1200 Calorie Diet Menu

<<<<a href="//">a href="//">a href="//">p>A 1200 calorie diet gives you a nice assortment of foods to choose from. However, in order to have the greatest chance for success, you will need a 1200 calorie diet menu to follow, which will help keep your diet on track and headed for success.

The same 1200 calorie diet menu will not work for everyone because not everybody likes the same types or combinations of food. Therefore, the sensible thing to do is to customize your own 1200 calorie diet menu. By doing so, you know you will always like the foods on your 1200 calorie diet menu and will not have to eat foods that you do not like.

The foods you choose need not only be low calorie but also healthy, which means low fat and low sugar. You should also choose a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods to add to your 1200 calorie diet menu to give yourself a little variety.

On a 1200 calorie diet plan you should eat two 1-cup servings of fruit, three 1.5-cup servings of vegetables, 4 ounces of grains, 3 ounces of meat, 2 cups of dairy products, and 17 grams of fat and oils. This leaves 171 calories for measuring errors or hidden calories.

Foods that work well while on this plan and should be added to your 1200 calorie diet menu include raw or cooked fruits and juices, dark green and orange vegetables, legumes, starchy vegetables such as corn and potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and cereal, and poultry, beans, fish, tofu, nuts and seeds. Also, add milk, natural chesses, and trans-fat free oils of to your 1200 calorie diet menu. If you decide to splurge a bit here and there, be sure to deduct those calories from the leftover 171 calories to ensure you do not go over daily caloric limits.

Good luck with your diet. Be sure to select different food combinations from your 1200 calorie diet menu while staying within daily caloric limits. This will give you more options, keep you from feeling deprived, and will help you feel less like you are on a restrictive diet.

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