Why is sheathing important to have a flat stomach?

An essential ally of a muscle building program, sheathing offers many advantages for effective physical training. If it is best known for strengthening the abdominals, this muscle training is also regularly praised for its action in terms of refining the silhouette, especially that of the belly. We do know that sheathing is a complete bodybuilding exercise that relies on bodyweight work. Let's take a look at the importance of sheathing for a flat stomach.

What action does sheathing have on my belly?

abdominal sheathing Sheathing is a great exercise for training. Suitable for everyone, from beginners to high-level athletes, it has many advantages for the body:

  • strengthening of the abdominal strap,
  • better transmission of forces between the upper and lower body,
  • renewed balance,
  • better posture,
  • and especially obtaining a flat stomach.

As you will have understood, sheathing has only positive effects for the body, one more reason to integrate it into your training sessions.

Have a flat stomach with sheathing

When we talk about sheathing, we immediately think of strengthening the abdominal strap, and rightly so. Indeed, this technique makes it possible to work in depth the entire center of the body. It effectively solicits the abdominal muscles, especially the transverse muscle, which will be worked with the help of a ventral sheathing to refine its belly. As for the side sheathing, it is ideal to overcome love handles, provided you combine it with a healthy and balanced diet.

In any case, sheathing is a very interesting alternative for those who can not practice crunches or other classic abs exercises, who can only tone the superficial muscles, or who may cause lower back pain in case of false movements.

Clearly, the advantages of sheathing do not stop at the aesthetic aspect alone. Because this method is the ideal ally for all athletes who want to practice for a long time and without too much effort, as well as non-athletes looking for a less intense training.

Sheathing is useful to strengthen your abs

Also called "board", the classic sheathing is essential to sheath the silhouette. This is a work in isometry, insofar as the sheathing implies a continuous but static contraction, that is to say without movement. Thus, the idea is simply to hold the position long enough to solicit all the muscles in depth, and this until you feel a kind of burn. This simplicity of sheathing has also earned it a very high popularity among young sportsmen or non-athletes who start sheathing in order to gain abdominals (the famous "plank challenge"). Indeed, under its somewhat hard pace, the sheathing allows all the movements and acrobatics. In addition, it boosts strength in both men and women, and offers a practical way to sculpt your figure and improve your resistance.

Training safely

abs sheathing Of course, sheathing is much less dangerous than conventional abs, when it comes to sports to lose weight. Indeed, we already know that when we do classic abs, if we do not concentrate 100% in the exercise, we tend to pull on the muscles suddenly, and it is other muscles (trapezius, shoulder blades, rib cage) that may suffer. As a result, we will not be able to target the deep and superficial muscles of the abdominal strap, especially since we lose efficiency by working secondary muscles.

In addition, traditional abs are known to cause headaches and shoulder pain when not performed properly. On the other hand, when you practice sheathing, it is enough to position yourself well and then hold as long as possible in order to reap the benefits without the risks of conventional abs.

Develop balance and flexibility

Of course, like any workout, a good sheathing exercise requires concentration, balance and coordination. This type of training solicits, in fact, the stabilizing muscles, consisting in particular of the muscles of the abdominal belt and the para-lumbar muscles.

In addition to regular work on balance, you also develop your flexibility by performing sheathing. With the board for example, you cause stretching and strengthening of the posterior muscles. Over time, these muscles will be more and more sheathed and more stable, which will necessarily improve your mobility.

Improve your posture

Another particularity of the sheathing: this training method also helps to find an upright and stable posture. Indeed, it deeply strengthens the core muscles and the corresponding joints, which will significantly improve the body position, especially in the back, shoulders and chest. In fact, it is mainly the abdominal muscles, real supports of the spine, which make it possible to correct a bad posture.

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