Age Weight Chart

A very common question today that just about every boy and girl has thought to him or herself or asked amongst one another is, "Am I the right weight for my height?" The answer is not a simple or easy one. Because everyone has a different body, type there is not a specific number that will be able to determine the right weight for everyone.

Fitness and health are on the top of the list for people these days. You must not ignore the importance of health and fitness for your general health. When you are overweight, some serious health issues may arise because of your weight. Hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and sleep apnea are a few health issues that can arise when you are overweight, and they are all equally serious conditions.

Here are two different charts for you to go by to determine if you are at your ideal weight for your height, the first one is for women:

If you are 4'10" your ideal weight should be 100 - 131 pounds

5'0" - weight should be 103 - 137 pounds

5'3" - weight should be 111 - 148 pounds

5'5" - weight should be 117 - 156 pounds

5'7" -weight should be more than 117 pounds

Age Weight Chart for Women

If you are age 20 -29 your weight should be 132 lbs

If you are age 30 -39 your weight should be 144 lbs

If you are age 40 -49 your weight should be 149 lbs

If you are age 50 -59 your weight should be 158 lbs

Now, lets move on to Men:

5'3" - weight should be127 to 151 lbs

5'5" - weight should be 131 to 159 lbs

5'7" - weight should be 135 to 167 lbs

6'0" and more, weight should be more than 147 lbs

Age Weight Chart for Men is as follows:

If you are age 20 to 29 you should weigh 168 lbs

If you are age 30 to 39 you should weigh 179 lbs

If you are age 40 to 49 you should weigh 182 lbs

If you are age 50 to 59 you should weigh 185 lbs

It is very important for you to understand that these charts are an average and that the key to successful weight loss is healthy eating and exercising on a daily basis. Your health is the most important factor in all the charts.

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