Silk'n Lipo: everything you need to know and reviews about this device to lose weight

Losing pounds, removing fat around the belly, so sums up the will of many of us. Abdominal strap, buttocks, arms, thighs… So many areas of the body that we would like to refine. But the bad news is that it's not always easy to make this dream come true, despite the draconian diets, abdominal exercises, and hours spent on the rower or elliptical trainer. What if we told you that it is quite possible to achieve conclusive results thanks to Silk'n Lipo, a non-invasive solution for weight loss. In just 15 minutes a day, this revolutionary device promises to melt your most stubborn fat parts. Here's everything you need to know about this slimming device.

The Silk'n brand

We no longer present it to you: the Silk'n brand is certainly the world leader in the field of aesthetic devices for home use. The American firm develops and markets in France many products specialized in the field of hair removal, facial and body care such as Silk'n Silouhette as well as skin care. It is particularly known for its pulsed light devices for permanent hair removal. Since then, it has conquered new markets and now offers a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, through its Silk'n Lipo device.

Silk'n Lipo, a concentrate of technologies for weight loss

Above all, the Lipo device offers two cutting-edge technologies, which until now were only available from specialized institutes and in return for expensive sessions and frequent travel. Thus, from now on, while staying quietly at home, the silhouette refinement session takes place smoothly, thanks to a small miniaturized device: the Silk'n Lipo.

As we mentioned, Lipo combines two technologies in a single device for home use:

  • LFI or LLLT ( Low-Level Laser Therapy),
  • and EMS (muscle electrostimulation).

Compact and portable, the Silk'n accessory is intended to be placed around the belly or waist, two places where it is very difficult to lose fat. Thus, the device eliminates fat deposits as the sessions progress, while toning and strengthening the muscles. And in addition to the belly and hips, silk'n Lipo can also be used for other parts of the body: thighs, buttocks, arms…

The characteristics of the Silk'n Lipo slimming device

As you will have understood, the Silk'n Lipo is a non-invasive fat reduction device. It has proven itself in the treatment of fatty areas through the use of two advanced technologies to offer the desired result. It therefore combines the virtues of LLLT and EMS to promote the elimination of waste and strengthen the underlying muscles.

Elimination of excess fat

Silk'n Lipo is an innovative method for removing excess fat, without requiring too much physical effort. Usable on the abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks and upper arms, this non-invasive device allows the easy removal of stomach fat without the help of exercise or diet.

LLLT technology for home use

Clearly, Silk'n Lipo is a clinically tested LLLT body contouring treatment. Its principle is simple: it applies a laser to a specific wavelength to stimulate a non-invasive reduction of fat cells.

Electrostimulation of muscles

When the low-intensity laser is combined with electrical impulses, it is able to stimulate muscles to remove fatty acids from fat cells. EMS can thus remove waste from the body, tone and strengthen muscles.

A practical and easy-to-use device

No more repetitive appointments in aesthetic institutes. The Silk'n Lipo is above all an easy-to-use device: simply attach the belt around the fatty area with the treatment units directly against the skin. Adjust the EMS power level and set the timer to 15 minutes per zone. You can use the device up to three times a week.

A reliable and painless method

Another promise of silk'n: its EMS-LFI device provides a painless, non-invasive treatment without side effects. Enough to reassure the most suspicious of us!

Silk'n Lipo: how does it work?

We already know that the whole interest of Silk'n Lipo is based on two technologies used simultaneously: EMS and LFI. Indeed, these two technologies complement each other as best as possible to ensure the evacuation of fatty acids from fat cells and the elimination of these compounds by the body.

The low-intensity laser (LFI or LLLT)

The low-intensity laser built into the Silk'n Lipo belt uses a wavelength of 658 mm. Once applied to the fatty tissues, the system perforates the membranes of the fat cells, which will no longer be sealed, which will allow the melted fat to be eliminated naturally by the body.

Electrostimulation (EMS)

EMS is a well-known technology in the field of weight loss, especially since it is commonly used in electrostimulation abdominal belts. Its principle is to send electrical impulses via electrodes positioned on the skin. Once faced with these electrical impulses, the nerve and muscle fibers will contract as during muscle work. The idea is to make the muscles contract without going through the brain which usually emits this command.

The smart features that make Silk'n Lipo effective

Beyond the integration of these two cutting-edge technologies, the Silk'n Lipo is above all a practical and easy-to-use device. It can fit easily into your daily routine, no matter what your activities are: whether you're watching your favorite TV show, preparing a meal, playing with your toddler, or ironing, you can wear the device while performing daily tasks.

In addition, the Silk'n Lipo is also a comfortable belt: you don't even feel like you're wearing it thanks to its safety texture. The effectiveness of the device comes in particular from its automatic shutdown function that will turn it off after 15 minutes of use. Its proximity sensor allows the device to operate only when turned on and attached to the skin.

Products similar to Silk'n Lipo

First of all, you should know that at present, no home appliance combines the two technologies EMS and LLLT. In this, the Silk'n Lipo is positioned as an alternative to professional or semi-professional tools that we could find in an aesthetic center or a fitness room.

However, there are similar devices that can refine your figure without physical exercise or liposuction. Better known as body massage devices, these devices promise to solve a weight or cellulite problem without the slightest physical effort. Let us mention here the Elitzia ETMS1403 lipo machine, which is however less transportable than the Silk'n Lipo, and which is intended rather for semi-professional use.

On the other hand, while many other consumer devices have the function of helping to lose weight, they generally do not offer the LLLT-EMS combination. Often, they will only aim to eliminate cellulite or simply destock fat.

Silk'n Lipo: how to use this device to lose weight?

Many consumers, initially skeptical about the real effectiveness of an LLLT & EMS device, were seduced because they noted a real decrease in fat and a boost in muscle tone. While some customers were delighted to see their cellulite decrease, others were able to lose up to 10 kilos over 5 months using the device. However, there are still few French customer reviews on this product: Silk'n Lipo has only been available in France for a few years.

How many sessions to practice for conclusive results?

On other devices like the iLipo and Strawberry Laser Lipo machines, it takes about 2 sessions per week for a month to have satisfactory results. On the other hand, with Silk'n Lipo, you will need 3 sessions per treatment area per week over a period of 8 weeks. It is therefore a treatment of 24 sessions over 2 months. Thus, Lipo needs double the duration and more than double the treatments.

How much does Silk'n Lipo cost?

The cost of the treatment varies depending on the aesthetic centers for the iLipo and the Strawberry Laser Lipo, but you can usually do a session from 125 euros. Suffice to say that it is expensive for a single session. On the other hand, the Silk'n Lipo has the advantage of being cheaper, because it takes less than 500 euros to buy the device, which will then be usable for home use, week after week and month after month.

Admittedly, the device may seem expensive to you at first glance, but this is not the case. Comparing it to other EMS machines or a cosmetic surgery session, you will naturally see that Silk'n Lipo is a very good alternative. Indeed, for cosmetic surgery, you will spend an average of 2500 euros for a single area of the body. The Silk'n Lipo device is much cheaper, especially since it allows you to do sessions in the comfort of your home.

Are the results permanent?

No, the results are temporary for the Silk'n Lipo as well as for other weight loss devices, such as the iLipo or the Strawberry Laser Lipo. Indeed, the low-intensity laser (LLLT or LFI) aims to reduce fat cells, but these will always remain intact and eventually multiply again. That said, it is quite possible to maintain the results with the help of a balanced diet and regular physical activity. But it should be emphasized that fat will accumulate quickly if you do not follow a healthier lifestyle.

This is why many beauty centers recommend these devices in addition to a change in lifestyle: healthy and balanced diet, more regular sports practice…

Is the Silk'n Lipo a dangerous device?

The Silk'n brand certifies that the technology integrated into its device has been tested many times. Thus, the treatments will not cause discomfort or pain, although some temperature rise will be felt due to LFI and EMS. Side effect, there is so far no fact that goes in this direction, knowing that the Lipo is a reliable and non-invasive device, unlike cosmetic surgery. In addition, the American firm used several security mechanisms to maximize the reliability of the device. These include the proximity sensor, which automatically launches the Lipo mode once the device is placed on the skin. The same goes for the automatic shutdown function after 15 minutes of use.