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  • Nerve Pain Medication


    Medically termed neuralgia, nerve pain is pain that follows the path of specific nerves. Its causes vary from injury, nerve degeneration, inflammation, compression by adjacent structures like tumours or inflamed tissues to disease like arthritis. Although it can occur at any age, attacks are most common in the...

  • How To Gain Healthy Weight


    To gain healthy weight you must opt for healthy cooking and eating methods. The menu for the entire day should represent all essential food groups. Substitute whole milk with skimmed or toned milk. Similarly opt for curds made from skimmed milk. Use unpolished rice instead of polished, milled rice. Wherever...

  • What Is Lupus Disease


    Lupus is an auto immune disease which affects different organs of the body, joints, skins and internal organs also. This disease is found in both males and female but according to the stats lupus disease is mostly found in females. This is a hereditary disease and it is carried from...

  • Weight Loss Diet Exercise


    When considering your health, you need to think about several things not the least of which is your weight. Some of the methods of weight management include weight loss diet exercise. These things contribute to a general sense of well being and an ego boost when your body begins to...

  • Pain Management Medications


    There are a number of pain management medications to choose from when suffering from severe pain. The main types of pain management medications are acetaminophen, nsaids or non steroidal, corticosteroids, narcotics, anti convulsants and local anesthetics. Acetaminophen is a common drug and is found in over the counter medications like...

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