How to firm your skin after weight loss?

With the proliferation of rapid weight loss programs on the market, many people end up with distended skin on certain parts of their body. In the dock, we can mention the drastic regimes that often lead to this problem of flaccid skin. Often located under the arms, at the level of the neck or belly, this flaccid skin is particularly troublesome, but fortunately, it is possible to remedy it.

Where does skin flaccidity come from after weight loss?

weight loss flaccid skin After rapid weight loss, often achieved through so-called "miracle" diets, it happens that the elastic components of the skin lose the layers of fat that kept them tense. However, these components do not have enough time to adapt to your new figure, especially in case of poor diet and dehydration. Thus, the skin that had stretched during the period of overweight must retract on its own.

To avoid having to tighten the skin after weight loss, you should know that draconian diets and too intense physical activities can quickly destroy as many muscles as fat. Thus, your skin is doubly penalized: the layer of muscle that holds it against your body is eliminated, just like the fat that kept the skin tense.

This is why it is better to avoid fast diets: it is better to be content to lose up to 1 kg of fat per week and gradually decrease the goal until you reach 2 kg lost per month.

Nourish your skin well to restore its elasticity

If you have not had the reflex to nourish your skin before starting the slimming diet, it is still possible to catch up after the fact. To do this here are our slimming tips : Apply a moisturizer on the skin, every day morning and evening. By getting into this habit, you will help your skin regain its natural elasticity. And if your skin is a little distended, you can opt for a moisturizer that will firm it up at the same time, such as caffeine-based creams. Finally, do not hesitate to apply an exfoliating scrub at least once a week, in order to remove dead skin cells.

A suitable diet after weight loss

A healthy and balanced diet is essential not only for effective weight loss but also for fresh and firm skin. So why not continue your diet by continuing to include foods rich in essential nutrients and low in sweet products? We already know that excess sugar can significantly damage the cells of the epidermis and cause the skin to lose its elasticity of yesteryear.

In addition, it is also best to include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet. Indeed, it is vitamin C that promotes the synthesis of collagen, a substance that protects the skin from many external aggressions while improving its appearance.

Finally, do not hesitate to consume foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which contribute to the resistance of the skin. Special mention for linoleic acid which strengthens the structure of the skin; you can find it in chicken, vegetable oils and oilseeds.

Sport to firm up after weight loss

firm your skin weight loss If a healthy and adapted diet contributes to the elimination of toxins, it is sport that will, for its part, firm your skin and support your slimming efforts in the long term. It is true that not all sports are equal when it comes to tone, but you also do not need to train like a professional athlete.

For an amateur to intermediate level, it is better to limit yourself to swimming, jogging, gym or cardio machines: these sports will mobilize most of the muscles of the body. However, if you want to target your abs-glutes, do not hesitate to multiply the abdominals, lunges and cardio sessions, which will allow you to find a flat stomach and burn the remains of superfluous fat.

Finally, if you want to go further, you can also practice bodybuilding exercises, most of which can now be done at home. Sheathing abs, Crossfit, lifting loads, squats… So many exercises that allow you to work out easily without getting professional devices. All you have to do is invest in dumbbells, rubber bands or a jump rope. However, remember to spare your muscles and perform warm-ups to avoid any risk of stiffness. And as in all sports, don't forget to give yourself time to recover between each session.

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