Food Nutrition Facts

Food and nutrition are the basis of human life. These are the second most important factor which helps in sustaining life. The prime factor is after all indisputably air. Humans can survive for some days or even weeks without any food, but surviving even a couple of seconds without air is unthinkable and impossible.

Food is basically what ever an individual eats. One man's food can be another man's poison, as the adage goes. A substance considered as food by one individual may not be given the same preference by another person. More over it may even be considered with disgust by an individual with different food habits.

But nutrition is something which is constant. All humans require the same factors for nutrition, only the amount and quantity varies. The best example is of the various vitamins, minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, chromium etc.

Foods are broadly classified in to carbohydrates, fats and proteins depending on their chemical composition. The types of foods depending upon their source are vegetarian, where the source is from a plant and non-vegetarian food where the source is from an animal, fish, bird, insect or reptile kingdom.

Food has become an important aspect of human social behavior too. There are typical preferences in food with respect to tradition, religion, culture, nationality and even locality. What other field of human life has received so much of introspection, innovation, research and debates other than food?

Food has always been linked to the personal facet of human nature. Food is not only an important factor, but also the lack of it. Several countries have been labeled as below poverty line, where hunger and lack of food is the norm and deaths due to starvation are quite a common feature. Food is important not only to humans but to all living organisms on this entire planet.

Food was always hunted for in the primitive ages. But the real civilization of man began when he learnt to harvest or grow his own food. If agriculture and harvesting of food would have never been learnt, man would have been extinct long ago, probably with the dinosaurs.

Food is important to human life, and the most important component of food is the nutrition obtained from it. Every living organism requires food to sustain life and nutrition to enhance it. Nutrition of food involves the presence of the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the recommended amount as regulated by the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of America.

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