Kidney Disease Stage 3

People who suffer from chronic kidney disease usually don't experience kidney failure all at one time. This is promising news for those with this condition because if CKD is detected early, drug therapies and lifestyle modifications can help slow down the generative process and will keep you feeling better for a longer duration.

A person who is in kidney disease stage 3 will have a moderate decline in there GFR of about 30-60 mil/min. As the kidneys decrease in their function to expel waste products from the body, these toxins can build up in the blood creating a condition called urumia.

In the case of having kidney disease in stage 3 is more susceptible to inheriting complications such as high blood pressure, anemia and premature bone disease.

Symptoms of kidney disease stage 3 are:

-Fatigue- feeling tired all of the time is common for those with CKD and is often a result of anemia.

-To much fluid retention- The kidneys can lose their ability to balance how much fluid remains in the body, causing edema( swelling) in their lower body, hands or face and can even cause shortness of breath.

- Changes in Urinary Function- Urine can become dark orange and can contain blood if there is too much protein present. This causes infrequent or frequent urination in patients.

- Back Pain- It is common that those who suffer from CKD to have lower and mid back pain.

- Insomnia- Troubled sleep patterns are often prevalent with CKD and may experience muscle cramping or restless leg syndrome that will interfere with their sleep patterns.

As a person enters into kidney disease stage 3, they are usually referred to a nephrologist for examination, testing, and treatments for the disease.

Also, a person might be referred to a dietician because diet is a very important part of treating kidney disease stage 3.

A diet low in protein, fat, calcium, sodium, and carbohydrates is usually recommended for this stage of CKD.

A healthy diet consisting of raw foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats is suggested for the patient so that the kidneys do not have to work as hard to break down fats and toxins.

The nephrologists goal is to determine that the patients suffering from kidney disease stage 3 receives the best possible treatment in order to keep the kidneys functioning for as long as possible.

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