HIIT: The Training Method to Burn Calories

There are probably hundreds of methods and diets supposedly slimming. Unfortunately, only a handful of these "magic" solutions actually work, and HIIT is surely one of them. To tell the truth, HIIT (High intensity interval training for Anglophiles) is a training program that has the wind in its sails. His promise? Do intense sports over a short period of time, through interval training and short, high-intensity movements. Enough to seduce men and women concerned about their time. Based on the afterburn effect, this training technique causes you to lose a lot of calories in a session of only a few minutes. Zoom in on HIIT or high-intensity interval training.

HIIT: how does it work?

hiit to lose weight As the name suggests, high-intensity interval training consists of a training technique alternating between short high-intensity efforts (for 30 seconds, for example) and very short recovery times (15 seconds) to build muscle mass while losing fat mass. Indeed, this method encourages the body to draw the resources it needs from protein and lipid reserves, even several hours after the session. As a result, we lose fat faster.

HIIT is a versatile method: it is practiced in running, cycling, boxing or with exercises that target several muscle groups at the same time (push-ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers… You should know that high-intensity interval training has been available in many variants, such as Tabata, the most well-known HIIT method. Alternates 20 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of recovery, the Tabata method is generally aimed at experienced athletes. But when you start, the ideal is to alternate 30 seconds of high-intensity effort and 30 seconds of rest.

The Benefits of HIIT for Weight Loss

It must be said that high-intensity interval training often offers results that meet our expectations. After a few weeks of practice, we can expect to see results on our figure, which then becomes more toned, a sport to lose weight that works well in short. But with all sports, this weight loss is not just the result of physical activity. A healthy, adapted and balanced diet is essential to effectively impact the fats to be relocated. Indeed, as in any weight loss strategy, accelerating slimming is based on both permanent food control and physical activity.

Effective and fast to lose weight

As you can see, HIIT is the ideal training method for a busy schedule. It represents a reliable ally whether you want to practice your lunch break or get in shape for an event that is fast approaching. According to scientists, it is possible to make more progress in just 15 minutes of HIIT (three times a week) than during an hour of treadmill session.

And according to a 2011 study presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, just two weeks of HIIT significantly improves your aerobic capacity by up to six to eight weeks of endurance training.

In short, high-intensity interval training is your best friend to meet your schedule. Even if you only have four minutes, you can adapt to an effective HIIT workout.

Burn more fat

Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts aren't familiar with the anaerobic area (that charming place where you can't breathe and feel like your heart is trying to jump out of your chest). But in this case, extreme training produces extreme results. A 2006 study found that after eight weeks of HIIT training, you'll be able to cycle twice as long as you could before your workout, while maintaining the same pedaling pace.

HIIT requires no equipment

slimming training the hiit Running, cycling, jumping rope or rowing are all very suitable for HIIT, and you don't need any other equipment to train. Similarly, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks… All movements are allowed to increase your heart rate quickly and enjoy the benefits of HIIT.

In fact, some equipment such as dumbbells can reduce the effectiveness of HIIT. Indeed, the ideal is to push your heart rate to the maximum, and not to focus on building your biceps.

Lose weight while preserving muscles

When dieting, it often happens that you lose muscle mass, even in small quantities, with fat. While aerobic cardio training seems to promote muscle loss, scientists recognize that strength training and HIIT sessions allow dieters to preserve their hard-earned muscles while ensuring that most of the weight lost comes from unnecessary fat stores.

Accelerate basal metabolism

In addition to promoting fat burning and further preserving muscle, high-intensity interval training stimulates the production of your human growth hormone (HGH) by up to 450% during the 24 hours following the end of your session. This particular hormone is not only responsible for increasing calorie burning, but it also slows down the aging process, one of the most important benefits of HIIT.

A training method that can be practiced anywhere

Whether in the gym, office, park or in the middle of a football field, high-intensity interval training can be done anywhere. Especially since the flexibility of this method allows you to adjust it according to your availability and physical abilities. Thus, you can make maximum effort for a short period of time followed by another recovery period. You can adjust the configuration of your exercises according to the time and space constraints you have. In short, this is another asset that proves how flexible HIIT cardio training is!

A training method that requires physical exertion

Suffice to say that HIIT is not practiced by reading a magazine or talking with your colleague. Since this is such a short workout, why not work hard to finish it as quickly as possible? The advantage of HIIT is that this training format offers seasoned athletes the opportunity to take on a new challenge, and beginners a quick way to see the results. This is an advantage of HIIT that you will not find in other training methods.

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