The body wrap, does it work to lose weight?

The body wrap is once again on the rise: we see it everywhere, whether on slimming blogs or on social networks. Presenting itself as a "miracle" solution to lose weight, the body wrap technique consists of wrapping oneself with tissue or cellophane to lose weight. As you will have understood, it offers you a way to "flatten" your belly effortlessly and in a few minutes. Practical and cheap, this tool leaves no one indifferent. But does the wrapping method really work? We tell you everything in this article.

What is the body wrap?

body wrap Also called "slimming wrap", the body wrap consists of wrapping your belly or other part of your body using a strip made of fabric soaked in herbal infusion, or composed of cellophane. The slimming wrap offers a smoothing and slimming effect as well as a well-sculpted silhouette. A miracle solution that loses up to 2 centimeters of waist circumference, in a few minutes and effortlessly. Moreover, it is a very simple technique that can be easily performed to slim down without dieting.

More concretely, the body wrap is intended to reproduce the effect of sweating on the body. It consists of wrapping a roll of cellophane on the targeted part of the body, then applying a homemade slimming infusion that will infiltrate the skin. Wrapping the cellophane (or tissue) could increase the effects of the infusion tenfold while increasing the heat of the skin to accelerate sweating. Sweating would thus promote water loss, which explains the reduction in waist circumference. It would also have the advantage of eliminating toxins through sweat.

For a homemade slimming wrap, you can use an infusion or mixture based on green clay, algae and essential oils. But in the trade, there is also a device in the form of a patch, consisting of gel based on sophoricoside and natural extracts (including jojoba seeds) or essential oils. There is also a wrap in the form of a body mask. This device contains plant active ingredients that promote the refinement of the silhouette thanks to their combined slimming, detox, fat burning and anti-cellulite effects.

Does it really work?

body wrap results Of course, the strong point of the body wrap is that it offers a clearly visible and almost instant result. But the other side of the coin: after a few minutes of wrapping, you do not lose fat, but only water. Indeed, the principle of the wrap is to promote sweating to eliminate unsightly bulges around the hips or thighs.

If the body wrap is still relevant, it is above all because it gives an almost instant result with a smoother and firmer skin. But as we said, the problem is that after a few hours, the slimming effect will disappear and your figure will become as before. Indeed, you will again drink water that will circulate in your cells, which will restore the lost centimeters. Thus, the body wrap solution is not reliable over time; it is effective for a slimming effect of a few hours.

As we will have understood, the effect of the slimming wrap is almost instantaneous but it is a temporary result. If you have a party or date for which you need to put on a small dress that is now narrow, this technique could make it easier for you. But over the drinks and foods you swallow, it will not guarantee that you will be comfortable in your outfit. Thus, do not expect a lasting result with the body wrap method.

Some ways to maximize the slimming effect of the body wrap

You should know that the particularity of the slimming wrap is that the device focuses on a specific part of your body that you want to refine. Whether it is the belly, hips, arms or thighs, the slimming effect of the wrap is often magical. But you can still improve the rendering with our slimming tips by rubbing your skin with rubbing alcohol. Then you carefully apply the tissue or cellophane film. The strip should then flatten on your skin, and you should make several turns to cover the entire affected area.

Once the strip is tightly wrapped on your skin, let it act for at least 45 minutes (you can even leave the wrap overnight). But while you're wearing the wrap, be sure to compensate for the water loss by drinking more than 2 liters of water throughout the day. And don't forget to practice a little sport to promote sweating, even when you're not wearing the body wrap.

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