How to manage your diet after the holidays?

Often, winter parties rhyme with calories. Between foie gras, oysters, Christmas logs and other sweets that flow profusely during two weekends, hello the bulges and love handles on our hips! During these festive periods, salads and other raw vegetables are left aside to replace them with raclettes, fondues, tartiflettes, certainly very tasty but very caloric. It often happens that we end up with 3 extra kilos on the scale. This is why it is mandatory to lose fat. Here are our tips for a slimming diet after the holidays.

We react as soon as possible

manage your diet after the holidays Of course, to be able to limit the damage to our silhouettes, we will have to react as quickly as possible. At the end of the festive meal period, we stop eating all the foods that can increase our sugar or fat levels. You can set a date for yourself to stop the large meals, but keep in mind that by reacting as soon as possible, your body will thank you.

Once this date is crossed, you attack with a detox week to purify your body. But we're not going to lie: it will be a pretty hard time. Because you will go from two plates to half of one. However, the idea here is not to starve yourself, but to accustom your body to fruits and vegetables. In short, you will have understood, exit any fat during this detox period. Instead, we rely on water and foods containing fiber to control the feeling of hunger.

You can revamp the inside of your fridge

A detox period requires changing your diet and opting for a healthy lifestyle. We avoid cracking on the remains of foie gras or ice logs, and for this, we sort in his fridge it is the best advice to lose weight. In the end, the latter should contain only healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains… These three food families include all the nutrients and minerals ideal for purifying the body and improving digestion. Similarly, red meat is left aside to choose lean steamed fish.

We rehydrate at will

During the holidays, we often abuse over-watered evenings and sweets, which lead to nausea and migraine. And to remedy these disorders, one drinks from time to time a large glass of water to rehydrate, purify one's body and eliminate all toxins and all the remains of fats. To restore your water reserves, do not hesitate to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. But you are not forced to drink bottled water: rehydrate yourself in all ways: tea, broth, herbal tea… And for this last drink, there are "special detox" herbal teas enriched with antioxidants that will save you a lot of ailments. To accompany these hydration efforts, you must also opt for diuretic foods: lemon juice, soups, green tea, infusions…

We don't skip any meal

ideal slimming breakfast After a lunch too large, we tend to skip dinner or even until breakfast the next day. But that's a mistake! This fasting will only force the body to store the calories it has ingested. It is therefore better to eat 3 meals a day but including suitable dishes: low-fat foods (with unsaturated fats but not saturated) and low sugar.

Thus, a good breakfast should not contain honey, configure, industrial cereals or bread with white flour. On the other hand, we opt for oatmeal, fresh fruit (limited to 3 fruits), wholemeal bread and a little ham to provide energy without too many calories.

In addition, an effective rule to avoid weight gain is to respect your hunger. Thus, you should eat only when you feel a little peckish, and stop eating as soon as you feel full. In fact, the main thing is to pay attention to your eating sensations in order to better understand and satisfy the needs of your body. By doing so, you will not have to follow a draconian diet because a few simple gestures are enough to detoxify your body.

We play sports

Sports training After the holiday season, nothing beats jogging or a little walking to oxygenate and detoxify your body. You don't have to run every day or lift heavy dumbbells. Another alternative, swimming: twenty minutes of swimming at the pool will be enough to keep you in shape and maintain your vitality. The main thing is of course to ventilate, but also to burn calories in order to lighten the body

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