At what rate to lose weight?

When it comes to removing bulges or a few extra pounds, everyone wants to quickly see the results of their efforts. You should know that weight loss is a reaction that takes place in the long term, but this does not prevent some slimming diets from shaking up the body's processes, at the risk of causing fatigue and a yo-yo effect. But then, isn't the best weight loss diet the one that combines a balanced diet with regular physical activity, and above all, that will give the body time to adapt? Isn't the best weight loss diet the one that reconciles us with the mirror and the scale, without forcing us to jeopardize our physical balance? So at what rate to lose weight to stay healthy and see the results on the scale?

How long does it take to get convincing results?

at what rate to lose weight By following a draconian diet, it is quite possible to lose several pounds very quickly, but again, the result is not sustainable. Not only are strict diets likely to create significant deficiencies in your body, but they will also produce the yo-yo effect. Indeed, when it undergoes too much deprivation, the body begins to store the slightest calories and fats in order to prepare for the next deprivation. This is why many slimming quests end in failure when they aim to produce too fast weight loss.

For sustainable weight loss, the ideal slimming advice is to plan a diet over 4-5 months, which obviously combines an adapted diet and regular physical activity. As a result, the weight loss process is long-lasting, and by adopting a healthy and adapted diet, it becomes easier to keep the line in the long term.

The best pace to lose weight sustainably

It is worth remembering that when it comes to weight loss, it's all about intake and calorie deficit. In order to remove a few pounds, it is necessary to create a negative balance, that is, to spend much more energy than the calories absorbed through the diet. But it is still necessary to respect a certain rhythm that will maintain the ideal weight and accustom the body to new eating habits.

An often verified rule in the field of weight loss is that, the more drastic the diet, the easier it is to regain the lost weight. We are talking about the famous yo-yo effect. And in addition to promoting rapid weight gain, draconian diets create huge deficiencies while uncontrollably modifying many parameters of the body: cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar…

weight loss rate As we mentioned, it is better to settle for a slow weight loss in order to avoid regaining the lost pounds once the hoped-for goal is reached. To keep a slim figure in the long term, it is therefore necessary to count on losing 1 kg per week or over two weeks, at a rate that does not force the decrease in daily caloric intake. At this rate, it is quite possible to lose 10 kg in 5 months.

In short, remember that a fast slimming diet is often incompatible with sustainable weight loss. It usually takes several months to lose a few pounds, in the same way that it took several years of overeating to get to a situation of overweight. Anyway, draconian diets do not bring anything good in the long term on your body or on your quest for slimming.

Weight Loss: Some Tips for More Lasting Results

It should be noted that no method or dietary supplement is effective enough to guarantee sustainable weight loss, especially since the use of these products and methods must be limited in time. Thus, to stabilize the weight over time, it is essential to adopt good eating habits on a daily basis.

Above all, it is essential to favor a complete meal rich in proteins, which help maintain muscle mass and promote the feeling of satiety. The same goes for essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) that the body cannot produce and must find in the diet.

In addition, it is strongly advised to opt for a diet rich in fiber. These substances act like proteins: they quickly give a feeling of satiation and help avoid feelings of deprivation.

Finally, to avoid any accumulation of fast sugars and saturated fatty acids, it is also important to stay away from industrial foods and prepared foods, as well as sugary drinks.

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