Fruit Nutrition Information

Fruits are a boon of nature and designed to provide a wide range of nutrients and essential Vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Each fruit is unique and has something special in terms of nutrition to offer. The title of the King among the fruits in terms of energy provided on consumption of hundred grams of fruit goes to the Date fruit. It provides a whopping three hundred kilo calorie. Next on the list is the Olive fruit, which provides about one hundred and forty two kilo calories of energy.

The common fruits are Apple, Straw berries, mangoes, Oranges, Pineapples, peaches, melons, tangerines, kiwi fruit, gooseberry, pear, plum, papaya etc. Hundred grams of an Apple provides about forty nine kilo calories of energy, while the orange provides a bit lesser about fort seven kilo calories. The strawberries provide only twenty three kilo calories whereas the pine apple provides about fifty kilo calories. The Peaches provide about thirty six kilo calories whereas the tomatoes provide a meager eleven kilo calorie only.

Plums provide about forty two kilo calories and the pear provides about forty seven kilo calories. Papayas provide about thirty two kilo calories and the kiwi fruit offers about forty kilo calories, whereas the Mango provides about sixty kilo calories. Tangerines offer about forty two kilo calories; goose berries offer about forty kilo calories, melons or cantaloupes as they are often known as offer about twenty nine kilo calories.

The fiber content of fruit is what makes them unique and more beneficial for the digestive system of the body. The list of the most fibrous content among fruits is topped by the black berry with about 8.7 grams of fiber for every hundred grams eaten. Next fruit which follows very closely is again from the berry group. The blue berry provides about 8.4 grams of fiber for every hundred grams of fruit eaten. The lowest position among the list is occupied by the Avocado fruit with 0.2 grams of fiber per hundred grams of fruit, and the lime fruit following closely with a value of 0.3 grams of fiber per hundred grams. The date fruit, guava, olives, pomegranates and the cran berry are all fruits which offer a high amount of fiber.

Apricot provides the maximum amount of Vitamin A with carrots, persimmon, mangoes, passion fruits and tomatoes all contributing to the high Vitamin A content. The highest amount of Vitamin B1 is provided by a fruit called as Kumquat. The fruits are rich in all the Vitamins like B1, B6, B12, C and E.

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