Does coffee make you lose weight?

For many people, drinking coffee is a real morning ritual that helps them start the day off on the right foot. Unfortunately, this sacrosanct ritual is sometimes accused of all the evils of the world: it is accused in particular of promoting obesity. But some scientists have repeatedly highlighted the appetite suppressant power of coffee. This drink that is part of the daily routine would help to increase concentration, stimulate the reflex and especially burn fat. Provided, however, that you avoid excess!

How can coffee accelerate weight loss?

lose weight with coffee Coffee contains as an active ingredient caffeine, a stimulating alkaloid that accelerates our metabolism, promoting the release of catecholamines into the blood, substances that burn fat stores in order to transform them into energy. Caffeine therefore acts at the nutrition level as a fat burner, operating in two different ways:

  • either by contributing to thermogenesis, i.e. the increase in body temperature to oxidize more fat in adipose tissue;
  • or by causing a phenomenon of lipolysis, which will release and burn fatty acids, which will destock fats and transform them into energy.

In addition to coffee, caffeine can also be consumed in the form of pills or dietary supplements. However, consuming caffeine alone is not enough to lose weight. Of course, this fat-burning effect must be accompanied by a balanced diet and especially regular physical activity. Moreover, the practice of sport is essential to maximize the benefits of caffeine.

The destocking of fats during a slimming diet

Coffee promotes the destocking of fat by activating different hormones in the body, such as adrenaline. When your body releases adrenaline under the action of caffeine, it follows the elimination of the fat that is in your cells so that it is quickly burned by the body. However, this requires removing sugar during your slimming cure to avoid any obstacle to the action of adrenaline. Thus, it is advisable to take your cups of coffee without sugar or cream, even if it means using a natural sweetener to avoid the bitter taste of coffee. Health professionals also recommend consuming coffee at least 5 hours before bed to avoid sleep disorders.

In addition to caffeine, coffee also contains chlorogenic acids that, like caffeine, cause the body to break down fat more efficiently. By combining the actions of caffeine with those of chlorogenic acid, coffee is effective in losing belly. And obviously, these two ingredients together produce a better fat-burning effect.

Coffee as an appetite suppressant

coffee diet Yes, coffee is an appetite suppressant drink that can annihilate any desire to snack almost instantly. To take advantage of this virtue of coffee, do not hesitate to have a cup one or two hours before the meal, which will lead you to eat less when it comes time to sit at the table.

Coffee to boost your physical abilities

As we have seen before, caffeine promotes the release of adrenaline in the body. However, the adrenaline released means more strength, more energy and more endurance, especially since the metabolism is significantly accelerated to burn more fat. Hence the interest of having coffee before a sports training session, especially if you train in the morning or early afternoon.

You should know that, even at low doses (even a large cup of coffee), caffeine improves mood, alertness and cognitive functions during and after a sports session… And this without noticeable side effects. So, if you lack enthusiasm during your fitness sessions, have a cup of coffee and you'll be better off!

Yes for coffee, but in moderation

Caution then, because if you are not a coffee lover, it is not advisable to get started just to remove a few extra pounds. Indeed, if coffee is good for health, overconsumption can, on the contrary, have negative effects on the body. Coffee burns fat effectively, but there is no question of consuming more than four large cups a day (a maximum of 400 mg of coffee). In any case, by limiting your consumption to only 3 cups a day, combining it with a balanced diet and regular sports practice, you will soon have a dream figure that will make Hollywood stars pale. This association will create a greater calorie deficit than physical activity alone produced in general.

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