What are the best detox foods

After the hearty meals at the end of the year, or simply after a weekend too festive, you have feelings of bloating, your digestion is difficult and you feel tired. Maybe it's time to feel good with a little detox? To do this, just look at the detox foods that are found in two families: fruits and vegetables. A few days of detox diet using these foods should be enough to eliminate the excess toxins accumulated in your body. Easy to integrate into our daily diet, these fruits and vegetables will detoxify in depth and help you feel good about yourself.

Why do a detox cure?

best detox foods Many of the foods we eat, associated with water pollution and stress, have a harmful effect on our health. Fatty foods, too salty or sweet, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol… So many "poisons" that must be eliminated several times a year with the help of a detox cure. And after excessive meals, such as at parties, it is also essential to purify your body through nutrition in order to restore and rebalance your intestinal flow.

Above all, it is necessary to distinguish the detox cure from a slimming diet. Unlike a weight loss program, it simply aims to eliminate toxins accumulated by the body, the excess of which could lead to fatigue, digestive disorders, joint pain, pale complexion …

It should be noted that many toxic substances are found in the human body, whether they are waste from metabolism (such as nitrogen waste from proteins), drug residues, pesticides or chemicals inhaled in polluted air. All these harmful compounds are, admittedly, detoxified naturally by the liver in order to be ejected via urine and stool. However, successive festive meals can reduce the body's ability to cleanse, which requires "artificial" detoxification through an adapted diet.

List of the best detox foods

1) Pineapple

A detoxifying food par excellence, this tropical fruit is packed with digestive activating enzymes. Moreover, it also contains a significant amount of fiber, which makes it effective in preventing constipation.

2) The lawyer

Avocado contains the most effective antioxidant, glutathione, which promotes the elimination of alcohol-related toxins. This fruit also contains a large amount of potassium to promote the elimination of toxins in the kidney.

3) The leek

Also rich in potassium but low in sodium, this vegetable is a real detox and diuretic. In addition, the leek also contains kaempferol, an antioxidant agent that prevents free radical damage and acts against cancer cells.

4) Lemon

lemon best detox food Lemon is still said to be the king of detox. And for good reason, it is an excellent source of citric acid, well known for its stimulating action on salivary secretion, bile and digestive juices. Enough to accelerate the elimination of toxins generated by fats and alcohol. Finally, lemon has a high level of potassium and vitamin C, giving it a strong diuretic power.

5) The kiwi

Kiwi contains various soluble fibers that gently stimulate the intestines. It also contains citric acid, which contributes to the proper functioning of the gallbladder, not to mention vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant.

6) Orange

Orange is a good source of vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant substance that maintains tone and vitality in all circumstances. This citrus fruit has a high level of potassium and calcium that reduce the acidity of the blood, often caused by taking caffeine or chocolate. It therefore regulates the acid-base ratio of the blood.

7) The apple

A true appetite suppressant, the apple also has its place in the field of detox. It contains dietary fiber that accelerates intestinal transit, while its pectin-rich pulp slows down fat absorption.

8) The pear

This apple-like fruit contains a high concentration of water and insoluble fiber that contribute to the regulation of intestinal flow, thus preventing constipation. The pear also contains potassium which plays a diuretic role.

9) Garlic

In addition to its particular taste, garlic contains many enzymes that eliminate toxins. Rich in allicin and selenium, it cleanses the liver and thus allows detoxification.

10) Cabbage

This vegetable belonging to the family of cruciferous Brassicaceae is well known for its slimming virtues. Moreover, it is not the only one to bring its detox benefits, because broccoli, white cabbage and Brussels sprouts also contain powerful antioxidants.

11) Apple cider vinegar

In North Africa, women love apple cider vinegar, which they use for detox cures. And for good reason, apple cider vinegar plays an antibacterial role that prevents microbes from accumulating in the intestines and thus reduces digestive disorders.

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