Pain In Left Hand

Pain In Left Hand

A pain in left hand could be an indicator of an underlying problem. In some cases it has to do with the circulation of blood. Symptoms of blood pressure are rare before the complications start. Therefore it is not easy to address before it attacks. This is because the underlying cause are many and range from those of genetics to obesity, excessive sodium taking or excessive drinking. The list of the underlying causes of blood pressure or hypertension as is called is endless.

In case the pain in left hand persists and gets worse it may go to the backbone and you start having something in your heart then it is a warning of the heart attack. If it gets worse and you begin to have severe sweating then it may be the heart attack.

Sometimes pain in left hand may not be a development of the heart attack but could be a case of neurological or spine problems as such it is advisable to see a physician who will take a thorough examination and give you appropriate treatment.

The main reason for seeing a doctor in this case is that the pain in left hand has many other causes and may not necessarily an issue of the heart diseases. The pain could be because of myalgia. Problems in the born are also know to cause pain in the left hand

One of the symptoms of angina is pain in left hand. This is a sign show that the blood is not circulating in the way it should be moving in the body and if this is the case it means the heart has a problem. The pain is not very much when it starts but with time it increases and begins to occur more frequently.

The angina diseases which usually have a symptom of pain in left hand affects the main vein the heart known as the aorta. If this is case action towards treatment needs to be taken very fast as this is a sign that the heart fail anytime which ends someone’s life. The inconsistent functioning of blood pressure level is not healthy for anybody.

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summer ·

Iv gone through brain surgery. I have noticed extreme weakness in entire body after sleep. Could it b my matress?, upper back hurts extremely bad contsantly. Fingers are starting to get "stuck". Mabe arthritus?. Lots of numbness. Ect. Please help

Charles ·

I to have the same problem when ever I eat or drink anything my heart starts beating hard and have pains in My veins

Basant Singh Lakra ·

Earlier I had severe pain in upper side of left foot which subsidised subsequently by treating with salt added hot water and therafter applying gel. Now the pain occurs frequently in the veins on upper side of hand and between elbow and hand. Prior to this I was having frozen shoulder since January 16.Now it is almost subsidised.

Dan ·

AH crap, yet another symptom pointing to angina, i think I'll just have to accept that I have it....maybe see a doctor