How Anorexics Lose Weight

Anorexics have the fear of being fat. It is their eating disorder and lack of appetite that craves them to be thin. They follow unusual eating method that includes crash dieting and fasting. In anorexics, the person may be thin and low in body weight, but they may have more body fat. In other cases, the person will be overweight but will be firm and has high body fat. It is very difficult for anorexics to control their weight without controlling their diet and managing their activities. Therefore, their recovery is very soon. In such conditions the patient completely restricts the food intake or overeats. They try to reduce weight by taking supplements, tobacco, caffeine and over exercising. Due to this, they have weak muscles because of insufficient calorie intake and rest. Initially Anorexics become conscious of their physical appearance, loses self-esteem and starts dieting and exercising to lose weight.

In certain conditions they eat just to satisfy their caretakers but later may be vomited up. Due to malnutrition, they have the feeling of fullness after having food. Finally they reject all foods. They suffer from mental disorder as if reducing their body weight by crash diet will improve their body shape. The person suffering from Anorexia has the feeling of self-hatred and worry that again results in weight loss. They do not find their real effects on their bodies the same way as others. They suffer from mixed feelings of fears and desires.

The treatment methods such as chemotherapy radiation therapy in cancer usually suffer from anorexia. They have dislike towards food that results in weight loss and undesirable body shapes. The other reason for lack of interest in food is nausea, constipation, mouth ulcers and antibiotic drug. Others have difficulty in swallowing and those who suffer depression. Anorexics starve themselves from taking the right amount of calories, improper use of laxatives and enemas. Nearly 90% of women suffer from anorexia. It is one of the major cause of death. Women being more concerned about their appearance suffer from eating disorders than men. Anorexia will rise to an alarming rate when the body does not meet the required nutritional and calorie intake. If anorexia not treated properly can endanger the life of the person. To recover them they can choose more efficient and secure way to meet the body weight goals. The treatments include physiotherapy, nutrition education, alternate medicines and family counseling.

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sanah ·

how long does it take you to be anorexia

Mya ·

I’m so scared to put on weight. My eating has been on and off. It’s been 4 days since I’ve eaten but I’m also scared to see what the outcome is

liv ·

i just want to be skinny. i only eat one meal a day (which is dinner) and i usually drink around 1500ml of water and that’s it. i have only started this for a couple of days and i have added in an hour of cardio along with some other light exercises. i don’t know how long it’s gonna take but i need to lose weight quickly and i don’t care how i do it. i want to throw up my food after but (having 3 other siblings in the house plus my mum and dad) i don’t have the chance. i barely get the chance to exercise alone. i just want to be thin.