The benefits of aquagym to lose weight

When they start exercising, overweight people sometimes feel discomfort because they have trouble moving or do not assume their figure. And then they discovered aquagym, a special sport that provides a feeling of lightness without equal. Indeed, immersed in water, the body becomes lighter, and even a superhuman effort under water will not risk abusing the joints.

For their part, underwater, the muscles work more intensely, while muscle movements gain support in order to fight against the resistance of the aquatic environment. In short, when done with the right technique, water aerobics can be as effective and intense as a classic workout on land. If you are still discovering water aerobics, discover the benefits of this sport for weight loss.

Water aerobics increases endurance

Doing water aerobics is a great way to increase endurance, for the simple reason that water is a terrain that offers natural resistance. Thus, this aquatic activity is different from lifting weights, which forces the body to pull and push against the weight. On the other hand, water implies a low-impact resistance which in turn contributes to the development of endurance.

Burn more calories

aquagym weight loss Water aerobics combines cardio exercises with strength training in an aquatic environment. This makes this activity a full-body workout to maximize calorie burning. Thus, depending on the level of cardio activity, the volume and temperature of the water, it is usually possible to burn between 400 and 500 calories in an hour of water aerobics, which is more than enough to lose weight.

In addition, water is also known to offer greater resistance than air: walking in water requires more effort and ultimately burns more calories than a simple walk. This is the reason why water rowers are much more interesting than air models when it comes to weight loss.

Low-impact training

Water is known to exert an ascending force on us humans. This principle known as "buoyancy" allows us to feel up to 90% less weight when we are in the water. Enough to make water exercises an ideal activity for low-impact training. As a reminder, low-impact training has the advantage of working as many muscles as possible without causing too many negative effects on the joints.

Water aerobics to improve your physical and mental health

The natural resistance of water increases strength while keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your workout. According to scientists, just 150 minutes of pool training per week is enough to reduce your risk of chronic disease. Water aerobics can improve your cardiovascular and respiratory system in the same way as cycling or running. Water is about 800 times denser than air, so it offers about 12 times more resistance. Thus, the movements you make in the pool can make your whole body work, especially your arms, legs, shoulders and trunk.

Increase muscle strength

Beyond the slimming aspect, aquagym is also ideal for increasing muscle strength. This is because the water flows in several directions, thus increasing the resistance in the pool more than the resistance in the air. As for the muscles worked by aquagym, these are simply numerous: the abdominals, glutes, thighs, arms, back, chest …

Aquagym to train while having fun

aquagym Maybe more than other sports, water aerobics is always fun! Participating in an aquatic course not only makes us happier and healthier, but it is also an excellent experience that promotes meetings and exchanges between friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

If aquagym is an excellent ally to lose weight, we must not forget that this activity requires patience and perseverance. Indeed, losing weight with a sport like aquagym is a goal that is not achieved in a day, and you must give your body time to assimilate the energy expenditure.

Already, for effective weight loss, it is better to do at least 2 sessions of aquagym per week, at the rate of one hour per session. Even better, the ideal is to practice at least 3 times a week if your schedule allows it. If you want a more intense session that offers faster results, consider aquafitness, to practice with dedicated equipment. The muscular effort will be boosted while the energy expenditure will be maximized.

Finally, to achieve your slimming results faster, do not forget to adopt healthy and adapted eating habits.

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