The sports that make you lose weight the most

Running, boxing, swimming, cycling, elliptical trainer… It's always said that exercising is good for your health, but training while burning more calories is better. However, while all sports burn calories, some are still more effective than others. Thus, not all sports are created equal when it comes to burning calories for weight loss. Without further ado, here are the best physical activities that make you lose weight the most.

Individual sports to lose weight

You should know that not all sports are suitable for everyone and that not all sports disciplines necessarily cause fat loss. In order to help you choose the ideal sport, here are 4 individual sports that will make you lose weight.

Swimming: 458 calories for 30 minutes of activity

swimming to lose weight It must be said that swimming is a cardiovascular powerhouse that makes the whole body work. This is a particularly wise choice for those who want to practice a low-impact workout on the joints. Especially since you don't need a lot of equipment: just get a swimsuit, glasses and a ticket to the pool. If breaststroke is the swimming technique that burns the most calories, you should also know that freestyle and crawl offer quite similar results.

HIIT: 444 calories per 30 minutes of activity

hiit to lose weight Although it is not technically a sport, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is one of the best ways to burn fat and lose weight, especially since you can choose the movements according to the sport(s) you practice.

Simply put, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training for Anglophiles) is a training consisting of repeated cycles of exercises performed with maximum effort during a given interval, followed by a short recovery period. For example, you could do a minute of squats, followed by 20 seconds of rest, followed by a minute of jumping rope, and so on. You don't need any equipment to do HIIT, but many trainers recommend resistance bands to maximize the bodyweight resistance challenge as well as a stopwatch case.

Running: 394 calories for 30 minutes of activity

running to slim down Similarly, all you need is a good pair of sneakers to run safely. You can also consult the seller's opinion to identify your needs and recommend the right running shoes.

If you're new to running, try the run-walk-run intervals. And remember that to lose weight, it's essential to check your heart rate to make sure you're getting the most out of your workout.

For this, many devices exist to help you track your heart rate and count the total number of your steps. You can also check out some map websites to measure the distance of your preferred route and divide it by the time you ran to gauge your speed and effort.

Climbing: 320 calories per 30 minutes of activity

Climbing is undoubtedly a big name among bodybuilding exercises. At first glance, it may seem intimidating, but there are sports clubs in France that introduce you to rock climbing, providing a completely secure artificial structure. These establishments rent basic equipment for climbing a rock face, such as harnesses and climbing shoes. You will also find help if you are looking for a practice ground to lose weight quickly.

Team sports to lose weight

If the prospect of running solo scares you, here are 4 activities you can try in order to lose weight through sport.

Flag football: 345 calories for 30 minutes of activity

While classic football is often controversial when it comes to weight loss, its American-Canadian version is unlikely to cause injury and offers low-impact training on the joints. The good news is that there are many flag football clubs in France to practice this sport. Keep in mind, however, that for team sports, you'll spend a lot of time resting due to downtime and replacements. A one-hour game can only provide up to 25 minutes of intense movement.

Kickball or Canadian ball: 296 calories for 30 minutes of activity

Kickball leagues are also gaining popularity in France and elsewhere in the world. As with football, all you need is to get a comfortable set of sportswear and a good pair of shoes. Similarly, the Canadian ball has a lot of stoppages, but you will take the opportunity to have fun.

Zumba: 271 calories for 30 minutes of activity

zumba to lose weight Technically, it is not considered a sport, but Zumba is a very popular group exercise class, ideal for burning calories. It is usually dispensed in sports clubs, but some have specialized in Zumba to offer a very affordable rate. Doing Zumba to lose weight is doing everything possible to imitate the movements of the instructor. So, if you don't sweat during the whole session, you're definitely not going to burn those 271 calories.

Basketball: 345 calories for 30 minutes of activity

When it comes to basketball, group play is better than a simple shooting, as the challenge of facing other players almost doubles the calorie burning. Many French cities offer free access to the basketball courts, so all you have to do is bring a basketball and check your pair of shoes, which must be replaced every 6 months in case of heavy use.

Other sports to lose fat

Other sports are also effective at burning extra fat, and among them are the stepper (a device that simulates climbing stairs), beach volleyball, boxing, rugby, squash and jumping fitness.

In addition, another way to train effectively is to combine a cardio activity with weight training sessions. You will enjoy the benefits of both practices, provided you add a good dose of motivation. The sports mentioned above have the advantage of combining these two sports, and thus allow you to save time throughout your slimming quest.

Is sport alone enough to lose weight?

If sport is indeed effective in losing calories (on average 600 calories for an hour of activity), it is necessary to burn nearly 8,000 to lose the equivalent of 1 kilo of fat. Since the body needs 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day to function (depending on your height and body size), it is therefore mainly the diet that plays a key role in weight loss.

For best results, it is ideal to consult a dietary specialist who will establish a dietary program according to your lifestyle and needs. The goal here is to eat better without depriving yourself of the foods you like. Indeed, contrary to what they promise, restrictive diets are a source of weight gain in the medium and long term: we are talking here about the famous yo-yo effect.

Thus, sport is an essential key to lose weight, but it is not enough to eliminate our extra pounds. Diet also plays an essential role, because sweating blood and water during a bodybuilding session will only be beneficial if you adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

On the other hand, if you do not want to practice sports but you want to bet only on a balanced diet to lose weight, you will certainly manage to limit your caloric intake, but the results on your figure will not be better. The reason for this is that your body will not be toned and its appearance will be flaccid. In short, a balance between sport and diet is therefore important to lose weight in a sustainable way.

Sport to lose weight: the importance of medical advice

Many sports allow you to burn calories effectively and thus slim down gently by varying the exercises. Beware, however, of overzealousness: no question of rushing headlong into a HIIT training without consulting your doctor. Indeed, the practice of a sport can be dangerous if you suffer from muscular, joint or cardiovascular disorders. This is why it is essential to consult the advice of your doctor before you start exercising.

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