Slimming sports training: An essential practice to lose weight

In your weight loss goal, sports training holds a very important place. It is thanks to sport that you will be able to burn more calories and thus lose weight faster. In parallel with a balanced diet, regularly practicing sports will help you lose weight faster than someone sedentary. To better understand this process, here are several well-documented files.

Weight loss and sweating

weight loss sweating

In the imagination of many people, sweating is synonymous with weight loss. But what exactly, do you necessarily have to sweat to lose weight? Find the answer as well as a lot of additional information in our file.

Est-ce que transpirer signifie maigrir ?

Abdominals and flat stomach

abdominal muscles

Before having a flat stomach, you need to be interested in how it works. At the heart of its functioning: the abdominal muscles. We explain how they work and the usefulness of each muscle to help you understand how to lose weight next.

Comment fonctionne les abdominaux

Abdominal exercise

abdominal exercise

The secret of a flat stomach goes through the mastery of several exercises for the abdominals. By strengthening your abdominal strap, you will gradually reshape your belly to give it a flatter and more toned appearance. Let's see together the best exercises to strengthen your abs.

Les 5 meilleurs exercices pour les abdominaux

Sheathing and flat stomach

Sheathing and flat stomach

When we talk about slimming, we often hear about sheathing. Behind this strange word is a very effective method of muscle building to sculpt a flat stomach. Discover the importance of sheathing if you are ever looking to have a flat stomach.

Pourquoi le gainage est important pour avoir un ventre plat

Flat stomach exercises

exercise flat stomach

It is not only the sheathing to have a flat stomach. There are many fitness exercises that aim to solicit the abdominal muscles. Between hiit training, strength training and flexibility, here is an overview of the best flat stomach exercises.

Les 5 meilleurs exercices pour avoir le ventre plat

Anti-cellulite exercises

anti cellulite exercise

Cellulite is not inevitable! To overcome orange peel and unsightly cellulite there are many fitness exercises to do at home or in the gym. Find in our file a selection of exercises to finally make your cellulite disappear !

Les 5 meilleurs exercices anti-cellulite

Sports that make you lose weight

Sports that make you lose weight

In your weight loss goal, you don't have to do fitness or sheathing necessarily. There are a whole bunch of other sports that make you lose weight. We have grouped them in a dedicated article and classified into individual and team sports according to your desires.

Les sports qui font le plus maigrir

Water aerobics and slimming

Water aerobics and slimming

Among all the slimming sports, we decided to make a special focus on aquagym. It is a sport that is very gentle on the body and joints but induces a high energy expenditure, and therefore calories burned and weight loss. Let's see this in a dedicated folder.

Les bienfaits de l’aquagym pour maigrir

HIIT to lose weight

HIIT to lose weight

If you are told high-intensity interval training you may not understand these terms. Better known as HIIT, this high-intensity training method is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight. We explain everything in a dedicated folder.

HIIT : La méthode d’entrainement pour bruler des calories

The Tabata method

The Tabata method

Now that you know HIIT, we will be able to go into more detail by introducing you to the Tabata method which we believe is the best HIIT method to burn calories. Find all the information about this method in our article below.

Tout savoir sur la méthode Tabata pour perdre du poids