taking Naxim and the pain is much better.

Juliet ·

I have gastritis after being sick and on heavy duty antibiotics. Had it before and its no fun. Very painful, I sit with a heating pad all the time. Eating is difficult too. Worst part is its just before my Bday and the Holiday. Looks like I am not the only one not eating this holiday. Wish everyone luck!

Sal ·

I grew up eating a lot of spicy food. I still like to enjoy it very much but I develop pressure in my stomach and then pass blood with stools after eating it. Cabbage helps.

lizeth ·

I got gastritis after with HP virus I still have the so called flares BUT Im reading so much of home cure I will try anything natural sicne the meds the doctor gives me dont do a thing for me... Now I 'm going to try dieting and aloe juice sold at natural stores and coconut juice too! Makes sence to treat gastritis which is an inflamation of the tomach basically its a scar you need to heal and avoiding all this greasy spicy food wont helo heal it... I'm going for all the natural stuff wont hur to try.... Best of luck for the one who suffer with the same issue...

scott ·

Hey guys nexium tablets have helped at time but it is hard to get through talking to friends and my girlfriend cheerd me up and im pain from 68% of the day

Idris Jibrin ·

The Doctor first thought it was kidney stone, then i was diagnosed with H pylori. i took the drugs for two weeks but no apparent result. The pain is still there.

mary ·

horrrble n worst stmach pains

Jeff ·

I was diagnosed with Eosophilic Gastritis. The doctor treated me with Hyoscamine 0.125mg. The meds stopped the pain in 10 minutes. I never had to take another one, good luck.

Renee ·

My boyfriend was just diagnosed with gastritis and i have no idea what to feed him!!!!!! Ugh its soooo frustrating! He is always sick and i wish it would just go away i feel so bad for him and all f you! best of luck to you all!

anna stewart ·

Im 23 yrs old and have been suffering from gastritis, ibs, and acid reflux for as long as I can remember. I just recently had another scope and a colonoscopy and the diagnosis hasnt changed, although the meds they have me on dont always work. I cant eat unless I smoke weed and if I dont, I literally cannot swallow food or I throw up. Its a horrible illness and I would like to be able to finally wake up in the morning and be able to eat a meal. Do any of you have this same issue? Ive tried as many diff meds as I can afford and its a letdown everytime. Any suggestions? I was prescribed Librax yesterday but havent got the chance to see if itll work or not. Is there a specific diet I can follow that has helped you out? Please let me know. my email is aaiilyzii and I have a fb under Anna Stewart if anyone has any helpful ideas. Id appreciate it..this has ruined my life!!



Frankie ·

Having gastritis and living in mexican food heaven dont go well together..pardon me but this blows!

mary ·

I have gastritis and yes i have had the throwing up issue and the dehydration issue and i feel bad and it get to the point i can't even ride on a bus. but i decided to take control of my gastritis instead of my gastritis taking control of me. I have been to my gastrentrologist and he wasn't showing no concern so i decided to rattle the cage of the health care system until i have found all the right answer to my healing. First I am going to my PCP and i am going to ask her about a test they did in the ER that brought me to the diagnosis of gerd and i am going to see if she can order that same test to see if i am still having reflux even though i am on nexium and if not than i will go to my PCP and she can direct me to where ever i need to go to get a proper diet so that my gastritis to heel and stick with it. I also know that after each meal do not do to much activity for at least one hour before meals: Exercise lose weight: i have lost 12 pounds and i can tell the difference but i have been on a bland diet for now and cut out butter sodas anything with citric acid and pretty much things that have acid in them until i can get a better diet. i only eat 3 small meals a day and my last meal is at 4:30 PM I drink only water for now until i can get my gastritis almost healed and they do make carafate tablets and suspension that coats the toungue, throat and stomach and works well i was on itand i had one more bottle to go it was a month long therapy but i had to quit because i had thrush which affects the tongue, throat and your gut and it did have similar symtoms of gerd and my mouth felt like acid was being poured down my throat and my tongue burned and my tongue was white every time i would wake up in the morning. I believe gastritis can be healed with all the right moves but after the healing you got to remember that when you go back your normal life that you need to be more mindful of what you eat so that it dose not occur again it is a life sty change but you can eat the things you like to eat except not all the time. Mine was not what i was eating it what i was drinking and stress that brought mine on because i didn't like spicy foods and i didn't eat much fried foods and i didn't go out to eat a whole lot. And the reason i eat 3 smal meals a day is because i am not a diabetic and 5 small meals only teaches me to eat all the time and i stay gone a lot so 5 small meal would make me miss meal and i think it important to be consistent with your meals and be careful when eating your meals because you don't want to gain weight because that is another factor in gerd and gastritis because it puts pressure on your stomach and stresses it out also.

gils ·

it gets with stress n indulging on good food. I can feel the acid movement in my body everytime i stress

Maxine ·

Gastritis can be helped by taking sibering Pine Nut Oil. It also helps with H.Palory. if you have a rife machine take the treatments for Gastritist and Auto Immune disesse. There is a book called Cancer A Sentent To Live and it has very good Information about all kinds of diseases. That woman suvive cancer and a number of diseses without chemotherapy and other medications she did it by all natural supliments.

Lisa ·

I completely understand how all of you feel and experience many of the things you all do all. I developed it in my freshmen year of college. My roommate stressed me out to the point where I noticed constant minor stomach pain. I didn't pay too much attention to it until it began to get worse, that deep burning pit feeling. I kept telling my parents, family, and friends about it but no one seemed to believe me. One night, I ended up having to go to the ER because the pain hurt so bad and had I endoscopy done the very next morning. They didn't find anything. I went home to work for the summer and began passing blood a week after I got home. Made it to the ER again that night where I fainted in the hall, threw up 3 times, and had so much pain that it makes me cry just thinking about it. They did another bout of endoscopy and this time they found huge bleeding lesions. Now, 7 years later, I'm still dealing with the flare ups and pain, back aches, exhaustion, and ongoing stress that accompanies this disease. I am not a doctor so I really advise that you follow his/her instruction in order to maximize relief and maintain control of your gastritis. But after having it for so many years, they best thing I can tell you is really keep note of bothersome foods. It sounds like work and you maybe don't want to give up some of your favorite foods but certain food is not worth the pain we experience. When I walk down the aisle at a grocery store, look at a food, and my first thought is "OUCH!" .. I move on. I've gotten very good at it. I come home with healthier, less "painful" type foods. Make YOU time. Read, watch a movie, light a few candles, or play soft music. I have a portable back massager that is amazing. Stress seems to be my biggest threat and keeping me calm and well rested does wonders. Keep on a medication regimen. I try to take my same medication everyday at the same time. Some prescriptions or OTC meds are time-release so don't think popping one after the other will help. All I can say otherwise is I wish everyone all the best and greatest relief.

Monica ·

I've had gastritis for a while now and its horrible. I've gone to the ER and basically nothing was done. They just said and I quote "you have gastritis" and a boot in the toosh out the hospital. Suck of the vomiting and excessive trips to the rest room. Has anyone had blood on their stool before during a flare up? Starting to worry...

Rivera ·

Iam 23yrs old I had gastritis since i was 14yrs old and i cant take it no more i have gone to several doctors and all the could tell me is that i have gastritis like if i didnt know not one have yet given me a treatment for it I have ended up in the ER twice and they just give me an IV come on I hate this horrible pains, belching and every thing else that comes with....I even got the pain while been pregnant now am a mother of a 4yr old and a 5mth baby that i hate to have to leave my kids alone while i spent most of the day stuck in the bathroom I need help I need a cure a treatment soon.

fiona ·

i saw several doctors finaly i had an answer to my cmplaints that made sense i am nervous

gakii ·

I have gastritis too and it is awful. Having to avoid all kinds of food is not easy..and the pain sometimes can be is a try and error method when on medication but it looks like everything revolves around diet...I hope it goes way..because living like this for a lifetime can be awful. This site has encouraged me to know that am not alone in this

lauren ·

Gastritis is horrible and like others have said you feel so alone and helpless I have had it for 5 months now and I feel there is never a end, anyone have any advice on a daily diet?

Billie ·

This is horrible. I have had it since 2003 but every time I went to the ER they thought I had appendicitis or an std! I probabaly went to the ER 8 times over the years. Finally, an endoscopy was scheduled by my GI. I have antral erosive gastritis with lesions or small ulcers. I haven't eaten hardly anything - I try to stick to crackers and mashed potatoes. Also, I stay away from cheese as it seems to make it worse and beverages with caffine seem to make the pain worse. I really want to eat something I can taste again... but I am scared to eat anything. I have vommited and have had diarrhea for 10 days straight and before that a week where I feel okay with about 14 days straight with more diarrhea. Everyone good luck and I hope you feel better.


I am 10 years old and have gastritis and drank coffee and ate spicy foods I have mild indigestion; slight nausea; a bloated feeling after a small meal; a bad taste in the mouth; and vague stomach pain please HELP!!!

Giselle ·

I have gastritis and drank coffee and ate spicy foods and have mild indigestion; slight nausea; a bloated feeling after a small meal; a bad taste in the mouth; and vague stomach pain and I'm only 10 years old!Please HELP!!!Plus I have vomiting constantly and severe stomach pain!

Sudha ·

Having it for 1 year. Already on anti depressants as the reason is supposed to be stress! But not much relief. Tired of taking medications. sometimes feel like killing myself. You have to function as if everything is fine with you. But internally you are not!


Well I recomemd U guys too work out and eat healthy weekdays..also I was taking 2 tea spons of bee honey and it takes ur pain away foreals try it out and Y'all be fine...

Skylar ·

Im 20 years old and just found out i have gastritis inflammation and i gotta say i had no idea what that even was untill i did research but atleast now i know not to eat the food i love and not to smoke or drink plus i gotta try not to stress it so much UGH this sucks i want it to go away. atleast knowing what i have and what to do will save me money i wont be going to the ER anymore wondering what my pain is from

ivy ·

Well I'm 19 and jus found out I got gastritis and its not lookin too Gud.for me I'm up all nite cnt sleep got the shakes and Cnt eat. I'm constantly gagging I've Ben to the hospital 2 this week I've had gastritis for bout a week and 4 days I jus wnt my old life back! Go away gastritis please

Rhonda ·

I just went to the ER again last night- 5th time since August. Have been having these stomach pain episodes for over a year, sometimes vomitting, sometimes not and finally last night the doctor made sense. Gastritis! I had found that laying down with a heating pad helpled and saw on a web site that heat such as a hot water bottle can help! I think this is what I have. Guess I'll be on juices and a few bland things this week. Site also said that carrot and spinach juice are good once you've recovered from an episode.

Joanne ·

I had gastritis since 2009 and had five attacks already and it was horrible and It's very impossible to sleep. I went to doctor to have injection for pain and other meds but didn't work. Recently I had an attack and I tried a remedy over the internet. I just chew on fresh ginger put hot compress on my stomach and not stop drinking of plain hot water. It was so effective than taking meds. I usually vomit a lot during my gastric attacks, I did vomit after chewing on ginger but just to vomit the acids out and to burp the gas out from my stomach. I didn't eat nothing at night then just eat rice gruel or porridge with a little bit salt in the morning and I felt better. I think coffee should be really avoided plus too oily and spicy foods. Wrong combination of foods will upset your stomach too! Like eating spicy foods and then drinking soda.

Sofia ·

I have gone through a lot of stress in my life in the passed couple of years. My mom was diagnosed with cancer, she moved in with me as she couldn;t leave by herself anymore. Her CA became severe and I was going through "hell" at work. This caused me to have severe gastritis and irritation in my esophagus. The doctor prescribed Prilosec and that has helped. It just flared up this week with vomoting, fever, diahrrea and stomach pain. I just realized it was caused by Advil. So I modified my diet to boiled potatoes and grits. Potatoes are great for our bodies and is blend enough for easy digestio. Potatoes could be made in a vriety of ways and you can eat all you want throughout the day. I am also eating apple sauce, the enzymes on the apples are also good for your stomach. Potatoes and apples, that's the deal. Good luck!

Mayra ·

I hate having gastritis. I agree with everyone having gastritis is hard. Does anyone have trouble breathing and feel like your heart is slowing down?, cus I do and Im scared. I wish all of us would get better.

christine ·


lisa ·

just got gastrits after eating something on holiday first time i've had its very painfull and havent been able to eat is there anything that is good to eat with gastritis that wont cause any pain

sheri ·

I have just been diagnosed with Gastritis. Can someone please tell me where i got this? Im not a heavy drinker at all, i eat healthy and i just dont get it.

Pauli ·

Make soup with OKRA and pumpkin, it eases the discomfort. Okra is like a panacea (cure for all ills ).

Belly ·

Stomach problems are no joke. God help us all.

Alyssa ·

I have had gastritis since the birth of my first son 6 years ago. When it started it happened only a couple times a year, but when it did it was completely debilitating. Completely impaired any movement, and since it was right underneath my breastbone, it felt like there was a lot of pressure on my diaphragm making it hard to breathe also. It only lasted a few hours then. Over the years it got to where it occurred more frequently, and it would last upwards of 12 hours or so. It's awful. Now that I know what it is, you can eat almost nothing it seems. I just had my 3rd child. and I was taking maalox religiously in the last trimester. I've noticed that so long as I'm taking that I don't have pains that are as severe, but a week or so after I quit taking it they come back. I'm not sure of the long term effects of taking maalox like this (a bottle a week usually) but for now at least it helps me.

sandra ·

i have gastristis and dont know what to do the doctor said it will pass he gave me omeprazole but it dont stomach hurt and its really inflamated sometimes i think im going to exploted.The only thing it seems to help is tea of chamomile.I really need help.

Melissa Kozloff ·

Just got diagnosed. Very scary. Was told was due to stress. Cant eat anything worth a darn. A horrible, horrible disease.

jenny ·

not fun at all to have this pain.errrrr

Martine ·

I have been struggling with gastritis for over a year now. I had my gallbladder removed because it too was not functioning properly. They felt that it was causing the most of my problems. I did feel better, but not right. I kept persisting, looking for a causative factor. It had now been discovered that I also have a B12 deficiency. I start lifelone B12 shots tomorrow. Wish I could tell you how that's going to turn out, but I don't know yet. My heart goes out to all of you as I feel your hope is that maybe this post will help somebody in the future.

Michelle ·

I've has gastritis for ove 6 weeks and I'm over it!! Going to get a cera shoved down my throat to see what it is exactly and maybe get some help. Pls god help me I have a young child and am stuggling to look after her with all this pain

kathy e ·

im only 17 and the doctors found that i have gastritis. its sad to know it and worse feel the pain. im always having nausea and im never hungry. all i ask is for GOD to help me and do a miracle in me !

Gracie ·

I was just released from the hospital with a general prognosis of gastritis and swollen esophagus. I have been vomiting daily bile and acids.....terrible! The nausea itself lasts forever even before the vomiting. Will be seeing a gastroenterologist next week. I heard I could have an infection of the stomach which is involving the thinning of my stomach lining...does anyone have any comments on this? Really debilitating disease!!!

tori ·

i don't know if i have it but im in mild pain, nauseous, and near my rib cage it burns like im hungry but i lost my appetite

annie ·

plz help from which food i can get some iron cause i have the same problem lz thank u

Ann ·

My daughter is 20 and has gastritis.I'm hoping she will eat right and quit smoking. She suffers a lot. Three times in ER this year.

Trish ·

Ive had the pain in my stomach for almost a year. Nothing is working. I am in pain from the gastritis everyday. I just wish the pain would stop and someone would help me.

Pam ·

The pain is horrible! I dread eating anything. People dont realize how painful this is. Ive been off work for a week now. Im afraid everytime I eat. My dr said NO DAIRY PRODUCTS!! Everyone else says to drink milk.

Tina ·

I have gastritis for 10 months now, all i can say it's horrible,no life at all, but i am only young,but i am depressed now too. God help!

Shine ·

I was diagnosised with Gastritis.. ur right its sooooo painful! Im scared of meds so didn't try the meds they gave me.. I changed my diet for a week and it went away.. its not easy.. cuz I knw how much I love the junk food but had to.. I met a friend at the gym and he has it and he told me drink warm water and jog.. keep moving.. if u have to throw up throw up that acid n ur stomach.. I tried it but didn't throw up. :/ eat lots of apples and wheat bread tho! Helps! I hope u feel better

sol ·

I have erosive gastritis and it makes my life miserable. No matters what I eat, makes me sick. I think that I would try what Rich said about carrot, celery and Apple juice. I had chimo 5 years ago, and I just remember that this mixture of juices was good for my chemotherapy bad symtoms. Thanks to remind me about this wonderful juice

Donna ·

I was just diagnosed with Gastritis. It is really painful. I found a diet of Chic-fil-A's chicken soup and jello helped me the most beside the meds the Dr. put me on which is Nexium.

myra ·

i have gastritis n i knew something was wrong with me i when to c my doctor in march n cuzi was feeling every day to much pain. Then My Dr.told me that i been having gastritis more than 7 months now. I was. Soprice to find out that. I yeah i have the same problems as. U all. Its just so hard 4 me to stay away from My favour.foods. plus I'm mexican n we mexicans live. Our spici food. Plus My Dr. Said to stay away from stress. N that's a every day issue 4 me. When I'm going tru a difficult relationship. With a 5& 2 year old. To much stress. 4 me I'm never. Gonna. Get better. Well i I'm trying My best to stay away. From bad food....:(

massimo ·

had h.pylora back in july,took 2 courses of antibiotics and nexxium; seems like infection is gone except now i get this hunger feeling and belly discomfort. I was told it could be gastritis? I am still taking nexxium because i still feel that acid feeling in my belly. Does anyone else have simmiliar problem

michelle ·

I have had a pain in my right rib since may. i went to the doctors and she referred me where i was diagnosed with gastritis due to bile returning from my small intestine. i feel sick all the time. if i eat healthy it feels like the food just sticks in my stomach, ugh,, if i eat starchy unhealthy carbs i don't get that feeling is that normal for you all too? crackers have become my favorite food..


I have had gastritus for about a year now. It is very tough and painful. Sometimes after every meal I'm in pain. It is extremely tough curbing your diet bc you literally can't eat anything. All of my fav foods and drinks I have to give up. Totally sucks. Thank you all for sharing your stories bc I don't know like anyone else with it. I've been on prevacid like 3 times already. And I def think my gastritis was brought on by stress. But I don't know what else to do but go back on prevacid. And just when I thought I was ok, I started throwing up again. Oddly enough it helps the pain go away. I've def lost weight bc of this and not in a good way.

James ·

im 20 i got diagnosed with gastritis a few weeks ago and was told to stay away from alchohol but when i went out i ended up drinking alot and nothing actualy happened

Carmella Mace ·

Had h-pylori once and now they're treating me for just gastritis. Horrible always feeling like you want to throw up what you eat

Melissa ·

On a label, it tells you that you should not tak more than 1 antacid per day. Give good explanation for the percaution

Ronel ·

Gastritis is not a good condition to have. I cannot drink my favourit red wine anymore and I have to give up smoking!

Map ·

I thought I was having a heart attack. I had the entire test done at a Cardiologist. He said my heart was fine. He set me up for other test. I had an upper GI. I found out I had Acute Gastritis and a Hiatal Hernia. What was happening was if I over ate my stomach would swell and was pushing on my diaphragm and I couldn’t breathe. I have to watch what and how much I eat. That has helped out.

Pam ·

I developed Gastritis after stomoch surgery and its terrible. It takes over your life. i can no longer eat anything containing full fat asthis totally flares the symptoms up. I wish I could just lead a "normal" life.

huskey ·

I have been dealing with this for almost two years and it have got worst. Anything that I eat causes burning and I have lost weight aswell. The doctors also told me that I have gastric. Any ideas I will be welcome too.

Kate ·

It started with me 10 years ago with food poisoning and I was diagnosed as having gastritis due to stress. I have been better for 8 years now and have completely taken tomato and chili out of my menu but last week I ate sour milk and it will start by aching back and the stomach pain will follow and i will have to force myself to vomit everything I ate that was wrong and the back ache wont stop until all came out. After all this years I'm back to limit my eating and eat weird stuff like eggs without spice,no coffee,no meat unless its only salt. no sodas, no yoghurt, banana, apple, citrus, grapes.. nothing.. I hate leaving like this..

Jordan ·

How long does moderately servere acute gastritis last at the most?


i feels dryness in the body especially while breathing becos of gastritis

Cyll ·

God gone help y'all be blessed gone help me too amen amen amen.

myra 26 ·

I been having gastritis since october 2010 i found out i have it on March 2011 n i hate it 2 i been completely not eating. Right. I now I'm feeling likei was@ . The beginning. With lots of pain. Especially when i eat chocolate. Soon! Painfull.

Matt ·

I have had gastritis for around 5 years. My doctor started me on acid reducing meds which I had no relief so now I am taking an antidepressant which dosn't help at all. I have had two endoscopys as well but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

Lisa ·

My first gastritis experience was a year and a half ago. Doc said it was from drinking too much coffee. Quit drinking coffee and took Prilosec for a month and it went away. Six months later it came back. At that time I was drinking three cups of coffee per day. Again, quit drinking coffee and went on Prilosec for two months, which gave me bowel cramps towards the end, so was glad to get off those. Was fine again for six months, and now I am just starting my third round. I really don't wanna go through this again. I was only drinking one cup of coffee per day, and tea. So I don't know if it's the coffee, the tea, or caffeine in general. I don't wanna go back on Prilosec, so I don't know what I should do. This is miserable. Is this going to be a life-long problem?

kaygeebaby ·

Yes it is. I felt EXTREMELY sick & i could not eat anything & I knew that something was wrong with me. I felt as though I had to vomit but did not. I went to the ER and they told me I have Gastritis, I'm like WTH is that? But its a lifestyle change. On the up-side.. I guess I get to lose weight now. Mine came due to stress, and I just have to relax and get better now.


Take your meds, compliment with natural remedys, improve diet and exercise and lots of water. This will help your symptons and hopefully over maybe weeks or months get relief. this will not only benefit your gastritis but your overall health.

jamesmcaninch ·

i have had it for years on meds it dont help what are you supposed to do

Dee ·

Dr told me to eat a low sugar diet, low gluten diet, and drink kefir, raw goats milk, and take probiotics. I am sleeping better and feeling better over all. If I eat anything I am not suppose to eat more than one meal a week, I have a bad night.

Liz ·

I have just been diagnosed with Gastritis, even though I have suffered acute episodes for years. I am searching for information on what I can and can't have. Conflicting information everywhere. Is it just stick to a boring, bland diet?

Candy ·

I'm 30 and I've had gastritus for 5 years. It's so severe that I am unable to have children as my body cannot tolorate the additional acid of morning sickness. I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone.

Shelley ·

Im 11 years old and I have gastritis. It was caused by H.Polori. It's a bad bacteria in my stomach. Gastritis is something I don't want to have ever again. I take medicine every day for it and it is helping. One of my teachers told me to eat red apples or yogurt every day. She also told me if she didn't eat one of those things once a day her stomach would hurt really bad. I am in the same situation as her with the gastritis.


Gastritis is something you don't want. It's terrible. I had H.polori which caused the gastritis. My teacher says to eat red apples or yogurt. It will help. Eat one of them every day. She said if she doesn't eat yogurt everyday her stomach will hurt very bad

Leona ·

Just disgnosed with Atrophic Gastritis. I recently found out that B12 was low, it was causing memory problems, and after getting pain in the abdomen, my doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist. After abnormal blood and fecal tests, I was given a biopsy. Prescribed a med to coat my stomach, and my follow up appointment was scheduled a full 6 weeks away, so I've not gotten to even talk with the doctor yet. I'm eating rice 2x daily, yogurt, rice chex serial, potatoes, and other soft veggies. I've stayed away from meat, since it's harder to digest.

Las Vegas Girl ·

Amazing Wheatgrass. Mix it with juice or milk with instant chocolate powder 3x day.

Tiffany ·

i have had this gasteritis for about 4 -5 days now and its killing me it hurt so bad!..idk what to do about the pain i usually have to sleep with a heating pad on my stomach and it usually helps either that or a hot bath then i drink water and eat jello and yogurt..i hope this goes away soon

kenna ·


kenna ·

I have garitis pain

Chris ·

I've been diagnosed with gastritis after a trip to the ER and a stomach scope. I'm on a PPI, which doesn't seem to help. Another doctor told me to take GasX and that helped reduce the pain more than hydrocodone. Then a pharmacy tech suggested Beano before meals and that helped even more than GasX. My problem is only after lunch each day, but so painful if I don't use the above Beano that I was down the rest of the day. I hope it heals in time and I return to normal.

Kerry ·

I've had gastritis since december 2012 it's now may 2013, can't eat, does anyone have leg problems? My legs are so weak they hardly hold me up.

Amanda ·

I was diagnosed with gastritis, esophagitis and a hiatal hernia! I used to drink Starbucks almost everyday and have never had any heartburn or stomach problems but now I always feel sick! I want my life back! I have to take tiny bites of food and still feel bloated! I'm 30 years old, I want my life back!

Leon ·

i have mild chronic gastritis been taking somac for amonth and a half there is some improvement but i have to admit it's awful . 7 / June /2013

Chandler ·

I'm 18 and I've had gastritis for 6 years. Everyday I sip on coconut water(it tastes terrible) but its worth it. I take a b-12 supplement as well and I've had less attacks. :)

Rupa ·

I have been diagnosed with Acute Gastritis, worst for me is constant nausea, I got A prescription ONDANSETRON today. I hope to God this helps. I just don't understand it, how did I get it? I know I have been under lots of stress. I just lost one of my most important man in my life..."my Dad" having hard time dealing with it. Does GASTRITIS ever go away for good? I drink one cup of coffee only in the morning, should I stop? I do eat spicy food, my doctor did not say anything about diet, what to eat or what not to eat. I am so confused reading all the comments that I should stop spicy food!!! I don't wish this to even my enemy...(which I hope I don't have any :-) thank you all for the suggestions and comments!

yasmin ·

I was disgnosed with gastritis last month. After 3 horrible weeks of vomiting everything I would eat, I went to mexico to see a doctor and she perscribed me emoprazol and live cultures to rebuild my lining. I was getting better and able to eat normal for 2 week, but last week I had wingstop for dinner and th following day was hell! I've been vomiting major nausia pain and a lot of inflamation on my stomach (very bloated) has anyone felt bloted aswell. I'm starting to think it can be eomething more than just gastritis. My ther problem is what to eat due to the gastritis and bloating. Please help!

caz ·

i find ginger biscuits help

lindsey ·

ihave erosive gasritis very painful nothing like this pain

Sarah ·

Gastritis is rubbish, avoid dairy as it irritates it more but I recommend a bit if custard - ironically it soothes for 30 mins or so

Amed ·

I've been suffering from gastritis due to h pylori for about 4 months now. It has gotten alot better but some symptoms still remain. Some back pain, some Groin pain, some rib pain, sometimes yellow formed stool. I'm due to finish Omeprazole treatment this week after antibiotics, and retesting for h pylori in two weeks.II'm tired of being sick. I have been taking Acidophilus pearls, critical colon probiotics capsules, lots of activia yogurt, and men's multivitamin from Gnc.

MarĂ­a ·

I have found that water is essential to prevent gastritis (both chronic and acute). We have a natural mucinous layer that protects our stomach from the secreted substances that we need to digest our food. This layer is rich in water. If we are dehydrated, that layer is weak and thin, so it does not protect us as it should! Drinking enough amounts of water (not with sugar, just plain water) is VERY helpful to stay away from gastritis. Also,I took Nexium 40 mg once a day for 30 days and it helped me a lot. I did not get a gastritis episode in more than a year. Then, if I feel I will get one epidose, I take the Nexium again right away, and a drug that helps reducing the pain. Remember that pain can cause us to vomit, and that is the start of a horrible journey of not being able to keep anything in our stomachs. The drug I use is called Buscapina Compositum, or Buscopan (metamizole and scopolamine. Also, ranitidine is great to help reduce the production of stomach acid. So... to stay way from continuous acute episodes: 1) water in good quantities to keep my stomach hydrated and with a healthy protective layer, and 2) long treatment with a proton pump inhibitor (omeprazole or esomeprazole). If I am having an acute episode, but not vomiting,then, 1) water!, 2) omeprazole or esomeprazole right away, 3)drug to control the pain (buscopan), 4) drug to control the acid (ranitidine), and 5) to control the hunger/pain feeling, I eat banana, rice (not fried) and toast.

Ryan ·

I have Chronic Gastritis, Chronic Esophagitis,Eosinophilic esophagitis, and Moderate Eosinophilia. I have been having problems with my stomach for about 3 years starting when I was 15. At first I just had Chronic Gastritis. I took the medicine they gave me and they didn't work so I stopped taking them after a year. Then recently in August of 2013 I started being not able to eat and went to the hospital multiple times because I couldn't eat anything. I found that smoking marijuana helps a lot. If I smoke a little bit a day i'm able to eat anything I wanted. So I told my doctor and he wanted to do another endoscopy and that's when they found all the other stuff. They gave me medicine to help and I don't need to smoke marijuana everyday anymore. For anyone that lives in a medical marijuana state I highly recommend getting a card.

Cathy ·

I have not been formally diagnosed, but have experienced this and have missed work. Mine only occurs when I eat anything for breakfast other than yogurt. Severe stomach pain follows about an hour later and continues all day with chills, fatigue until it seems to completely clear my system. Next day I am fine as long as I don't eat before noon and have yogurt or milk. Anyone else? Other times of day I may get some indigestion and take prilosec, but never bad

Ruth ·

I have gastritis since I was a little child. Oh! this is so painful! When my gastritis attacks for example, if I eat something that I'm allergic or I skipped meals, I ended up throwing up for almost 24 hours until I looks like a skeleton being displayed in a science room. After the vomiting stops, I can only eat watermelon and after 2-3 days I'm okay again. My doctor said that gastritis is a forever disease, the only thing you can do is to watch out for your food intake and don't skip meals... Well I already accepted it that I will can never escape from this disease.

Vikky ·

Christine: if you or anyone reading this has "gastritis" and rapid weight loss, this could be stomach cancer!! I only know this from having seen so many docs about my own trouble. Rapid weight loss is a MAJOR red flag. Please do not sit at home because you can't afford the ER if you have such symptoms. Go to hospital and demand endoscopy/biopsy the works. Hope you get better soon!

James Bradley ·

I had an enscopy in febuary it turned out gastric eurosive now i have a constant burning feeling in the back of my throat its got me realy fed up now has anybody got are had the same symptoms and what to do

Sudhamaya ·

Gastric have already smashed my life although now i am of only 20 years old. . . , . . I think there is no standard solution to resque from the gastric like giant. . . . .

Nicole ·

Everyone... stop eating dairy. To heal the gut buy IntestiNew from whole foods. it's $30. I frequently get flare ups. It takes a solid week to get my symptoms under control again. I tend to yo-yo diet. I'm a college student with no job so buying good quality foods in not on the top of my list. When my symptoms start acting up from eating garbage like pudding, oatmeal, and breads I take the time to clean up the diet. I've been reading all of these comments and a lot of you are eating Jello, Eggs, yogurt, oatmeal. These items are too harsh. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean it's okay to eat. Take a probiotic, IntestiNew, and stop chowing down on all things tasty. I go heavy on the soups and steam all vegetables before eating them. For protein I make some salmon. A week later I'm fine. Also, when I say soup I mean soup not progresso.. that's not soup it's a death trap. Amy's is a really clean label. when i say vegetables I mean not bagged vegetables. The bagged one's sit in warehouses and make people like us sick. For taste I use a little coconut oil. Make some homemade hummus out of chick peas and a magic bullet. Drink Water only. The big take away is the IntestiNew. I would be lost without it and always have a jar in my cabinet. Everyone I understand.. it sucks. Every time I get a flare up I think "God, why me." but then remember it's not just me. I'm sorry all of you have to go through this. research the body. that will be you're only saving grace. Remember for people like us it's not about what you eat, it's about how the body digests it once it's in there. When buying something in a can, box, bottle make sure the label has 4 or less ingredients. When you have a flare up try to bring it down to 2 ingredients. I hate to tell you this but dairy, wheat, sugar (sucralose, socrose) are off the table. My rule of thumb is if i can't pick it up off the earth and eat it, it will make me sick. Giving up peanut butter was heartbreaking... even almond butter, walnut butter. Even though they are healthy my gut ain't haven't it. For some of you it sounds like you have a good old Ulcer. An Ulcer can have Gastritis symptoms. A good sign to separate the two is if you're having skin problems. I am, and I have a lot of stress, and I'm anemic. So i'm scheduling an appointment with the money I don't have to hopefully rule out that I'm not dying. Good luck everyone, stay awesome Gotham.

lorriemarie ·

diagnosed with silent reflux and endoscope diagnosed gastritis - nightmare for sure. On PPI's in the morning, zantac at night. Went on high alkaline diet suggested in the book Dropping Acid and it has really helped. Not much selection as far as food, and only high alkaline water to drink but less pain, less mucus and finally putting on some of the weight I had lost. Stress induced gastritis I assume, just hopeful I won't have to eat almost nothing for the rest of my life :) At least controlling it eases the anxiety.

lorriemarie ·

also..don't drink any liquid with your meals; wait at least an hour. I chew gum for 1/2 hour after a meal as saliva is alkaline, and more swallowing of alkaline help denature the acid in your stomach. Hope this help ANYONE with this chronic disease.

barbara martin ·

I take mint leaves in a glas of cold Poland spring water and one pepsid pill when my stomach bothers me . It just started after my thick chicken cutlet was not cut thin and caused food poisoning. Ok i'm ok now. Also after hammertoe surgery 3 years ago, I took one motrin 3 X a week. Now I feel better. I Found a solution, No spices exercise therepy for my back, ice pack and my own cooking (steamed , lean veg. and chicken and fish and a rare lean piece of red meat or hamburger, Coffee Not Strong, 7 glasses of water per day and healthy diet . Adele Davis once said"YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" Eat from the ground not from the Box ( which is processed with salt and chemicals. I feel much better now no meds and 69 going on 45. Try it ..

Phili ·

just like everyone else I also suffer from gastritis and was diagnosed late last year after countless visits to general practitioners over a period of two years until one of them refered me to a gastro doctor and I did endoscopy and it conformed that i am suffering from gastritis.and the doctor put me on omaprozole and said it takes 6months to heal gastritis now I am happy to say I can now eat all the things I could not eat anymore but I very careful now i only eat them once or twice a week.

Dasiy ·

I had gastritis, before the ulcers, my chief complaint last December I developed from consuming too much IB-prophen for pain relief. I have been sick since December of 2011, meaning I have acid reflux that cause anxiety and panic attacks sometimes. I have been gluten-free and dairy free since 2009. I quit drinking January 2013. I smoke a vapor cigarette periodically. Fortunately, I learned how to control the attacks early so I haven’t had to take too many Ativan, which is all they would give me at first. I asked for omeprazole in September 2013 because my mom was on them and they help her and I tried hers while I was visiting in the Yukon because I worked a temporary custodial job and it worked. Initially in September 2013, walk-in clinic (or emergency room) were prescribing me a strong enough dose of antacids. I no longer needed to supplement with IB Prophen every 4-6 hours. Now I use Tylenol 500mg every 4 hours and trying hard to only take 300 mg of ranitidine a day and eating several tums. These antacids helped to prevent the chest crushing pains where I cannot tell if it is allergy or inflammation from my stomach acid cutting off my airway. One time my circulation got cut off too by squishing my heart; that ultimately lead to a panic attack, the type that mimicked a stroke: Where, I realized I was failing to profuse. I had crushing chest pain and difficulty breathing. Fortunately, at the time, I had help and they had 2 Benadryl and 2 Aspirin. I was unaware that I had allergies but it was the oil in the chips that triggered the attack. I knew they were anti-inflammatory drugs for the bronchial area where I was feeling my breathing being cut off. I was on the ground seized up, arms curled. I had a seizure. I have ever seen and trying to remain calm for my 6 year old daughter witnessing. The helper gave the pills to me by mouth I chewed them, next she gave me some water to swallow them. I managed to get them down and after 10 minutes my breathing and circulation came back. I was able to straiten my limbs. I never let it go this far again, now that I know how to stop it and that the sharp chest pains precede it….. I was taking antacids and eating crushed ice. After September 2013, I moved to just eating oatmeal and almond milk, rice pasta, oatmeal & honey granola bars, rice and olive oil. Still, hurt and I was going pale and loosing weight. Possibly, this weight loss was due to drinking from my friend’s new RV water tap before it was flushed. I eventually spit it out but a gulp made it down. This caused me to get an infection in the Yukon where they gave me penicillin that gave me a delayed allergic reaction that was closing off my throat. If I go back there they are willing to remove my tonsils. So they switched me to erythromycin. At this time, I was not aware I was mildly anaphylaxis allergic to almonds and fully to Brazil nuts and ultimately advised to avoid them from an allergist. I requested an allergist visit in June 2013. This visit didn’t happen until November 2013 because of high demand, proved I was allergic to nuts, grass, pollen, dust and the alder tree. Now I pack an Epi pen. But, I was drinking almond milk every day because I have lactose intolerance. I am at a healthy weight and my skin color is good. Now, I eat 2 slices of Udies GF bead and 2 eggs, fresh berries, GF rice and GF table crackers, meat, popcorn, low gas veggies mainly leafy greens, cucumbers and carrots, some palm oil, rice, cassava, squash, quinoa, jam, sugar, xytoil, soy milk and cheese and crushed ice. Still only eat 2 small meals a day and 2 snacks to try to avoid acid pushing it up my throat; I’m also taking digestive enzymes. These help a bit. One year ago I could barely walk a block without chest tightness, burping air and indigestion, sometimes vomiting and sometimes the contents wanting to come up. Still bad pain in-between my shoulder blades, radiates into my neck and arms, any thing that squishes my stomach forcing the contents up. I have been on nystatin for 2 weeks and it was better after three days i was off the acid blockers (omeperazole and tumbs). A 5ml dose works for about 5 hours. But, when it wears off it is back. I want to heal …the doctor told me I cant stay on this forever it causes liver damage…..but it is the only drug that has provided true relief…I feel human again I can eat and work! Now I think it was from too many antibiotics as I had h pylori in 2009. But having a hard time getting doctors to prescribe it for more than a week at a time.

Jean ·

i had my gastritis since i was a student, which started with a stomach upset for a long time so i undergo an endoscopy only to find out i have gastritis, now i’m 46, i only thought it’s just a result of skipping meals but taking caffeinated drinks, eating heavily spiced food, fatty food, and being stressed makes me felt severe pain .Taking Maalox gives me only a temporary relief. My gastroenterologist adviced me to get rid of the foods i mentioned here and only take light and small amount of meals, then have crackers every hour. avoiding to be stressed is the hardest thing to do but it is the biggest factor for a person with gastritis to suffer from it.

Melissa ·

I have gastritis when I first got it I ended up at the hospital the second time they had to give me morphine for the pain because it was so bad. Definitly not fun at all.

evelyne ·

I'm confuse. don't know what do gastritis and PUD troubling my life. I have taken all the prescribed drug and trying to live by recommended diet; but I still don't feel at ease for 8 months now. please help and tell me what to do next.

al1ce ·

iv had gastritis for 4 yes now, came on right after giving birth to my big baby girl, had it confirmed with an endoscopy, it did settle after time, I had pure aloe vera juice, manuka honey etc to relieve and soothe my stomach, don't stop taking ur meds I have omeprazole its harmless and helps reduce my flare ups, I invested in an acid reflux wedge pillow one that goes down to to torso and raises you gradually from the waist up, this keeps the acid in the stomach so it doesn't rise up, letting u have a better sleep, I had a nite out recently was drinking wine and soda, and it all flared up I woke feeling sickly and hot and cold chills was awful, so avoid it all even smoking cos it won't help ur stomach heal, yes u have to change ur diet but its not forever eventually it will heal but can take yrs, just avoid nitrate what u get on ham and bacon etc, runny eggs I cnt have, I avoid all processed foods, make my own fresh meals, jacket potatoes, Sheppard's pie, vegetable soup, lentils, chick peas roasted, chicken no skin, an wheat pasta, yoghurt, greens, hummus, red pepper is fine, avoid salad dressings like salad creams etc, I also had my gall bladder removed after my pregnancy it erupted and the last thing I ate was nitrate ham, this stuff is so bad for u, if u feel sick sit up and do not lay down being upright will gradually make u feel better, and chills and fever will fade.

markesha cooper ·

I think I have it my stomach back and ribcage area be in pain and I just feel acid and gas that won't come out I don't use the bathroom everyday my bowels messed up so I'm basically back up with acid and gas so I have pain in my back stomach ribcage area at night I be up in pain its hard to breath and I be burnin up

joi ·

hi good day! i've been diagnosed with chronics gastritis lst year.. and i've been with 2 gastro doc. and 2 gastroscopy.. they've prescribed me with different kinds PPIs.. some gave me relief some are not.. but one of my gastro doc. told me that I must eat eat eat.. small but frequently.. because im not that satisfied with the meds i've decide to stop taking those but instead eat a lot of freshly cook veggies everyday no passed.. oatmeal everytime im hungry.. a lot of water.. no meat for many months except chicken meat.. fish.. and food supplements.. im taking USANA essentials and some of its optimizers (active calcium good for hyper acidity and hepasil for liver because i've took a lot of meds before).. as of today, i can eat normally but not a lot of beef and pork and drink orange juice, chocolate, small amount of softdrinks but not coffee.. but i think the most important thing is not to make yourself stressed! Stresses make your acidity level increase and also produces hormonal imbalance. Be optimistic. I hope these can help!

lori ·

so how and what gets rid of the imflamation

Denise ·

i'm suffering from gastritis and I'm suffering alone. A lot of my family for the most part thinks that I'm crazy including my husband. This of course adds more stress. My doc put me on Dexilant, I'm praying that it helps me. I Been on it for 4 days now I'm praying it helps me.

Freda bell ·

Gallbladder was taken out 2 years again due to having stones . Now I'm having bad pain in my tummy almost like a burning feeling right above the bell button only a heating pad helps not sure what's going on .help

Victoria Madasamy ·

I am suffering from acute gastritis. Inflammation in my stomach.i want to know what diet I should take. I was advised by doctor to undergo endoscopy. Ian scared. Anybody could suggest on this

Nicole ·

I was just diagnosed with gastritis. It's the worst pain in my life. I can't sleep at night from tossing and turning I might also have gallbladder disease I'm waiting on those results. I can't take this pain I can't eat like anything. Can anybody recommend anything I can do?

Laura ·

I was diagnosed with gastritis earlier this year. The pain comes and goes - depending what I eat. The pain came back recently so now I am really watching what I eat. Drinking aloe vera juice mixed with a little apple juice helps with the bloating. I also underwent the endonoscopy? and it was not big deal. Right now the pain is bearable but it is going to my back area. Anxiety kicks in too when the pain gets bad. I just have to watch what I eat. Nothing fried, spicy, no caffeine, chocolate, milk, bread, sweets...etc. Getting use to the change. I have no choice unless I want to be in pain.

Toni ·

I haave suffered with this on and off throughout my life. Had no problem when stress was low, which it hasn't been for some time. After much research, testing, etc. I found food allergies were a cause, along with auto-immune (which of course allergies are)issues. I have been using Digestacure and it is amazing. I recommend it--but you have to use it according to directions and it will take months, but it works to bring about real healing.

elie ·

H as anyone had swelling of chest with this ?

mona ·

Try taking black sesame powder with water. Drink ginger tea. These work for me. Used to take antacid and other drugs that provide short relief. Usually the pain won't go away for at least a week but taking ginger and black sesame will stop the pain in only a few hours.

Twerp ·

For those looking for diet tips and avoiding attacks you really must stop any soda type drinks, alcohol , tea and coffee whether decaf fixated or not. Stop eating chocolate, crisps, pastries, high fats, too much high fibre, spices and tomatoe based foods. Raw onions and gas producing veg. Bland diet is what keeps the pain away and hopefully leads to healing the inflammation. As for what to eat some of you will tolerate what others can't , I went weeks practically living on water, camomile tea and high water bake crackers. I was afraid to eat but having nothing can also leave you suffering. I slowly introduced more foods, the first being plain porridge , make it with water or rice milk or half water half skimmed / semi skimmed milk, you can sweeten it with honey but I use puréed baby deserts of Apple banana and mango. The key is not to have large meals and not go too long with nothing, crackers or a plain rich tea biscuit with a camomile tea ( don't go having half a packet of biscuits with a cup of tea! ) white breads MINIMAL of lowest fat marg or spread and I mean a scraping . Scrambled egg made with little bit of water and dash of low fat milk with toast or crumpet or maybe half a white bagel. Plain chicken, no skin, bake in the oven or boil. Make soups using the water from boiling the chicken. Add maybe half a low salt veg cube , shred chicken and add back to the water, add chopped carrots, barley, lentils and simmer until everything is nice and soft . Try different veg to those you know you can tolerate but be careful where spices are concerned. Remember, keep portions on the small side .. don't give your stomach a lot of work to do digesting a large meal. Other foods you can eat as you feel more able are fish, plain rice or basmati rice, zero fat yoghurts , zero fat or low fat cottage cheese, rice crispies cereals ( rice or almond milk or if tolerated skimmed milk. Steam or boil veg so they're cooked very soft. Fruits such as melon, soft pears, very ripe banana and apples. Avoid citrus! Chew food well so you're already aiding digestion and drink plenty of fresh water. Some reading this maybe able to add to it, I'm a month or two into trying to heal my gastritis. Zantac or omeprazole help and are generally prescribed. Aloe Vera juice helps some people too. Good luck to us all

Twerp ·

Some asked about the pain symptoms, bloating , nausea , trapped wind under the ribs , burning pain that can go through to the back. Can't take a deep breath, feels like a tight band under the ribs. Vomiting/ burping can relieve the pain of the bad attacks . Right sided pain for some could be gall bladder so do ask for it to be checked. Most of us on the bland diet will likely be deficient in certain vitamins or minerals. Probiotics are beneficial to us too, there are yoghurts with live cultures or in supplement form if tolerated.

twerpy derpy ·

guys i have it and cant take it anymore

bum hole ·

had gastritis, before the ulcers, my chief complaint last December I developed from consuming too much IB-prophen for pain relief. I have been sick since December of 2011, meaning I have acid reflux that cause anxiety and panic attacks sometimes. I have been gluten-free and dairy free since 2009. I quit drinking January 2013. I smoke a vapor cigarette periodically. Fortunately, I learned how to control the attacks early so I haven’t had to take too many Ativan, which is all they would give me at first. I asked for omeprazole in September 2013 because my mom was on them and they help her and I tried hers while I was visiting in the Yukon because I worked a temporary custodial job and it worked. Initially in September 2013, walk-in clinic (or emergency room) were prescribing me a strong enough dose of antacids. I no longer needed to supplement with IB Prophen every 4-6 hours. Now I use Tylenol 500mg every 4 hours and trying hard to only take 300 mg of ranitidine a day and eating several tums. These antacids helped to prevent the chest crushing pains where I cannot tell if it is allergy or inflammation from my stomach acid cutting off my airway. One time my circulation got cut off too by squishing my heart; that ultimately lead to a panic attack, the type that mimicked a stroke: Where, I realized I was failing to profuse. I had crushing chest pain and difficulty

Jane ·

I have gastritis which is controlled using Lanzaprazol. I take 30mg daily but sometimes have to temporary take 60 mgs or l will also get a hiatus hernia. Under control and the hiatus hernia disappears. The Proton Pump Inhibitor works for me and life would be great if there was no side affects with the PPIs but unfortunately they have promoted rheumatism and irititis uvitus which is is quite serious in the eyes. I am at the present time on steriod eye drops for to get the inflammation down in the eyes. The pain has been horrendous! As for the rheumatism with that condition one needs deflocenic acid or ibuprofen but cannot take it due to the gastritis so it is a vicious cycle! I need to change away from Proton Pump Inhibitors to stop the rheumatism and uvitus as it is a likely cause and is a listed side effect. Life is complicated! I have been on Lanzaprasol for 8 years or so!

kevin ·

my wife stomach pain has no other symptoms bar a little less if she doesn't eat. Its diagnosed as gastritis but i think its worse than than that

Angel ·

Buy Lily of The Desert Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Inner Fillet Stomach Formula. This stuff plus a high probotic strain and i was able to relieve the pain a great deal. It flares up mostly when I do a cleanse but other then that this stuff helps!

Rachel ·

Been having severe stomach problems for months, first time I went to see the doctor he decided I had pulled a muscle in my stomach and told me he could not do or prescribe anything, after weeks of the pain getting incredibly worse I went back and was finally told I have gastritis but have no idea how to treat it, I am under weight anyway and have only had gastritis for a week and a half but can already feel myself losing weight. Every morning is the same thing I wake up choking, have a choking fit for an hour, then vomit for another half hour. Even looking at foods make me feel sick. I can't have any hot drinks or my favourite foods. I stand up and feel like I'm gonna fall down. The stomach pain never goes, I wouldn't mind if it just eased a tiny bit but it won't. 20 years old and feel like life can't get any worse

pritam ·

I m suffering from gastritis for the last 2 months . And I m only 20. Really its horrible. It has ruined my life. I left college because of this gastritis. Someone help me please. I want to enjoy and eat. ;-(

Twerp ·

For those whose GP's have diagnosed gastritis I would ask if they would send you for Helicobacter Pylori bacteria test, this bacteria is responsible for gastritis in a lot of people and can be treated with two lots of antibiotics along with an ant acid such as omaperzole. Request an endoscope ( camera into the stomach) for proper diagnosis and advice. Get some magtricilicate , it's simialr to gaviscon and can soothe some of the symptoms too.

rubi ·

never have stomach prob's unless need aspirin, etc. told dr feel am alergic to them and never take,really. He diagnosed me as having gastritis...really?!

Deepthi ·

I have gastritis and my stomach gets bloated after a small meal and I do have vague stomach pain

Diana ·

I have had gastritis for a year before figuring out what foods to eliminate. Start off with fresh fruits and veggies. Don't do a big mix, your stomach can't handle all the different tropes because tgey affect the stomach differently. I lived on these for 6 months because you can't eat bread, rice or pasta. No packaged meals or frozen ice creams. Everything fresh. Every few weeks is go and try a small portion of what I couldn't eat and about 7 months I was eating normally. I still have a sensitive stomach but I eliminated the pain. Oh and stop eating 2 hours before bed, and no big meals. You'll heal. Good luck.

George ·

I have had chronic gastritis for a long time now. It gets better and worst. The first set a person should do, is get tested for H-Pylori bacteria and get it eliminated with antibiotics. Then, as myself, you may have to always stay on a PPI such as Nexium to reduce the acid. It's something you may have to live with always, so you might as well get used to it. I also take sulcrate twice a day, to coat the stomach lining. Other PPI drugs work good for some people also. I just had a endoscopy, and the gastritis is still there, but mild. Definitely, for everyone with gastritis, don't drink coffee, smoke, eat fried foods, eat less sugar, avoid dairy, and keep your stress levels down, or your symptoms will get worst. Best wishes to everyone.

The Mango ·

Basically gastritis is no fun. Fancy getting this at the age of 18... and nothing i'm being prescribed is working... now finished lansoprazole but now i'm getting symptoms from before, nauseous after eating, constant belching, bloated, dehydrated, retching... Pls take it seriously! :(

Isabelle ·

I was tested for H. Pylori and it came back positive. Now I believe I may have gastritis. Reason behind it, I was under a horrible stress last summer and my stomach would twist really bad to where I had to go to the restroom. After two weeks of stress, my problem existed. I started feeling nauseated, cold sweats, muscle spasms, and vomit all at once by 2am. I was freaking out, but I have learned to control it. I don't eat dinner after 6 or 7 pm., because my stomach doesn't digest the food rapidly. It takes about six to seven hours to digest. So yes I go to sleep hungry, but it beats waking up early morning from sleep with stomach cramps and my food coming out. In hence, I too chew gum to relieve some of these symptoms. It really does work. Also, I too wonder if this infection of H. pylori had anything to do with my stomach acting up.

George ·

Isabelle, you should get the H-pylori bacteria eliminated by antibiotics, or it could cause stomach cancer in the future if left untreated. Almost all chronic gastritis is somewhat related to H-Pylori bacteria. A natural cure will not get rid of it. Mine is eliminated now, but I still have to take a proton pump inhibitor to reduce the stomach acid. I was on Nexium and now am on Dexilant, which works well. I also take sulcrate to coat the stomach at night, and it helps build up the stomach lining barrier. Hope that helps!

Vanessa ·

Eat malanga, it is a root vegetable. My mom was diagnosed with gastritis and this healed her. I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis and have been ill since 07-15-2015. Upon rising, I eat a spoonful of Manuka Honey then make a cabbage and potato juice through a vegetable juicer. I eat rice or pasta or soups throughout the day. After every meal, I eat malanga. My mom boils the malanga until it is soft like mashed potatoes. She adds olive oil and salt (not too much, more water than anything). It doesn't taste too good but it coats the stomach. I am also taking prescribed medicine (Ranitidine 150 mg and Pantoprazole 40 mg) per day. I am also taking liquid iron and diluted liquid vitamins and minerals. All this is helping. It will probably take a year for my stomach to completely heal. I praise Jesus for continuing in healing and providing knowledge to me and my family. Malanga can be bought at Latin groceries.

Mary ·

Recently diagnosed with gastritis. Had so much abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, loss of appetite. Thank God I know what's wrong. Have a tear on my esophagus. Specialist said it'll take 6 months for the tear ti heal. I've been put on strict diet. Looking up for as much info as I can. Lots of water. No fatty, greasy foods,avoiding foods that cause gas. No chocolate or coffee, which are 2 of my favorites.

Ben ·

There is no other food or drink that gets my gastritis going more than coffee. It has been about a 3 year process of coming to the definitive conclusion that coffee, more than anything else, is my greatest source of pain. Whats interesting is if I combine it with a beer in the afternoon, right after the beer I would have flare up. But since I have completely given up coffee, I can have a beer in the afternoon with little impact. I tried to be as scientific as possible in identifying coffee as the culprit because I really liked coffee and didn't want to give it up unless it was completely necessary. I would refrain from coffee for extended periods of time, and then try a cup. I could be going along weeks without a single problem, but when I added coffee, even a small amount, to the mix, I would start having symptoms either right away or by afternoon, often making it difficult to sit at my desk. So then I would go off it again and as time would go on I would want to try coffee again, and as soon as I do, problems. After 3 years of this the conclusion was clear. I should note, this applies to caffeinated or decaf. I am convinced their is a particular compound in coffee (there are hundreds) that is the very specific culprit. I even tried an infusion of coffee flowers and that caused a problem. I should say, now I drink an organic energy drink that has 100mg of caffeine and this causes absolutely no trouble - I rule out caffeine. I also drink a lot of Puer tea. If you dont know what this, look it up and find a high end tea shop to buy or try it at. Now I buy mine directly from a connection in China to save a lot of money. This is like medicine for my stomach. I feel light and flexible and no abdominal pain. I HIGHLY recommend giving puer tea a try.

Art ·

I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and Gastritis, and guess what? They were wrong. The pain was the worst I ever felt in my life, and then I took very little sugar and only ate fruit and veggies for a whole year. No alcohol, no smoking. Guess what? It's gone, and that was three years ago. And guess what? I have wine sometimes. It's temporary if you take good care of yourself, and don't get stupid. All the Best. Artd

Felice ·

I just found out I gastritis it is painful but I Ben reading since yesterday about this and I have read you are not suppose to take Maalox Tylenol ibprophen motrin at all cause its part of the reason your in pain today I sent my daughter to the grocer for bananas apple fruit cocktail v8 juice berry I am feeling a Lil better and from here on out I am changing my diet if you have any suggestion I am open

Felice ·

My daughter made stew chicken last night I ate spaghetti noodles with the sause a little olive oil and butter no chicken and I slept like a baby this morning I had noodles with just olive oil and basil very good lunch I will have a banana and crackers and v8 juice let me mention go to your local grocer and look for v8 juice it goes down very good no irritations to the stomach feel better all

Kevinmorgenstern ·

I concur. Its depressing bcz it feels like this will kill me. I feel im dying more quickly everyday. I just accepted i must be in pain until i die. So death doesnt scare me anymore. I take 9-11 pills a day. I still exercise 2 times a day but somedays i cant finish bcz i lose my breath. I get so tired so quickly. Its not me. Scared everyday more and more. I am out of work and feel unable to have a positive outlook about interviewing. Even my throat and pipes n stomach all hurt. We all will go on. We all will do our best. But just wanted to say i wish there was a surgery or pill we all could have. This is unbearable daily

Ann ·

I eat plain crackers and helps with acids in your stomach. It helps after a flair it is awful.

Michele ·

Papaya is a miracle for this, although I don't like the taste I eat it and it really soothes the stomach

Kevin morgenstern ·

I experienced every single one of the gastritis pains for years. I spent thousands of dollars on pills that didnt work. I totally relate to evrryones frustration. 1 week ago i had more stomach and chest pains. They did tests and i had 2 blocked arteries. I had angioplasty and 5 stents put in my heart. I no longer have ANY gastritis pains. I was misdiagnosed for years!!!! Get a CT scan to check your heart people. I feel 20 yrs younger and no gastritis at all!

marcy ·

Yea they think i have gastritis so they gave me dexilant for 3 months to let my tummy heal and have a strict diet of no sauces, dressings, dairy, like cheese or milk of any kind. from august was put on this til december when i see him. just got done with those meds and decided to have a very small slice of pizza, and i am in so much pain, cramping by my rib cage, heartburn, nauseated. i see the doctor in a few weeks. and i am still not better.

Cynthia ·

Yup, I have this too. I was passing out because of the pain and from H pylori too. Doctors were great and took care of it, but I constantly feel the acid build up and boil in my stomach. I haven't been able to eat or drink anything with real substance fro 8 days now. Milk and food and what not are just too thick; I throw up immediately after. My stomach is sensitive to medication and I throw that up as well. This sucks. All I want is a decent meal not water mixed with drink mixes. Hopefully, this is just a bad week and doesn't last because it's typically not this bad. I can't sleep and have a constant fever/cold from what it's doing to my body. :( Any suggestions guys?

deb ·

Has anyone feel like a spasm in your stomache. Seems to last awhile. You start to sweat everywhere. I am on dexilant. It helps but if I eat meat of any kind now my stomach inside feels hot. Then the spasm will start. Some times vomit. But mostly lately the pain and I have to lay down.

Jay ·

I've had gastritis for over a year now, I had the worst attack last Thursday, I thought it would go away after taking anti acid but the pain woke me up 3 times a night, saw a doc, he gave me pylo kit which didn't help much. After 5 days of treatment I saw another doctor who made me undergo a barium test, I had no ulcers Yeay!! But I have tonne's of gas, she put me on injections for 5 days And medicine for 10 days. I'm feeling a lot better though I still feel nauseas and vomit from time to time. Any help with home remedies to suppress nausea? I hate it!!

Lee Ann ·

I have been diagnosed with chronic Gastritis colitis IBS now I was having rib pain mine turned out to be kidney failure stage 4. Get checked before you stress out. I was put on rice...mash potato and I lost 60lbs in 2 months. Wait til you hear this...the only thing I can eat now is cherry pop tarts. They do not make ME sick at all. The other day I cooked a Thine steak seared both sides then added water....I ate part with my A1 got sick then the next day I ate some more this time plain. Man it felt good to eat something different. Here's a tip I've been suffering all my only what will fit into the palm of your slow savour every bite. Drink lots of water. But eat that amount about six times daily. If something makes you flare up write it down to give to your doctor. I too have recently been put on raglan 5 mg before I eat...then at bedtime Dexilant. Its helping but I'm at a more disadvantag bc I can only have certain things with my kidneys. If you choose mash pot to start...No gravy. I hope this helps because I am too still suffering. May God bless you all.

Mesfin ·

I have eosionphinic gastroenteritis, I do not want to take steroids as suggested by the doc, I am trying with what I eat, the problem is the frequent night abdominal pain. Need advice for the abdominal pain.

Danielle ·

I am 24 years old and I have had gastritis for 4 and a half years. For me, stress causes terrible flare ups so if you can, I recommend doing whatever you can to reduce your stress levels. I have recently taken up yoga, hopefully it will make a difference. This site is somewhat comforting. I absolutely hate that all of you are going through this. I started crying reading these posts because I know what everyone is going through and its life changing and terrible in so many different ways. I was only 20 years old when I got sick and I havent been able to live normally since. But the comfort comes from the glimmer of positivity that I see in some of you. In spite of this pain, you are still positive. I feel like the positivity got drained out of me 4 and a half years ago, but you guys help me to regain hope. Good luck to all. I hope we can all find due relief from this. Sending prayers to each and every one of you.

carl mark ·

Man I've had gastritis off and on since my appendectomy and doctors blamed the medicine prescribed but what I can say is its a very ugly feeling and I hope everybody gets over it get checked properly because it could also be other things other then gastritis as the doctor told me so just because you got all the symptoms get checked because it could be any other ailment with similar symptoms because doctors said it could of been ulcers or some kind of hernia so get properly checked and listen to your doctors and keep a healthy lifestyle and find out what works for you me the doctors usually give me omaprozole and recommend antacids and it usually works I usually use pepto as it seems to work better then the rest so peace be with all who got this shit because its irratating

Loredana ·

I successfully treated mine with probiotics and gentle food diet following a Chinese medicine Yang diet. I suffered for 6 months and took all sort of PPi that made it worst.

Shelly said ·

I was diagnosed with gastrities and ulcers in June of last year and was really sick.. I tried all the medications imagine able and nothing worked.. I spoke with a pharmicist in my town and he referred me to a friend of his that owned a all natural food store. He told me about DGL.. It's a licorice root in wafer form. I started taking it 3 times a day 30 mins before each meal and in a week I started feeling great. I lost 20 pounds also but I feel great! I still take it on a maintenance basis. It's $12 dollars for month supply. It works!

elle ·

I had a horrific attack and was hospitalized, nothing helped ease the pain, i really thought i was doomed. I toughed it out and drank 4 glasses of cabbage juice mixed with fresh cranberries and apple and my life changed. I did it every day 4 large glasses for 21 days. Cleared everything up and i could eat whatever i wanted but i stayed away from fried food and carbonated drinks. Stick it out and it will change your life, i also had slippery elm to help coat my stomach. Good luck guys i know how bad it can get.

Mel ·

Have gastritis and diverticulosis; as well as a sensitivity to wheat. Makes eating a challenge.

jason ·

Hi all. Am on here because my wife suffers from what it seems as severe gastritis. She has had it for quite some time now and as the case with most cases it was brought on through stress. It started off with shingles, proceeded to hernia then double hernia eventually developing into ulcers. As with alot of people she cannot sleep, cannot eat, finds working difficult as she is always sick, cries alot and just to try and numb the pain a little she is on nexum (double doses) and as much Ibuprofen as she can get her hands on. We realise this can lead to stomach cancer but it is the only thing that numbs the pain enough for her to function slightly. It is true what they say about taking over your life. You aren't getting the right nutrients from food so hair looks bad, body aches, breath smells, sick all the time both mentally and physically. And sure enough depression creeps in which is another concern all together. My wife was a very outgoing person but We find we can know longer go out anymore as she can't eat, feels sick all the time and just simply does not feel like socialising at all. As a husband I want to help but feel there is nothing I can do to help and I hate seeing her in this much pain. She has had operations and to top it off she has recently had her Gall bladder out (as this was a problem as well) and now everything is just leaving her quite down in the dumps. If anyone else is experiencing this or knows anyone that is please get in touch with me as I would love to hear what may have worked for you. I am at loose ends and nothing seems to be working anymore. We are not fearing the worst but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Joyce ·

I've been dealing with gastritis over 1 1/2 years. I just had another episode last week: sudden stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, feeling very hot, then shivering cold, but no fever. I have had to eliminate soda, tea, coffee, tomato stuff, anything citrus, alcohol, chocolate and hot cocoa from my diet. I really hate this. I also take Carafate 3 times a day as needed to help heal the stomach lining. I've missed a few days of work the last 18 months.

Crystal ·

i just recently found out i have it as well. it causes gurgling in the stomach and is hell annoying and embaressing especially in school. Hope all with gastritis is doing well

tom fisher ·

I am 62 and have had Gastritis for about 5 years on and off, but this last 2 weeks has come back bad, but, i think part might be that due to feeling not to bad 4 or so months ago i left off my Omeprazole which my Dr said qi must be one of the ones who will need to stay on them, another Dr has told me i have the condition for life as i have other ailments and drugs to help me out and thus contributing to the Gastritis any other like such or similar????..

Deserie Fuentes ·

I've had gastritis for about two years now at first it was so bad I would get flare ups everyday now I am able to drink some coffee every now and then. Probiotics are good for your stomach. Also when having a painful flare up I noticed when I take a hot bath or put a heating pad on my stomach I feel a little better or atleast it soothes the pain for a bit. I'm currently having a flare up right now, it's miserable. I can't eat, but an empty stomach is also bad for gastritis as well. I'm eating activia yogurt and drinking water but I'm so hungry but scared to eat :( I hate living in fear if this awful pain it is really depressing..I just want to be normal again.. If anyone else has anymore tips that would be great.

Maz. ·

Please if you are suffering from gastritis or ulcer. Try a good organic (do your research) turmeric a teaspoon in warm water. Ut can help with the inflammation and ibs( diarrhoe).

Stephen c ·

I have always been plagued with stomach issues. Doctors told me I was "healthy" and nothing was wrong. I was on a mission to find relief for my symptoms. And there is only 2 things that worked for me. Buy the colon care probiotics from rite aid. They are about 12 dollars for 30 tablets. Take 1 a day. Then also take 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver In the am. Make sure it's pure colloidal silver. Works like a charm. You can also take colloidal silver as symptoms occur if symptoms occur because they don't for me anymore.

Janice ·

I have reflux and gastritis. Does anyone else get uncomfortable drinking plain tap water? I dilute it with a little organic apple juice and that seems to solve the problem. Does anyone know why plain water would be irritating?

Jenby ·

Have suffered with gastritis for a long time. Have learned to stay away from any alcohol, coffee, rich desserts with cream, spicy foods etc. lately I have had a good reaction to something I noticed in the health food aisle. It's called slippery elm. I take it 5 minutes before a meal, but usually only 2 max per day. Don't normally take vitamins but this has really helped..

Leo ·

For the past week now, I have had a severe pain underneath my belly button about 3 inches down, and it triggers a fever I don't really get the pain if I don't eat at all even if I have a cup of yogurt in the evening it will wake me up around 3 o'clock in the morning cramping and a fever I went to my doctor and she said that I was constipated and I didn't understand why constipation result in a fever Tuesday afternoon I fever reachEd 103.6 got a little nervous and scared my four-year-old how do you call 911 so as long as I don't eat I'm not bothered at all but I am very hungry if anybody has the symptoms or have experienced anything like this anything would help Leo

Carol ·

I have gastritis and gastric acid reflux. Always feeling uncomfortable. Whenever i eat wrong stuff i will have diarrhea and throw up. The 1st week i cant sleep, only can sit n slp. I really hope this can go off soon.

Danja ·

I keep getting gastritis as well. What helps me get rid of it within a couple of days every single time is something called 'Heil Erde' it's a German all natural remedy. It's literally earth as in dirt and that's what it tastes like too. It's made for things like this and lines your stomach to protect your stomach lining from the food and helps give it a break so it can heal. The companies name is 'Luvos' and the name is 'Heilerde 1'. I am German so I have my family send me the stuff since it costs about 5 euros there and approx 40$ here but you should be able to find it online. I hope this helps some of you.

Anesa ·

Hello everyone , I am one of you . I started having bad cramps two montgs ago , but before that I was healthy person . I exercised every day, ate salad, shakes, loved fruit. I would eat bearly any red meat, i never smoked or drink or fid drugs, but my life was under stress and that is why i would have stress relief by exercising. All the stress relief I had started goving me a bad back upper pain and it lasted for over 2-3 years but I would have massage and it willfeel better. After moving to another state and having my life completely changed, i started to have cramps in lower abdomen which took me to ER. They did all testing , CTn everything was ok . They gave me hydrocodone n send me back home with over 6.000$ bill. In next two weeks I started having upper bad abdomenal pain, where I asked God to take me. I stopped eating. I never threw up but there was no food to go out. My upper stomach would become so bloaded n painful. I went yo see my doctor and she told me that Im too young to have gastritis (27) yrs but she said the stress I had caused all ghis. She put me on omeprazole n pepermint oil capsules. I would take omeprazole 40mg at 5 am , my pepermit pills and probiotic pills . Than even though if uou take these pills it won't help if u dont change diet. I tried everything n this is what doesnt give me apain: eggs(2) morning, plain begels( 1/2), squash( cooked), light sour cream, kefir(1 cup per day), 2 slices of bread per day, 1 banana, applesouce and apples and this is it. Everything else spicy, salty, fried, faty, sugary, milk products, cabbage, fruit w acid, juices all this hurts so thx God so far I can sleep during the night . Have turmeric added in meals( brioled chicken and fish plain cooked oven). Plain crackers and ginger tea helps a lot. Have one jar of honey and shred ginger in it and have on tsp every morning and before bed. In the morning before eating snything n add honey in tea( pepermit n ginger tea). Share ur stories n say stop to STRESS!!!!

Renee ·

I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis last year (probably caused by ibuprofen, because I'm so reliant on it for menstrual cramping, not anymore). Had a scope done and the lining of my stomach looked like Wolverine went crazy in there. Appearing like scratches, which were bleeding. I was h. Pylori negative, no viruses or bacteria or anything like that. I was on some Prilosec type stuff just to heal up the lining. Changed my diet drastically. I'm currently on my third horrific day of an otherwise rare flare up, but i stick to chicken based soups, sometimes I'll have eggs or potatoes or rice, toast, a banana, things like that. I had ice cream last night just to take away some of the burning. Anyway, I was doing research and came across an article, or discussion board about gastritis and a man who claimed to cure his. He said he used carrot juice, mastic gum, dgl licorice, slippery elm capsules and something else, cabbage juice or something. Carrot juice didn't really do anything for me except make my face pucker, but I take chewable DGL licorice daily before every meal, and follow it with Slippery elm capsules after every meal, along with my vitamins and Align probiotic which I believe helps. I rarely get flare ups, and this helps to keep it at bay. I can usually eat whatever I want. Albeit I gave up alcohol and peppers and mostly tomato sauce (Italian girl can't live without sauce), and I don't drink water during a meal, a little before and all after. I've learned to eat fruit separately from other foods (bread is usually okay, well, if it's pie type stuff) because it ferments and causes acid with other foods. But I am able to put hot sauce on my eggs again and eat mostly everything I want, I just have to not go over board. Sorry if this was a rant, but it really helped me and if it can help anyone else on this board, I'm more than happy to share my experience. Again, DGL licorice, I get chewable because it works better for me, but if you don't like a licorice taste, they have capsules, and slippery elm capsules, which kind of tastes like maple syrup, also do a probiotic just to keep healthy bacteria in there. I hope this board is still active and you all can read this.

Kittyx ·

Hi... I could really do with some advice/information... Dr diagnosed inflammation of my stomach lining (is this gastritis??). I've been prescribed Omeprazole 40 mg & Gaviscon. Ihaven't been able to eat anything more than a few nibbles in a day for almost a week now, due to the nausea. I'm no longer in as much pain as I was although sometimes it does feel painful. Dr said this should soon pass, but is it likely to come back??.... How long is the nausea likely to last for, before it finally passes??... Is this likely to affect me now for the rest of my life??... Can anyone help me?? I'm really starting to worry about the lack of being able to eat & the physical weakness that is starting to show as a result of it!! Many thanks in advance from a busy momma with young children.

Loren ·

I took morphine for surgery pain a few years back and all it took is one pill to realized that it can cause the worst gastritis attack ever I was a 15 yr old laying in bed screaming

Renee ·

Hi Kittyx, It really all depends on if you're having an acute attack, caused by an illness, that is usually a one-time thing. If you're chronic, like I am, it does return. The nausea during my first attack lasted between 8 and 10 days, can't really remember, but it will go away. Your appetite will come back, just eat what you can, even if it's just liquid soups or bland chicken and rice, things of that nature. I will caution you not to rely on the mess your doc prescribed. If you have a torn up stomach lining or esophagus from the acid, take your prescribed meds for the duration of your bottle. Don't let your doc talk you into a lifetime or extremely long term dependence on those pump inhibitors or acid reducers because they can cause more damage. Look for alternative things like natural supplements, which I personally use, probiotics are really helpful as well. Look into mastic gum, DGL licorice and slippery elm. You will get better, it's a painful and disgusting feeling right now, but try not to stress as that can make it worse. If you're worried about weakness from lack of nutrition, throw in a multi-vitamin to take daily. Even a protein shake if you have to, try not to get too much sugar in those. Make sure you do a lot of clean eating and nothing too greasy or spicy or acidic, this includes fizzy drinks and alcohol sadly. Smoking can irritate you as well. You may have to change your lifestyle a bit, but it's doable. Since my last post, which I was having a flare up at the time, I've been back to eating normal and feeling good. Loren, as bad as surgery pain can be, I'd rather suffer through that than have a flare up. One ibuprofen and I'm toast for a week. I've learned to live with headaches. Possibly having 2 surgeries coming up, and I will be denying any pain meds I would have to take orally. Something about internal pain is way worse than anything external. I'd rather break my nose than have any internal pain. Get well everyone!

Feli ·

I had a bad case of chronic gastritis last year and it literally ruined my life. Tried everything but the only things that work for me are herbal and natural cures. First, take out all fried foods,alcohol, dairy, acidic and spicy foods. Completely(you can gradually go back to these once you're healed.) Take ginger water every day before meals. This has been the best thing that's worked for me. Prepared by crushing ginger root and boiling which i prefer to ginger powder from the store. There are other natural herbs that you can research that will work best for you. Herbal medicine also worked for me. This is from a mixture of medicinal herbs(from my country). I just had a flareup three days ago and i've been feeling all nauseatic* and dull so i'm going back to the herbal doc. All the best to everyone. I know this is one of the worst kind of feeling one can have.

Janet ·

I have started eating half an apple (organic Pink Lady or Gala to be exact) right after eating meals. Gets rid of the burning in about 10 minutes and lasts for hours. Quite the miracle for me. Give it a try.

Troy ·

I took seven doses of strong antibiotics last spring and summer for chronic sinustitis. Had to have sinus surgery and got put on cedifer sp and augmentin after the surgery. The last rounds did a number on my stomach. I started getting a lot off acid reflux and burning and indigestion soon after. I'm on 40 mg of nexium and 300 mg of Zantac at night. It started in early September and its now December. I still have to watch what I eat but have improved quite a bit, some days of mild burning and that's it. I wish it would totally clear up though because I'm very tired of it. My life has changed so much since September. Gave up coffee, caffeine and alcohol! I wonder if I ever get back to those those at least to some small degree again. It's the Holiday season and I have to resist and stay on course of bland food and dessserts. Chamomile tea even irritates my stomach. I see there are many out there and I'm not alone. Pray we get a resolution to this soon. Good bless!

Ami ·

Its been 3 months now sometimes I feel better or days worse. Things were okay yesterday but today I have a bloating stomach and loose stool. man am just praying it goes away. don't know how much longer I can have these discomforts for.anyone with improvements out there?

GL ·

It's been over two weeks now since I've been diagnosed with gastritis. I went to the ER on a Sunday after feeling horrible since Thursday, unable to eat, abdominal pain like Freddie Kruger's clawing my insides, shortness of breath, dizzy & lightheaded. The ER doctor didn't do any tests except for a blood test, EKG and chest x-ray bec of my very high BP. I suffer from uncontrolled HBP for which I take meds. Anyway, I was surprised he didn't do any endoscopy or whatever test. He gave me six medicines, three for acid including omeprazole 40 mg, paracetamol for pain & something for constipation. I got home, suffered alone not wanting to worry & scare my kids. I couldn't eat or drink mych of anything so I went online for ideas on what my tummy can possibly tolerate but none help except for sips of probio drink and coconut water. I tried taking the meds for 2 days but found that they didn't agree with me & made my symptoms worse. I went to see my regular doc & she said try Ensure. I told her I'm lactose intolerant. She said if I can tolerate probio drink Ensure shld be fine. She told me stick w/ omeprazole & don't worry abt the other meds which I did. I had to go to after hours clinic the other night as I still couldn't eat anything, even sips of Ensure & probio drink was becoming intolerable. I'm so lethargic & the annoying chills to the bones was worse at night. The doc I saw told me it was bec I haven't eaten. Well..duh! I couldn't eat that's why. She said start eating crackers, rice or anything & no matter how painful to tough it out for 24 hours. I got some water crackers & was able to eat a couple bits by bits throughout the day. Two weeks after ER visit, nothing much has changed & worse even tiny bites of crackers becoming tough to swallow. Thick white coating in my tongue w/c wasn't there before, bloated & belching a lot. I haven't passed gas or successfully gone potty #2 in 3 days. This is worse than having a homebirth w/o epidural or any painkillers! I'm so hungry I wanna smack someone. I'm considering alternative meds so contacted an accupuncturist who said he could help. If anyone has any experienced using accupuncture to heal their gastritis pls. holler. Thanks to all. I wish us all speedy & permanent recovery.

doreen ·

For all you sufferers out there, I'm with you. I have tried in the past when I had flareups Chios Masthia capsules from Greece and they are amazing, and should help you too. You can find them on Amazon but I only recommend that brand bc Ive bought others in the past and it didnt help. It's a terrible condition and it truly sucks while everyone else is eating and drinking what they want. best wishes to you all

Renee ·

Well, I'm back. I just got over a small gastritis flare up, but since my monthly visitor decides to wreak havoc on me yesterday to the point of dry heaves, I get another flare up. Lucky me. It's been water, toast, currently soup is my dinner, and my usual supplements. Curse the monthly visitor. It's been a rough week, physically. I'm running on 4 hours of sleep. I have my upcoming sinus surgery on the 22nd and just to avoid further issues, I'm not taking pain meds. I'm sure I'll be in worlds of pain for at least 10 days in my head and nose, but anything is better than a burning, painful, rumbling gut. Well, I guess I'll get back to my soup while my poor stomach rumbles and burns. I'm sorry insides, even though you betray me. Feel better everyone. Oh, and stay away from foods drenched in oil or fried in it, there's a disaster.

Cheri ·

I am so glad to see that a lot of you have discovered the things to heal your stomach! Mastic gum,by Jarrow, manuka honey 15+, slippery elm tea, probiotics (I use solar ray carrot based dairy free).Also dgl licorice vitamin shoppe brand, no ol sugars! I just started a major flare up from antibiotics (which I hate, but was medically necessary) I am taking 20mg prilosec 2x per day, along with all of the above items. Those things help the stomach to heal, while the prilosec keeps the acid down. I will go off the prilosec to zantac as needed as soon as my stomach feels healed. Then at times have been off everything. I think our food supply has something to do with all of these people sick...I went gluten and dairy free about five years ago, and eat everything organic (?) If this is even possible??? I feel that once you have this it will flare up with lots of things...Stress, antibiotics, food intolerances, drinking (sad, i love some wine) and constipation. I use MagO7 2 hours after dinner for this...A capsule and a half...Works well!!! I surely wish I could be like I use to! But I know how to handle this now, it is not fun one ioata!!! If I blow it, I pay for it! Getting older SUCKS! Golden years? What is that? I will be over this bout soon, at least I know that. Oh, one other item I found that is a miracle... Amoils hemerrhoids oil...My whole flare started with eating Bisquick gluten free pancakes, white rice composition very constipating, my mag o7 did not even work! Then I got thrombosed non bleeding hemerrhoids, doc gave me cortisone suppositories which leak into your underwear, which cause bad bacteria to go in the wrong place for a woman, then 4 bladder infections later, along with antibiotics, levaquin and macrobid 4 x, two er visits...Here I am with gastritis from the antibiotics...2 months of being basically bedridden. One positive thing that oil, hemmeroids product is a miracle! They are completely shrunk, will never have this problem again, it is homeopathically diluted herbs for varicose veins which is what they are, brilliant stuff! Now I am going to get my blood checked some how to see what I am lacking to cause the horrible constipation...Even though under control with mag o7, it would be nice to take nothing! Anyone know ??? I have been dealing with all of this garbage for 7 years, this is why I kind of know what to do. Thanx for reading ...Maybe I will be out of bed soon!!! You all take it easy, it is a battle, and I doubt our food supply his gonna change anytime soon! Best wishes!!!Cheri

Renee ·

Back from nasal surgery. Bleeding is a major pain along with headache teeth aching nose pain and sore throat. No pain meds for me alll to avoid a flare up. I get to suffer with this pain instead of a flare up. Get well all!


Thank you all for all the tips on how to manage this condition!

Sarang Bakshi ·

Also I am scared That I don't want to end up in hospitals doing surgeries due to gastritis and I am 17 yrs old

Renee ·

It has been months since I've been on here or had a flare up, but here I am with a particularly bad flare up. Thank you raw tomatoes in my salad... it's my own fault. I've been doing so well and boom, here it is. I know it doesn't last forever but it's not fun while it lasts.

Sophie ·

Mine has come back after a year. I thought I was doing so well, obviously not.

Martha ·

I had Weight Loss Surgery 26 years ago and recently my Gastritis has gotten worse (have been suffering with it for about 2 years now) At first the stomach aches and the diareah only lasted a day or so but this week it's going on the FOURTH and I haven't eaten much and can't take the pain!!! The DEXILANT the gastro guy has given me helps me with my acid reflux but not with this pain. I took an Advil four days back for my menstrual cramps and that was it...(doesn't happen ever time I take Advil though??) I have noticed that when I eat tomatoes, or fried foods, or butter or peaches I get worse as well so I KNOW it's food related for me. I have recently lost almost 100 pounds so it's not the weight . I have small stones in my gull bladder but the doctor when i did the endoscope a few months back said i had severe gastritis...:( I can't drink anything too hot and miss my lattes terribly !!! I am burping rotten eggs (like sulpher) and pass gas a lot.... I am thinking what the hell I am going to do if i ever need to take another Aleve or Advil again.... I hope you all get better...

Renee ·

Stress. Tragedy has led to emotional stress and man is my stomach reacting to it. I thought I was getting sick, but it feels like some weird flare up, which is on day 4. I feel quite awful. I'm making myself eat and trying to destress but I couldn't even sleep last night due to burning and waves of nausea, those of which have returned for the evening hours again as I type this. I have important events I have to attend this weekend, it is currently Thursday, so I'm hoping this clears up ASAP because wow, I don't feel well at all.

joseph ·

I too had been suffering from I had been drinking,smoking while out...for long.I had been medicating for 2 months and it felt relief.. But after few month..again it started to held I had been..drinking again..I guess need to see a doc again!! As per my examination..when pain strucks..I lay flat on stomach side keeping a pillow brneath my stomach and lying on it in my bed..just with body pressure on stomach...for few relieves me..try it when in pain...its kind of a yoga padhasna posture..!!

Renee ·

Stress is killing me right now. Stress from a toxic environment created by one of the most negative people in my family having to move in temporarily. I swear every sentence that comes out of his mouth is negative and I just cringe and feel bad when I hear it. It's doing a number on my insides. I feel like I'm on the verge of another flare up... I don't need to get an ulcer. I wish I could do a better job at avoiding this but it's tough. How do you guys deal with stress and/or stressful situations? Has anything helped relieve the repercussion symptoms of stress?

Richard ·

I am going on 3 year with divercultist and just had all my teeth pulled the inflammation in my gums were leaking into my stomach and my pain in my stomach is mild and not as sharp as it has been,it has been 1 to 2 months since I have had my teeth pulled. My pain level from 1 to 10 1 not so bad to 10 being bad it is down to 1 mild disconvert, I notice most people have not mention problems with their teeth but if you have inflammation of the gum,you may have inflammation of the stomach, I will keep everyone updated on my condition. All the best hope everyone gets better, P.S ate a spoon ful of penutbutter big mistake went to 2 on pain level, no more peanut butter for a while,also my meals consists of cream of chicken soup an XL complete dinners roast beef, and chicken dinners,and cannon cherry or peach yogurt, and cottage cheese, and milk,Taco Bell two oders of beans cheese and sour cream, had to cut out the meat,to many spices. Sorry it so long I keep thinking of things to say because of my teeth food is at a different way of eating most of my diet is considered soft foods, I also do cream of wheat,and eggs,remember you have to adjust your diet to the best that you can Handel, hopefully this will help someone,like I said I have live with this for 3 years Andi am finally getting better,one more thing if you wake up hurting you still are alive and can still get better thanks for reading get better,Richard.

Angel ·

These are natural supplements that help with gastritis from my personal experience, research and consulting with naturopaths. Google them all to find out more. You don’t need ppis or drugs. Zinc carnosine Glutamine B12 Slippery elm powder Marshmallow powder Licorice tea DGL licorice tablets (super important) Throat coat tea by Traditional Medicinals has all three in it Shatavari Ghee Bone broth. 1 cup daily Cabbage juice, but don’t eat cabbage because it’s bloating Pears At night I make a tea with slippery elm, marshmallow, a little ghee, stevia and sometimes rice milk. No dairy. Eat a super mild diet of steamed greens (NO bitter ones like kale. Just eat mild ones like chard, bokchoy zucchini, celery, carrots), quinoa, rice, sweet potatoes, split red lentils (dal), kitchari stew, lettuce, bone broth soups If you need to take enzymes avoid protease!. Amylase, lipase and cellulose are ok. There’s a gentle enzyme called “Similase for sensitive stomach” that has enzymes demulcent herbs in it that are good for stomach Acid soothe by Enzymedica is another good one Avoid: Garlic Black pepper Bitter foods Anything spicy Sugar Chocolate Coffee Black tea Green tea Lemon Aloe juice (which some sources say help, but the juice irritated me. Ginger irritated me too All citrus Vinegar Bad oils Fried foods Gluten Almonds Peanuts Raw onion Medications can irritate too so stop taking meds if you can Homeopathy can help too - nun vomica and others Do some research online for natural treatments for it. Hope this helps!

kim ·

Eat more raw organic pro biotic sauerkraut. Its an almost instant cure.

Shirlyn ·

This thread has been so helpful. Thanks everyone. I was diagnosed last year after a trip to ER with dull pain under my rib cage on my right. I was diagnosed with gallstones after an ultrasound. Went to a GI and after endoscopy was diagnosed with minor chronic gastritis. Tested positive for H. Pylori and was treated with antibiotics. I've had serious bloating after Christmas when i overdid it with food and over the last few days after indulging on oily foods and having a stressful February. I feel best when I eat right. Oily foods are the worst for me. Spicy foods not as bad as ooly. Cottage cheese abd yogurt work for me so does oats, honey and tuneric. Exercise and minimizing stress helps. Coffee, alcohol and chocolate are also on the no list.Potatoes. ochroes and good intake of water also helps. Blessings all!

Collette ·

Every needs to take mastic gum!! It's helping me! I have h.pylori/gastricist I'm so bloated all the time and a burning in my mouth and back of throat all the time, it doesn't matter what I eat either Doctors don't do anything you have to tell them what to do. Mastic gum is a capsule and there is gum you can chew too to help bacteria in the mouth. I've looked for it but can't find that yet Also try DGL, I find it helps like Tums, but not for long Also at Costco they have a drink called Kombucha it's for the stomach I like it at night it works for heart burn symptoms right away, so I can sleep. Also next blood test check your B12, take it anyways I have two coffees a day now I drink green tea during the day. Also I eat more green any veggies!! Go green! Clean protein meats, Easy on salty foods.... I hope this helps

Layla ·

I've had nausea and a deep, burning/gnawing pain in my upper stomach since before Christmas. I went to the doc-in-a-box, my GP, and gastro. My GP was the only one who really listened. She told me I had inflammation in my stomach and prescribed a PPI called Protonix. Three weeks later, I still wasn't feeling well so I went to gastro. What a disaster that turned out to be. The doctor was incredibly rude and uncaring. She got snarly with me when I told her I'd been suffering for over two months and the PPI I was taking wasn't working (I had also taken over-the-counter Zegrid and Prilosec prior to Protonix). She basically cut me off and said I hadn't taken it long enough. Well, that was over two weeks ago and I still feel like crap (5 weeks on Protonix). I literally cannot stand this anymore. It's ruining my life. I've had a bunch of blood work done - all normal - and was tested for h.plyori (negative). Please, please, please...I am looking for any help I can get. I'm thinking about stopping the PPI because all it does is make me feel worse (terrible side effects). I've tried probiotics, digestive enzymes, Manduka honey, turmeric, aloe vera, Gaviscon, and Zantac. Absolutely NOTHING seems to help. Honestly, I herniated a disc in my neck a few years back and was in the most excruciating pain of my life. I'd rather have that than this nightmare.

Sue ·

I had gastritis for over 7 years, I have been living in burning pain all these time, I have taken Dr prescribed medications, after a few months it does not do anything. I have been treated by naturopaths, chinese doctors, Chiropractors, massage, hypnotherapist, been through blood type diet, energy healing diet, till now my stomach is still having the burning sensation. I am diabetic, that does not help with healing the inflammation. I cut out animal products, dairy products, wheat and gluten, sugar, I am still suffering. Is there anyone can help me ?

Renee ·

Listen, I just want everyone to be careful and listen to their bodies. You know it better than anyone and you deserve a medical professional who listens and takes you seriously. Online research can give you the "hypochondriac" thoughts, but forums like this can give you answers. I'm writing this because I've been back to my GI with recurrent flare ups, which are under control thanks to stress reduction, but also the nagging pelvic pain, which has since spread to my back as of late, that I've been dealing with since the start of my gastritis back in 2015. I got fed up with my GI ignoring my weight loss, my extreme lack of energy, my recurrent bouts of SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and thanks to my inability to absorb nutrients, my hair loss. I'm just given pills for PPI and sent away. Not good enough. I've been consulting with 2 docs for the past 2 years about this constant pain. After many tests, they're going in for surgery suspecting chronic appendicitis. It's apparently rare, but it does occur, and apparently it can mimic/cause gastritis-like symptoms among other things like IBS. I'm hoping I can get my weight back up, as I'm a thin person to begin with, and that my gastritis calms down. Living with an infection for that many years can wreak some havoc on you. So again, listen to your body, be proactive. Try something else if your current treatment isn't working. There's no need to constantly suffer.

Suzanne ·

Reading this has made me feel less depressed.ive had gerd for over 20 years now they tell me its gastritis. Ive aching pain under both breat areas and in middle of tummy. I feel sick i regurgitate disgusting acid that burns but i dont feel the tummy pains burning just acheing along with wind. Fell like if i hot a pin shoved it in the wind would go whoosh . I belch constantly really horrible loud belches. I drink a cuppa in the morning regurgitaye after that up comes the acid. I cant eat much as my tummy swells tightens feels full. This is the 13th week of this attavk .i am tired i sleep in the day cant fave going out but i force myself i even flew overseas alone boy i had nightmares about bleeding etc. Took nexium had horrible side effects so am only taking mylanta double strength. Idt it does much. Ive had gall bladder scan nothing had hpylori test negative had bloodtests full work up kidneys liver etc etc all 100%. I use 4 pillows on a gradual decline i stopped coffee chocky booze gave up smoking last year. I go to sleep fine but wake every day at 4amish with in 5 mins im in pain i get up have a cuppa regurgitate the regurgitate acid then cough every day like i wrote above like clockwork Lifes just existing i keep hoping i will wake up and its gone. Ive had the odd attack over the last 20 years that have lasted 2 day or a few weeks but never anyyhing like this. Never felt nauseas before never had pain across my shoulder blades never had ache pain under ribs anything like this bad and certainly not woken every day at 4amish pain. Going to gp Saturday might give Nexium another go

PamS ·

I am 55. I have had gastritis since I was 24. It comes and goes but as long as I take Prilosec I can usually control it. I fact I never, ever miss a day no matter what! The bad thing lately is I’m having a flare up since pneumonia and then a 36 hour stomach virus. Now I am having some of the worst pain ever under my ribs and burning esophagus and I’m sleeping sitting up. It’s 4:25am and I’m still awake, ugh. What I am going to have to do is call my gastroenterologist and tell him Prilosec is not working. I’ll probably have to make an apptointment. One thing I will have to do for a few months is put the top part of my bed frame on blocks which sucks but it works. Go to the hardware store and they will help you rig something up. To those of you who are down, don’t lose heart it does get better but you may have flare ups every few years -10 years. I will probably start eating bland mash potatoes and other mild foods. Good luck to everyone and I feel your pain...

Lori ·

I'm 58. Sixteen years ago, I had endoscopy/colonoscopy and the doctors said, "You know you have chronic gastritis and chronic bronchitis, right?" I said No. Two years ago, after having my lapband in for 5 years, I had it removed because of troubles. So, before having it removed, I had pains, gerd, throwing up....Ah, the lapband is out. Six months later, stomach pains that seemed to travel. I went to doctor. Primary care doctor said, "We'll just watch it." (he also did an EKG) By the end of the week, I was so tired of the traveling pains, my hubby convinced me we could go to the hospital. We did. They seemed to think it was gastritis. ( and probably obesity)Embarrassing! Just Gas?!?!? Two months ago, I was experiencing blood (in stool?) filling up the toilet. It was happening regularly: about every two weeks for 6 weeks. "No, husband, if I go see a doctor, I'll just be told to lose weight and that it's gas". He shook his head. Usually, now the PAIN is centralized under my left rib, but has made its way to my back some and there's pain when I lean against the kitchen sink to wash dishes. I'm short. Darn belly!! I'm prepared.... I lost some weight... If, at my Dr. appt. the 24th (I couldn't get in till then) I'm told it's gas- gastritis...... I'm going to scream!!! The sound will be heard world wide. I'm giving warning. This is so frustrating. I'm not going to give up all foods and lie in bed all day and night. Being unemployed, that's what people think I do anyways.

Renee ·

Ah autumn, the time of leaves changing colors and falling, time for bizarre weather patterns (where I live) and time for holiday stress and sickness. Pretty sure I've been battling some mild stomach thing (along with a cold), that has just sent my body into "hey, have a nice week of gastritis flare up symptoms". On day four of pain, and nothing but toast, crackers, rice, and soup, thought I was feeling better this morning because I actually slept and didn't feel sick when I got up, but it's the afternoon, I'm currently working, and my stomach is rumbling and on fire. Sigh. I've been doing so well since my surgery, but I guess the least bit of any kind of ailment is sending my gut into "I hate you" mode. If this continues through the holiday weekend, I guess I'll have to call up my gastro doc and see what's up because I hurt and don't want to eat dang it.

Renee ·

Had a thought as I sit here with burning pain. Has anyone been tested for low stomach acid levels? That can cause symptoms of gastritis and indigestion, as well as a whole host of nutritional issues like weakness, fatigue, weight loss. I've decided to call my gastroenterologist tomorrow and see if I can get that tested because yeah, my normal methods for treating my gastritis aren't working this time around. Look into it.

Renee ·

It’s 2019 and it seems no matter what I do, stomach issues arise. Not normal gastritis, at least it doesn’t feel that way. I’m calling the GI doc tomorrow as I’m an idiot and Googled symptoms and I’m scaring myself with thoughts of Gastroparesis. That sounds like one step further into hell. Just hurting today, actually since Thursday. Trying to relax. Trying not to overthink. Trying to calm my angry insides. Sigh.


Has anyone tried celery juice? look it up. It is MAGIC. I have been juicing celery every day for the past 8 days and I can tell you I see an end to my gastritis.

Giovanni ·

My gastritis was diagnosed by endoscopy back in October 2016. My pain was mostly on my right upper side which makes you think it would be my liver or gallbladder but after several tests it was only gastritis. No H Pylori, just some mild gastritis. I thought wow lots of pain for being a mild gastritis but there it was !!! .The stress and worry probably made things worse.I am positive now that it is stress related. PPI did not work. It took months of DGL and Zinc Carnosine to get better and mostly getting in my head that it was only gastritis..I believe that is the key to solve the problem or most of it before it happens. Once it is back , only patience thru diet can resolve it. I was fine until October 2018 when some stressful situations brought it back . I was able to solve it for about a month with the same combination of dgl and zinc carnosine but stress and worry about what can possibly be this time made things worse. It has been already 5 days and right upper pain and all of the above is back full force...yes it is indeed hard to deal with but in my case I believe my worries of getting sick is causing all or most of it... will keep you posted. God bless all of us who have to deal with this .

Shannon ·

Renee - Were you ever able to be tested for LOW stomach acid? I have been dealing with Gastritis since December and have been on PPI (Protonix) since then. My GP is thinking it may be caused by LOW acid. I NEVER have reflux or heartburn, just a lot of belching, zero appetite, and a constant feeling of fullness. I'm scared to stop the PPI and start with digestive enzymes or other "low acid treatments" as i fear it will make things worse without knowing for sure that that it the problem. As other commenters have mentioned, the docotrs are very little help and do not listen to concerns. I have yet to find a dr that will do ANYthing other than suggest the PPI's or H2 blockers. I am curious to see if anyone has explored this?

Laura ·

Dr told me to eat a low sugar diet, low gluten diet, and drink kefir, raw goats milk, and take probiotics. I am sleeping better and feeling better over all. If I eat anything I am not suppose to eat more than one meal a week, I have a bad night. ^^ This is the best post I have read so far - by Dee in 2012 ^^ I have been doing probiotics, apple cider vinegar with water, trying to reduce sugar/bread, adding Greek yogurt/smoothies and fruits/veggies to my diet, and getting rest when I need it. That has been the best combination.

Laura ·

Also, I encourage everyone here to NOT GIVE UP. We're in this together!