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  • 1500 Calorie Low Carb Diet


    Do you want to lose weight, but have trouble doing so? You are not alone. Many people have trouble losing weight, mostly because they do not understand their body type. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you change how you eat only to keep the pounds on? Even when you...

  • Living Well With Autoimmune Disease


    The human body is not the epitome of perfection and just like any system, it is subject to mishaps here and there every once in a while. Our bodies have natural immunity which prevents disease by guarding our bodies against the agents of disease in the form of viruses and...

  • Ginkgo Biloba In Herbal Medicine


    Other Common Names: Ginkgo, Icho, Ityo, Maidenhair Tree, Pai Kuo, Yin Hsing, Yin Kuo, Ginkgo biloba Range: E. Asia - N. China Habitat: Found wild in only 2 localities at Guizhou and on the Anhui/Zhejiang border, where it grows on rich sandy soils. Composition: Seed (Dry weight) - Water: 0 Calories: 403 Protein:...

  • Low Carb Diet Tips


    One of the popular diet options is the low carb diet. However, getting to know the rules of such a diet can be hard work. Thankfully, there are low carb diet tips available to help you get going and not fall off the diet bandwagon simply because you don't really...

  • Weight Chart For Girls


    As you know girls are much more interested to know whether their weight is normal than guys. That is why there are so many weight charts for girls! But that could actually be not so good because each of the dozens charts for girls use different formulas and calculation methods....

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