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  • Back Pain Diagnosis


    Back pain is one of the most common ailments attributed to today’s lifestyle. It can vary from a constant slow pain to sudden and sharp pain. While acute pain is suddenly arriving and may last from few days to few weeks, chronic pain usually lasts for more than three to...

  • Juniperus Communis In Herbal Medicine


    Other Common Names: Ardij Aghaji, Common Juniper, Enebro, Havrest, Sabino Macho, Yoshu-Nezu, Juniperus communis Range: Britain; Canada; Europe; Kurdistan; Malaya; North Africa; North Asia; USA Habitat: Chalk downs, but only where there is least sunshine and most rain, heaths, moors, pine and birch woods, on acid peat, often dominant on chalk, limestone and slate. Juniper...

  • Health Food Pyramid


    Today many people are concerned about their weight. For this reason, they pursue a nutrition plan called a health food pyramid. When deciding in which plan to choose they have to decide what the goal of the diet is. Is it to look better in your swimsuit or is it...

  • Liquid Diet Lose Weight


    Are you thinking of going on a liquid diet lose weight? If you need to lose weight there are plenty of diets out there. You have to know which diet is going to be better for you and your body. There are consequences to dieting that you...

  • Article


    There are 13 Women's Health Boutique locations in the US. The Women's Health Boutique was begun in order to offer women special healthcare. A woman has special needs when it comes to health care. It may be that you need information on something your doctor wishes you to do or...

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