Is it possible to lose weight in a localized way?

It is well known that regular physical activity combined with an adapted diet promotes the elimination of fat reserves in the body. It is also known that some people find that they have lost more fat in specific areas than on their whole body. We can also read on the Internet that it is quite possible to lose fat from a specific part of the body by practicing a targeted exercise. But if everyone would like so much to lose just belly or just thighs, is it an achievable dream or a pure utopia? Let's dissect this question together.

How does weight loss work?

lose weight in a localized way To understand why localized weight loss is not always achievable, it is important to know how the body burns fat. Above all, when we lose weight, the body actually burns fat in the cells in order to produce energy.

Before burning, these fats in the form of triglycerides must be broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol, substances capable of entering the bloodstream. So when training on the rower or jogging, the broken down fats used as energy can come from any part of the body, knowing that they were in the blood. Hence the impossibility of losing weight in a localized way, even if we work the targeted exercise area.

No, it is not possible to lose weight in a localized way

Certainly, it can be tempting to practice muscle exercise targeting a specific area of your body in order to lose weight in a localized way. Unfortunately, scientists who have looked into the matter have found that weight loss doesn't work that way.

Several studies have therefore contradicted the claim that it is possible to lose weight only in certain places of the body. The same goes for one-time weight reduction, which is also ineffective in burning fat in specific parts of the body. Among these studies, a survey of 24 people who performed only abdominal exercises for 6 weeks showed only no reduction in belly fat.

Another study focused on 40 overweight women who performed abdominal resistance training for 12 weeks. She revealed that this targeted exercise has no effect on belly fat loss. Similarly, a study looking at the effectiveness of upper body resistance training came to the same conclusion. For 12 weeks, 104 study participants trained by targeting only their non-dominant arms. An experiment that proved unsuccessful.

lose fat locally

However, it should be noted that some studies have still presented contradictory results. This is the case of a study of 10 people who trained in a targeted way, and who then saw their areas close to muscle contractions increase in volume. The same is true for another study involving 16 women, which concluded that a localized workout followed by 30 minutes of elliptical trainer leads to weight loss in specific parts of the body.

Localized weight loss: case of the abdomen

Good news: belly fat is often the fat you lose first as part of a slimming diet. Indeed, the hormones responsible for fat burning are mainly found in the abdomen. A news that will surely delight men and women concerned about their line, especially since abdominal fat is the most harmful to the cardiovascular system.

Localized weight loss: the case of hip fat

Unlike that of the belly, the most difficult to remove is the fat of the hips, the fat that is responsible for the love handles. Slimming tip : There are slimming creams that are specifically formulated to treat love handles and fight cellulite localized on the hips.

Bodybuilding to better target a part of your body

Clearly, it is almost impossible to lose fat on a specific part of our body. You may train your abdominals for hours, but you will not lose more fat in the belly. However, if endurance and cardio activities burn a significant amount of calories in the moment, intensive strength training can increase metabolism in the long run. Thus, intensive bodybuilding exercises, such as fractional, allow you to lose weight provided you opt for an adapted diet.

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