Silk'n Silhouette: test and opinion of this slimming device

Few of us rejoice to see this unsightly skin, these "orange peel" type shells and this cellulite that does not want to dislodge despite long hours spent at the gym. What if we told you that it is quite possible to refine your figure and significantly reduce cellulite, without going through the "surgery" box? One of the solutions to achieve this is the Silk'n Silhouette slimming device, a small concentrate of technologies that allows you to lose weight in the comfort of your home. Let's discover how this anti-cellulite massager works and especially its real effectiveness.

The Silk'n brand

Before addressing the characteristics of the device, it should be known that the brand behind it is very well known in the field of aesthetics. One of the world leaders in the market of aesthetic devices, Silk'n sells many products for permanent or semi-permanent hair removal, cellulite treatment with Silk'n Lipo, facial and body care and foot care. It has also received numerous awards for its innovations in the field of aesthetics, including the "Victory of Beauty 2014/2015" obtained by the Silk'n Silhouette.

What is the Silk'n Silhouette?

In a few words, the Silk'n Silhouette is a so-called "body contouring" device, which allows you to reduce cellulite and firm your skin in the comfort of your home. The weight loss device features revolutionary HT ™ technology, which aims to tackle all areas of the body's fat, such as the buttocks, upper arms, hips, inner and outer thighs. This multifunctional device has been designed to reduce cellulite while helping to streamline the contours of your figure and restore the elasticity of your skin.

When to use the Silk'n Silhouette?

Cellulite, commonly known as "orange peel", is a real problem for many women. It should be noted that fat cells (adipocytes) in the deeper layers of the skin can multiply up to 30 times their volume at the beginning of puberty, during the first three months of pregnancy and after childbirth. As their volume increases, they begin to clump together and push against the inside of the skin, resulting in cellulite. In addition, aging, which makes the skin thinner and reduces collagen, aggravates the formation of cellulite and makes it more and more visible by giving the skin a honeycomb and irregular texture.

But contrary to popular belief, regular creams and moisturizers barely reduce the appearance of cellulite, while plastic surgery is often too risky and expensive. So, that's where the Silk'n Silhouette comes in. With this body contouring device, you can easily reduce your cellulite, while aiming to optimize the contours of your figure and the texture of your skin. And the good news is that you'll be able to do all of this from the comfort of your own home.

How does the Silk'n Silhouette work?

The Silk'n Silhouette is based on HT (home tightening) technology that provides a triple-action mode of use. It thus combines 3 different energy sources: IR thermal energy, LED light energy and RF bipolar energy. These 3 sources of energy will then fight together against cellulite while promoting the firming and elasticity of the skin. Indeed, each of these energy sources has its own power, which makes it possible to reach the different layers of the skin as well as the subcutaneous fat layer.

The purpose of silk'n Silhouette is to heat the part affected by cellulite. Indeed, the heat causes the contraction of the fibers of the skin in order to give it more tone. For this, the gel supplied with the device is applied to the area to be treated. We then choose the desired mode of action and apply the device to the area for 15 minutes.

The Silk'n Silhouette therefore provides a triple action treatment, this being provided by the 3 sources of energy RF (radiofrequency), LED (light-emitting diode) and IR (infrared):

  • BIPOLAR RF energy that attacks the deepest layer of the epidermis to reduce cellulite;
  • LED light energy that improves blood circulation and promotes oxygenation of the skin in order to rebalance the epidermal structure;
  • and IR thermal energy that expands pores and improves the overall structure of the skin.

Once activated together, these technologies facilitate the reduction of cellulite and the firming of the skin.

As for the operating setting, you have three modes on the Silk'n Silhouette:

  • Power mode 1, to relax the skin.
  • Power mode 2, to redraw the silhouette.
  • Power mode 3, to firm the skin.

Silk'n Silhouette: how to use this slimming device?

The Silk'n Silhouette is a state-of-the-art device, but it has the particularity of being easy to use. To benefit from its benefits:

  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry before each use.
  • Apply a thin layer of conductive gel (supplied with the device) to the area to be treated.
  • Select the desired mode (choose power mode 1 for the first session).
  • Once the LED light is on, start slowly sliding the device over the affected area.
  • Make a gentle, linear movement when sliding the device.

Duration of treatment

To best reduce the density of your cellulite, simply follow the illustrations in the manual provided with the Silk'n Silhouette. However, we recommend that you use the device 2 times a week for 10 weeks. And for the maintenance of your skin, you can simply continue to use the device regularly every two weeks. Be careful, however, the results vary widely from one user to another.

What's in the Silk'n Silhouette packaging?

When opening your package, you will find the following components:

  • the Silk'n Silhouette body contouring device;
  • a vial of conductive gel;
  • An AD/DC wall plug adapter
  • and a user manual

Is the Silk'n Silhouette a reliable device?

Approved by medical regulatory bodies in Europe as elsewhere in the world, this device is safe for all parts of the body. The device also has a unique safety mechanism: the thermal sensor.

It is a built-in thermal stabilizer that measures the temperature of your skin during treatment. If your skin temperature exceeds 41°C during the session, the device will automatically stop emitting heat. The treatment will only continue once your skin has cooled. Thanks to this mechanism, your skin will never overheat and therefore there is no risk of redness or burning.

Our opinion and the verdict of our test

Like any user in front of such a device, we were a little skeptical at first. But the promises of the firm Silk'n are so attractive that we took to the game to try the device to evaluate its effectiveness.

Above all, the body contouring system is easy to use, even if it does not have a stand-alone battery power supply. It is therefore necessary to plan to do his session near an electrical outlet. To avoid any errors, the indicator lamps inform us of the selected mode of action. Once the button is pressed, the heat increases rapidly. Small downside: the conductive gel dries quite quickly, and it is therefore necessary to put it back regularly to moisturize the skin and not to burn unnecessarily. That said, the treatment is painless, despite a feeling of persistent heat at first.

Once started, the treatment takes place simply: large slow movements are made to allow the heat to be distributed on the skin. After a month of treatment, it is quite possible to see cellulite in the thighs and buttocks decrease. However, it is essential to do these 15 minutes well per body area. So, if you want to target your belly, thighs and buttocks, it will take time to treat them. Anyway, the result is there: the skin is smooth, firmed and more toned, while the figure sees its cellulite disappear. But in any case, to obtain these results, it is necessary to follow the instructions in the user manual and make sure to perform slow and ample movements.

Why choose the Silk'n Silhouette?

In short, the Silk'n Silhouette is an innovative device that promises to revolutionize cellulite treatment. To achieve this, it offers several benefits and advantages:

  • A triple action treatment called HT (home tightening), which combines bipolar energy, light energy and thermal energy. In addition, the device includes a safety system that avoids any risk of burns, by blocking the heating function in case of a rise in skin temperature.
  • Simple use: the Silk'n Silhouette is very simple to use, because you just have to hold it in one hand to be able to apply it to all areas of the body. To do this, it is necessary to apply gel to the area to be treated before using the device. Let's not forget that this device is adjustable and has 3 modes that adapt to your needs. The movements to be performed are very simple, while the treatment time for an area is 15 minutes.
  • A practical treatment: the Silk'n Silhouette does not impose any time conditions, because four sessions of 15 minutes per week are enough to obtain results on an area of the body.
  • Visible results in a month: from the first session, you will be able to observe that the treated skin is more toned, but be aware that the results will only be lasting after 10 weeks of treatment.
  • Positive opinions: on the forums and distributor sites that sell the Silk'n Silhouette, we can see that the customer comments are generally positive (silent operation, simple and pleasant use, without time constraints…). However, it is important to point out that the real performance of this anti-cellulite device decreases after the first sessions.

To conclude, it is clear that there is a plethora of solutions available to overcome cellulite. But it must be said that nothing beats a calm and silent treatment like silk'n Silhouette to effectively treat cellulite. However, let's not forget that achieving a lasting result always requires a lifestyle change. So, eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, and most importantly, avoid sugary foods and drinks.