Average Weight Chart

Every person is unique and then there are so many other factors which are going to decide the average body weight of each person. If you want to know the perfect weight for a certain age or height, the answer is not a simple or easy one. As everybody has a dissimilar body type there is not a precise number that will be capable to settle on the exact weight for everyone. The only practical approach is to refer an average weight chart.

Health and wellbeing are on the peak of the listing for folks these days. You must not disregard the magnitude of health and fitness for your general health. When you are stout, some sombre wellbeing issues may come up because of your weight. Hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and sleep apnoea are only some health issues that can crop up when you are obese, and they are all likewise grim state of affairs.

Here are two dissimilar charts for you to go by to resolve if you are at your ideal weight for your height, the initial one is for women:

Women Average weight chart for height

* If you are 4'10" your ideal weight should be 100 - 131 pounds

* 5'0" - weight should be 103 - 137 pounds

* 5'3" - weight should be 111 - 148 pounds

* 5'5" - weight should be 117 - 156 pounds

* 5'7" -weight should be more than 117 pounds

Women Average Weight Chart for Age:

* If you are age 20 -29 your weight should be 132 lbs

* If you are age 30 -39 your weight should be 144 lbs

* If you are age 40 -49 your weight should be 149 lbs

* If you are age 50 -59 your weight should be 158 lbs

Men Average weight chart for height:

* 5'3" - weight should be127 to 151 lbs

* 5'5" - weight should be 131 to 159 lbs

* 5'7" - weight should be 135 to 167 lbs

* 6'0" and more, weight should be more than 147 lbs

Men Average weight chart for age:

* If you are age 20 to 29 you should weigh 168 lbs

* If you are age 30 to 39 you should weigh 179 lbs

* If you are age 40 to 49 you should weigh 182 lbs

* If you are age 50 to 59 you should weigh 185 lbs

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