Chest Pain Right Side

Chest pain is a very scary concept, especially as it is generally attributed with a heart attack or other serious illness. However, chest pain right side is not always an indicator that something bad is about to happen to you, it can be very benign and cause nothing more than a few minutes of discomfort. If you wish to identify the cause of chest pain right side, you must be able to notice a few key elements in order to determine where exactly the pain is coming from and whether or not it is a serious illness.

First off, the most common cause of chest pain right side is due to an injury with the ribs. It is possible to bruise a rip without breaking or fracturing it, and depending on its placement, it can be difficult to differentiate between a pulled muscle or a fracture of the rib itself. Breaking ribs on the other hand is a very serious matter, and is generally associated with intolerable pain, not something sporadic.

Second, chest pain right side can be caused by a pinched nerve in the spine or a pulled muscle in your back. Since the chest and the back are parallel, it is easy for the pain to travel between the spine and the rib cage. In the cases where a nerve is pinched, surgery is sometimes necessary, but the problem can be solved by visiting a chiropractor and getting your spine back into alignment to remove the pressure from the nerves.

Third, chest pain right side can also be a result of an increase of stressors in your life. Your body will start to contract its chest muscles as you start to worry more, and it is almost like a panic attack. Muscle spasms can go along with these pains as well, and can generally be treated with a muscle relaxer.

Most chest pain right side is not a sign that you are having a heart attack or that you need surgery, however if it is something that seems to be recurring for quite a while, it is a good idea to check with your doctor.

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