3 Day Chemical Diet

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The 3 day chemical diet is a very low calorie diet and quick weight loss program. The 3 day chemical diet is intended to help people jumpstart long-term weight loss programs or slim down quickly for an upcoming event such as a wedding or a cruise. The 3 day chemical diet works by using a unique combination of foods. When on the 3 day chemical diet, these foods work together chemically and trigger a weight loss reaction of up to 10 pounds.

The 3 day chemical diet should be adhered to strictly with no changes, additions, or substitutions. The following shows in precise measurements how the 3 day cardiac diet should be followed.

Day One

Breakfast: Black coffee, water, or tea; half of a grapefruit or pink grapefruit juice; and one slice of toast with 1 or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

Lunch: Black coffee, water, or tea; 1/2 cup of water-packed tuna; and one slice of dry toast

Dinner: Black coffee, water, or tea; 3 oz lean meat; 1 cup green beans; 1 cup beets; 1 cup vanilla ice cream; and one small apple

Day Two

Breakfast: Black coffee, water, or tea; one egg, any style; one banana (some versions say 1/2 banana); and one slice of dry toast

Lunch: Black coffee, water, or tea; 1 cup of cottage cheese; and five saltine crackers

Dinner: Black coffee, water, or tea; two hot dogs; 1/2 cup carrots; 1 cup broccoli (or cabbage); one banana (some versions say 1/2 banana); and 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

Day Three

Breakfast: Black coffee, water, or tea; five saltine crackers; one egg (or one slice cheddar cheese); and one 4-oz glass of apple juice

Lunch: Black coffee, water, or tea; one hard-boiled egg; one small apple; and one slice of dry toast

Dinner: Black coffee, water, or tea; 1 cup tuna, chicken, or turkey; 1 cup cauliflower or green beans; 1 cup beets; 1 cup cantaloupe or one small apple; and 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

After you have completed the 3 day chemical diet, you should eat a low calorie diet so you do not regain the weight you just lost. If you have additional weight to lose, resume the 3 day chemical diet after taking a four day break.

Discuss It!

carmen ·

i went on this diet and lost 3 kgs precisely, but found that i got very hungry in between esp at night

kate ·

iam about to start this diet,i wanted to ask tht by tea u mean one with milk?and is it plane white bread or brawn bread?

Shippy1 ·

Bad diet. Hungry! Help!!!

Jaci am ·

This diet makes you starve!

michelle.... ·

done this diet once before....fast but starving way to lose weight doing it again tomorrow day to just the worst day eveeeerrrrrr!! haha here goes HAPPY DIETING!!!!!!

Mr.jangles ·

Hope it works!

Alan ·

Tgis diet makes you starve because it is designed to lose weight quickly. This is a quick fix and it doesn't last. It's so that you can fit in that smaller size when you have to go to a wedding or function in 4 days. Do not expect to stay on is for longer and it will work in a pinch.

JP ·

I followed this diet religiously for 3 days and all I felt was starving and irritable, and living from one tiny meal to the next! I didn't lose any weight, so probably won't try it again.

Sonia alaniz ·

Can we substitute beets for something else.allergic to them

C.T ·

better work...

Charlie ·

I've done this diet twice; 1st time I lost almost 20 lbs to join the military (took just under 1 month), 2nd time failed. Strictly adhere to this diet and it works but I was starving. Light exercise before eating anything helped, hold off on eating dinner as long as possible to avoid going to bed hungry (and waking up hungry), drink a lot of water, you can have one or two saltines as a last ditch effort to avoid breaking the diet. On days off, eat TONS of salad with bits of ham or turkey and little dressing along with protein bars- filling and satisfying.

leah ·

dull question really but although its a 3 day diet do you do it everyday?

Marina ·

I would like to know when do you see or feel that you've lost wait. I also cannot drink water so i am drinking flavoured water, will that make a difference.

Keta ·

I went on this diet and lost a lot of weight, that hasn't came back. But I did make some alterations!

Faisal ·

Diet really works if you follow strictly. I did it 3 times with 4 days break in between. Total loss (as you gain some back when off diet) was 7 KG which was motivating enough for me to start jogging and gym.

sevda ·

i hope this works even though im in good shape for a 8th grada i still wanna loose some wieght:):(

jackie stevens ·

when do you see the weight is off right away?

Sara ·

Can we use salt and pepper. And should these meal be prepared

Kida ·

This diet must be followed STRICTLY to work. flavored water is loaded with sugars, so, you may as well not do the diet at all. I have done it in the past, depends how overweight you are, is how fast you see results. Normally, by the 4th. day you notice the change

Felica ·

I am going to try this diet. My co-worker did and lost about 15lbs in a months time. I will give you my results in a week to two.

Silvia ·

This diet works! I did this diet 10 years ago and lost 25lbs in one month. Yes, I was starving as well but kept reminding myself it's only 3 days, it's only 3 days. But I followed it exactly! Beets are essential, but if you're allergic, eat carrots instead. And water is vital. Don't drink chemicals (diet drinks). I walked 4 miles on day one and two. Rested day 3. During my 4 days off, I ate about 1800 calories to keep my body from going into starvation mode and kicked up my cardio with Cathe Fredrick DVDs: Step, Kickboxing and circuit training (weights combined with cardio). She's fantastic and will whip you into shape. This really worked for me. My first week, I lost 7 after day 3, then 2 more after 4 days. If your not going to exercise on your off days, keep walking. You need to do something and lower your calories to 1200-1600, depending on your size and activity level. Use MyFitnessPal app to track your calories and log in your water and exercise. This is a great free tool to keep you focused. Good luck!

Tami ·

Done this diet 9 yrs ago and lot 60+ lbs, starting it again. You get hungry the first few days but you rstomach starts to shrink and then it is fine. Works and pays off.

vanessa ·

Trying this diet today hope it work

Grace ·

For me the fact that this diet is only 3 days is motavating me to carry it on. I have done it before and in a month i lost 15lbs and to me the more times i did it the less hungry i got each time.



masha ·

does it have to be in order or can you start from the back ? or in order

ava ·

IT REALLY WORKS. I lost8pds in 3 days and it didn't come back.

Rula ·

Im going to start tomorrow but i wanted to ask what do they mean with half cup of tunaa ???

Rula ·

Does the change appear on the forth day ?

sarah ·

I use this diet when we have an occasion or holiday, I swear by it 10lb in 3 days, is exactly just about, 3 lb a day roughly. you will need the toilet in the morning no 1 mentions that bit!! its a chemical break down of fat.I always use brown bread any way (good fibre) but not essential on this diet always have your toast dry, all hot drinks black. I use sweetner too. I use a full tin of sandwich tuna because its just 2 tea spoons over the requirement and yes you are starving, but if you need to loose weight then you will do it, its only 3 days!! only do it when you have steady days ahead because you will burn out!!! drink plenty of water, I go to bed early too so you don't get ridiculously hungry in the evening try and give yourself plenty of time between the meals so you don't think about food all day!! breakfast is always between 7&8 am for me try have lunch between 1&2pm then I enjoy the tea when my child goes to bed 7&7.30 (enjoy your ice cream n apple watching fave tv series!) that way you can still relax watch tv or whatever you wish till you go to bed 10pm is ideal. this works for me. hope my view helps, good luck, iv got day 2 tomorrow ;0)

sarah again ·

you see the weight drop off every day iv done 1 or 2 days only depending on my weight to start with,

nikki ·

I did the diet: lost 3kgs. I wasnt hungry at all. how i did it was by starting my day off with as many glasses of water i could. Then i would have the breakfast meal at lunch time, have lunch at tea time and have dinner quite late around 8-9. I was really surprised that even though the meals sound like nothing it fills you up. I did have snacking desires but I shut them up with water.

big cheez ·

Diet is working on my last day I've lost 8 pounds so far it does make you hungry but water helps and I put a little bit of lemon slice In it. Water is the key to not feeling so hungry in between meals

Darrick ·

This diet does infant work. The results may very, but the pay off is worth it. I've used this diet twice in my life and am doing it again for the third time. As with anything in life things don't come easy. Work is required in order to complete most task. This diet helps kick start your metabolism, however if you plan on sitting around waiting for a miracle you'll probably be waiting for awhile. Combine tho diet with a workout routine and a change in your diet. Eat foods high in protein and low in carbs. Avoid processed sugars and high fructose corn syrup. Opt for natural drinks like pure apple or orange juice. Drinking water is essential not only for this diet but also for life!!! Its not even up for debate. If you are crying about starving just think that most people don't eat for days at a time. We are just spoiled and usually consume more calories than we need to which accounts for weight gain. Good luck

Tayla ·

I'm starting the 3 day chemical diet on Monday. Just want to know, if I lose the pounds and satisfied with my weight result. And I stop the diet completely, will I immediately put the weight I lost back on?? I am a healthy eater and very health conscious. Would appreciate your comments thanks.

Julie ·

I'm on my 2nd day of the 3 day diet have had a headache since last night due to the lack of food and sugar

Ted ·

I lost almost 45lbs going on this diet for 5 cycles. Yes I did increase my exercise substantially. the best thing about the diet is that it is a kickstarter for you. reminds you how to eat small portions multiple time a day. I kept the weight off for almost 8years. time to start again. Just remeber, after the 3rd day to at least casually count your calories and measure foods. You can still enjoy delicious foods, just portion down.

farh ·

im going to start it tom will let you all know in a month

Zeusballs ·

Started today and I'm starving. but..I have seen the results on my daughter and it's the 1st diet that I have seen that works where you do not need to exercise. win - win for me !

Troyetta ·

I'm allergic to bananas, is there a substitute or can I disregard them all together and still get positive results

Crystal ·

I lost 47 pounds using this diet with a light exercise program. It is designed for heart patients needing to lose weight but are unable to move. If you are burning calories my cardiologist says eat an apple. It does change the results slightly. If you are hungry drink more water. I actually came off all soda, most sugar and fat when I did this. First 30 lb loss happened in 30 days, then it took 5 months for the other 17. Weight loss may vary due to water retention and actual fat.

Easy ·

Sarah plz help, how do I prepare these meals? Do I have to cook some of these items?

Gillian ·

Diet was really good though I missed sugar a lot. Thank God for the vanilla ice cream. Hate hotdogs. Can I substitute them for something else?

joanna ·

how long can i do this for ?

Emma ·

What did people eat for the 4 days after.

Mimi ·

It took me about a year to master and learn to enjoy my meals with this plan. I wanted to change so I didn't let it get me down. I agree, it helps leaving longer gaps from one meal to the other. You may always have the drinks they mention. Also, I developed a hobby for the toughest hour, night. I make sure I sit, serve beautifully & enjoy. The meals are satisfying. Love all the other suggestions. Thanks!

Diane ·

I have done this diet, and I did lose ten pounds. Then I went on the day off diet with Dr.Oz, and so far I have lost 18pds. three weeks total.

Leslie ·

I've just started but keep seeing the question about substitutions. Here is a good reference with tons of subs at the very bottom.

Algy ·

Thankyou for your comments I'm away to start this diet tomorrow..

Lady T ·

starting this plan tomorrow hope it works, wish me luck

sam ·

is beet beetroot? please help. can i eat anything else but tuna?

Gretchen ·

Is there anything to substitute the grapefruit I can't eat it due to medicine

Laula ·

Can u substitute hotdogs with something else

Zia ·

This will work if you usually eat more than this plan, but if you eat less usually and follow this plan like me , you will gain weight. So this will work for people usually overweight or eat too much.

Thien Nguyen ·

I am going to start this tomorrow I will comment after my 3 days

LaDonna ·

I hate cottage cheese, what can I substitute for that

Alison Ge ·

I cannot understand why people moan about this diet. It's the one diet which doesn't make you feel hungry all te time. I love grapefruit juice, apples, ice cream, bananas and there is a huge variety of protein foods to choose from. This diet is effective and I love it!!

Erin ·

Just started this diet today and can not believe how full I feel so far so good

Nonhlanhla ·

I have used this diet before and it did work.and now i have started again i just want to find out if I use black coffee/tea without sugar and lots of water nd with apple or only one of each required not all that is included will it help?

Red Kiwi ·

I have been using this & have found no problems with it. It is very easy to follow & uses foods that I can buy at the local supermarket without having to travel to different shops. I used this over a course of 4 months to help me get back on track after I had surgery & gained weight as I couldn't move much after the surgery. I used this as it didn't require me to move too much. I am now back on my weight loss track. Like anything this does not work for everyone & results do vary from person to person. I used this with Green tea (no milk) in the morning & at night. Then for the other 2 meals I used cold Green Tea & pure apple juice in a drink bottle & found that, that was what worked best for me. To those that has said this doesn't work & all other negative comments then I say it didn't work for you. It does not mean it won't work for someone else

Gin ·

This is a Chemical breakdown diet so to get the promised results it must be followed exactly...any changes makes changes in the chemical breakdown and will result in hunger and poor results. I've used this diet repeatedly over the last 25 years to jump start a long term weightloss program or to lose a few to fit in that special outfit. It works and I am beginning it again tomorrow.

Donna ·

Don't starve. Try the Cabbage soup diet. You eat a lot (though all low calorie) and still lose weight.

Nargis ·

I am going to try this diet I need to lose 1 stone to reach my ideal weight can i do it? I'm definitely going to try my best and try fitting exercise and water in to this. Let's see what the outcome will be as I really struggle when it comes down to weight loss. Fingers crossed hope I don't lose my patience with it.

John ·

It's all diuretics. That's the "chemical." You pee out water weight. I control you because of your ignorance. You are fat because you rely on this crap.

Vet ·

What can I replace cottage cheese with?

Jax ·

I have just finished the 3day chemical diet. I was hungry and had a terrible taste in my mouth. I did have sugar free mints which helped. I wasn't sure if this would sabotage the diet but i don't think it did as I lost 7lb. I wouldn't normally do this kind of diet but going away in Aug. I stuck to it ridged with no substitute. Will leave it a week and try it again. I know a lot of the loss is water but hay.. u feel good. Just hope I can keep it off and carry on with an healthy diet till nxt time.

Serena ·

I have started this today have found it difficult however because it's only three days it keeps me going, having dry toast has not bothered me I think I will continue with that.looking forward to how much I will loose in day 3 to give me that kick start I need let you guys know in two more days what I have lost happy dieting !!

Maham ·

Can you add just one tablespoon of low fat milk to your coffee ? It's less than 10 calories. Will this diet still work

Michelle ·

I love all the good advice. Does anyone know if I can substitute tuna with chicken? I'm allergic to tuna.

Trona ·

This diet works. NO SUBSTITUTIONS! You will be hungry the first and possibly the second day, just push on. Turn your music up and. Get in the zone. Eat dinner as late as you possibly can. You will loose weight. NO SUBSTITUTIONS, DONT OMIT ANYTHING OR ADD ANYTHING! It's just 3 days.....you can do it!

McKayla ·

I have used it before it has been around since the 70's ( I promise it's the same one I used as a teenager) and yes it did work; however the diet is meant for weight loss only, not full time; after the 3 days there are 4 days of non diet eating where we are to eat light all the time OR of coarse the weight will come back on. I mean really how did WE (me included)get over weight in the first place. Our bodies are craving what we used to give them regularly; an over abundance of food and now we suddenly cut back, it is normal that our bodies are feeling starved and deprived. Hang in there and use the diet properly - I may suggest start by cutting back a few days ahead of the diet - don't stave yourself but just cut back. In a sense this diet is used as a tool to help us learn how to cut back and eat regular portions so we don't have to diet. Happy dieting everyone.


The "Chemical Diet", the "Cardiac Diet" and the " 3 days to loose 10lb" are EXACTLY the same ! How is that so ? Those are three different things so how could it be, not even look alike, but the same ?

MIke ·

I started this diet on Tuesday 3/6/2018 and will endure it until Saturday 3/10/18. So far, today Thursday I've dropped from 225lbs to 218 and I do 2 hours of cardio a day with medium weight lifting. I simply focus on other things and keep myself busy to curb the hunger. I count the hours until the next meal but I certainly don't dwell on the fact I'm hungry. I have a fatboy food meal goal I'm working towards and the finish line is in sight. I keep in mind that there's people in other countries who are eating wayyyyyy less than we're provided and I'm sacrificing a meager amount compared to others. I'll keep hammering and show intestinal fortitude. This diet ain't no thang.

shaimaa ·

does this diet depends on how underweighted you are? now for a 60 kilogram female would it work?

Noush ·

How can I replace the black coffee, tea and grape fruit.. I never liked them

Farah ·

I used this diet as a framework and added in grapes for a snack, and had 2 peices of toast with breakfast and also a full tin of tuna instead of half. I also had tomatoes lettuce and cucumber with some meals, I lost 16lb in 2 weeks as I did it every day. Just make sure you add things in if you're going to do it for more than a few days, it definitely worked for me though.

Monisha ·

I cannot find saltine crackers can i replace it wz something else

Angela McDonald ·

This diet works!!!3 days and 8 pounds down! thats fantastic I have been drinking diet coke a lot but still down very pleased with continue for next week let you know end result. Ive not been too hungry strange? Good luck I've done every diet this is super quick!