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As you may have known, most people find their belly too big, too fat, too soft… The belly is far from being the part of the body that we prefer. The belly is even THE number 1 complex of the French.

In a recent survey, 57% of women and 42% of men responded that the part of the body that made them most complex was their belly. It goes even further, 77% of respondents do not like to look at their belly and 84% do not like to show it.

Based on this observation, we decided to develop the Diet and Health platform, literally “Nutrition and Health”. On our site, you will find many tips to lose weight quickly, without regaining those extra pounds later. Our goal is to accompany you in your approach to lose weight in order to display a flat stomach in just a few months. We have designed the site under several thematic axes, find them below.



To lose weight, it all starts on the plate! Knowing how to eat well is essential if you want to lose weight. The nutrition section of our site helps you understand how to eat well for a slimming goal. We explain the basics of nutrition through several documented files.



There are currently several dozen different regimes. We’ve sifted through the main methods to lose weight to see if they actually work and if they can pose a danger to you in the long run.


Slimming tips

To have a flat stomach and erase your love handles, there are very simple slimming tips. We have listed them all in this section, which also answers the most frequently asked questions on the topic of weight loss.


Food Supplements

Are you looking for a drug or a food supplement to lose weight quickly ? These supplements like Brulafine, often in the form of pills or capsules, are excellent allies to help burn fat. So to be sure to buy a supplement that is safe for your health, we have selected only the best in this section.


Sports training

Eating well is not everything: Practicing physical activity is a very important help to lose weight. If you do not know what sport to do to lose weight, or how to work your abdominals to have a flat stomach, this section is for you.

Sports equipment & slimming

Sports equipment

Playing sports at home has many significant advantages. But when the time comes to equip yourself with a fitness machine you can quickly feel lost. So to help you, the sports equipment section highlights the best machines and accessories to lose weight.