Slimming Tips

To achieve weight loss, sometimes certain tricks can be decisive. We have therefore decided to condense here several slimming questions in order to answer them as clearly as possible. Little by little this section of slimming tips will be expanded to answer all your questions about everything related to weight loss.

Rate at which to lose weight

At what rate to lose weight

When you follow a slimming program, you immediately want to lose a lot of pounds. But your body might make you regret it, too much weight loss can be dangerous. So at what rate to lose weight ? We explain everything in our article.

A quel rythme perdre du poids ?

Lose weight locally

Is it possible to lose weight in a localized way

Do you want to see your love handles disappear, or the excess skin under your arms or neck? Losing weight in a localized way is the will of many people, but is it really possible? To find out, we conducted the investigation and produced a complete file on the subject.

Est-ce possible de maigrir de façon localisée ?

Cortisol and weight gain

Cortisol, a factor in weight gain

The stress hormone, you know? This is cortisol, and it is also responsible in most cases for weight gain that is difficult to control. To better fight it, you have to learn to understand it well, and this is what we offer you in our dedicated article.

Le cortisol, un facteur de prise de poids

Reduce cortisol

How to reduce your cortisol

As we have seen above, cortisol promotes weight gain. Once this data is established, it is therefore normal to seek to lower cortisol levels. But how do we do that? With conventional food, supplements? Let's take stock together.

Comment réduire son cortisol ?

Firming your skin after weight loss

How to firm your skin after weight loss

When your body loses weight fast enough, the skin doesn't necessarily have time to adapt. Result: A "flaccid" and distended appearance that is not aesthetic. To overcome this problem and firm your skin after losing weight, there are solutions.

Comment raffermir sa peau après une perte de poids ?

Post-holiday diet

How to manage your diet after the holidays

The holidays are usually a time when you let yourself go of your diet or your daily diet. Resuming an evenlibated diet after this holiday season can prove to be difficult for some. So how to resume your diet correctly ? The information in our file.

Comment gérer son régime après les fêtes ?

The body wrap to lose weight

The body wrap, is what it works to lose weight

Wrapping cellophane to lose weight may seem like a funny idea. This is the promise of the body wrap, a slimming method that has toured the world and has many followers. But does the body wrap work to lose weight ? Let's see together whether or not.

Le body wrap, est ce que ça marche pour maigrir ?

Sleep well to lose weight

Why sleeping well is important to lose weight

To lose weight it is not enough to eat well and play sports. Do you know that you can lose more weight by doing absolutely nothing but sleeping? Sleep is important to lose weight, and if you are wondering why do not hesitate to read our file.

Pourquoi bien dormir est important pour maigrir ?