How to stop snacking?

Often decried by the community of dieticians and doctors, snacking is indeed harmful to health. While the body is used to absorbing food at set times, snacking outside of meals disrupts the digestive system. Not to mention that this bad habit is really unhealthy for our silhouettes. Yet, if we are well aware of this, it remains difficult to prevent ourselves from taking chocolate bars and pieces of cheese at any time of the day. But where does this compulsion come from? And how to stop snacking ? Here are our answers.

Where does this desire to snack come from?

stop snacking At certain times of the day, we all have this irrepressible desire to ingest this pack of sweets, this chocolate bar or sweet cakes. What these foods have in common is that they all contain sugar, an element that the body naturally needs to fight stress. And this is precisely what explains our desire to snack!

But there is also a completely different reason: insufficient nutrient intake during breakfast or lunch. This is particularly the case for men and women who go on a diet and severely limit the amount of their food, at the risk of not stopping to take a snack break.

Finally, another cause of snacking is that when we are bored, we all want to eat. And there, the only solution is to find a new occupation, even if it means going out, moving or dancing.

Solutions to stop snacking

To successfully avoid snacking, it is best to start by having a sufficiently satiating meal. So, there is no question of settling for a yogurt or a salad based on vegetables, which do not provide the strength to last until dinner. Indeed, it is above all the quality of the food that takes precedence: prefer the star foods of slimming nutrition containing proteins, fiber and foods with a low glycemic index. And do not hesitate to have a meal based on brown rice, embellished with vegetables and chicken meat, as well as the essential fruits.

Don't forget breakfast

Insufficient breakfast is often the main cause of craving for snacking between 8 and 12 o'clock. Even if you follow a slimming diet, never skip your breakfast because you have to gain strength when you wake up, knowing that your body is fasting during the hours of sleep.

Empty your closets

Yes, we do not resist temptations if the cupboards are filled with chocolate, sweets and cookies of all kinds. Instead of these foods, which are often harmful to health, we might as well favor healthier foods. Do not hesitate to take with you a carrot with croque or a sweet herbal tea to resist temptations.

Eating appetite suppressant foods

stop snacking The feeling of satiety is usually effective in countering a craving for snacking. To do this, eat protein-rich foods, such as eggs, meat, and fish, as well as foods high in fiber (vegetables and fruits). These foods have the advantage of being absorbed more slowly by the body, which will offer more energy and repel hunger.

In the same line of ideas, we can mention foods based on slow sugars as well as dried fruits, which ensure the regulation of blood sugar levels. This reaction decreases insulin levels, which are precisely responsible for the urge to snack.

If you want to go further, do not hesitate to look for oriental cuisine, which offers one of the best finds in appetite suppressant foods: seaweed. Indeed, the latter are not only low in calories, but also have the particularity of growing in the stomach, once mixed with water. Enough to ensure a feeling of satiety as if by magic!

Finally, the apple is also an excellent appetite suppressant fruit, a reason why it is used as part of a slimming diet. Consumed a few minutes before the meal, the apple helps you to fill up faster.

Stress and boredom

If you are so bored that nothing would satisfy yourself better than a chocolate bar, do not hesitate to find yourself an occupation. Pick up your phone, call a loved one, or meditate… In short, do not stand idly by to counter this compulsion. The same goes for stressful situations, where restful and zen activities like yoga and sophrology provide you with effective solutions against snacking.

Finally, if you have compulsive cravings for sweet snacks, you can take a dietary supplement based on chromium, a very effective substance to counter sugar cravings.

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