What to eat at breakfast to lose weight?

It is always said that the secret of a good breakfast is to eat like a king. Itself often referred to as the king's meal, breakfast is the ideal meal to start the day. Indeed, it is he who will break the fast of the night and allow to start the day on the right foot. Unfortunately, we often skip that first meal of the day, whether for lack of time or lack of appetite. Yet, breakfast is considered by many specialists to be one of the most important meals for weight loss. Discover in this article why breakfast is very important to lose weight sustainably.

The importance of breakfast on a dietary level

slimming meal breakfast First of all, it should be remembered that breakfast is essential because it allows you to break the long night fast and provide energy for the activities of the day. In addition to its positive role in maintaining concentration and memorization, breakfast is also not indifferent in maintaining body weight.

Breakfast provides energy for the day

Breakfast is the meal that directly follows the fasting period during sleep. Obviously, your body needs energy to compensate for this fast and allow it to last until noon. If you ship breakfast, it won't receive the nutrients it could have turned into energy. This lack of nutrition will inevitably result in fatigue and impaired concentration and memorization.

Breakfast boosts brain function

Breakfast also restores blood glucose levels to normal, which drops significantly during the night's fast. However, glucose is essential for the proper functioning of organs, and in particular that of the brain. Consuming a healthy and balanced breakfast therefore restores glucose levels and ensures the proper functioning of brain activity. Enough to significantly improve memory and concentration throughout the day.

Breakfast to avoid cravings

It happens to all of us to skip breakfast, and in this case, we tend to be seduced by the small snacks between meals. However, shipping this first meal will create deficiencies in the long term and will unbalance our diet.

Breakfast to better control your weight

Many people skip several meals to hope to lose weight, even if it means starving. Yet, weight loss requires eating foods that are rich in nutrients but low in calories regularly throughout the day. This is where breakfast comes in, which should include foods rich in vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids. These nutrients will boost your metabolism and act as an appetite suppressant to promote sustainable weight loss.

What is the ideal breakfast for weight loss?

ideal slimming breakfast We now know that breakfast is an essential meal for the body. Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated the value of a balanced breakfast to prevent health problems. In addition, in a slimming program, it is essential to never skip a meal, as this will give rise to cravings throughout the day. Thus, the purpose of this first meal of the day is to avoid the urge to snack later in the day, especially until lunch.

Choosing the right breakfast

If breakfast is essential for weight loss, you should know that not all breakfasts are created equal. Today, the trade is full of a panoply of prepared breakfasts that make our lives easier but ignore our nutrient needs. Therefore, without knowing it, we ingest thousands of useless or even harmful substances, contained in biscuits, cereals, pastries and industrial drinks. However, it is important to consume foods that will reduce the feeling of hunger and create a feeling of rapid satiation. It is then better to bet on foods composed of slow sugars, which will provide energy to last until lunch.

The composition of the ideal breakfast

As part of a slimming program, it is essential to choose your food well. Thus, for breakfast to lose weight, we fall back on fresh fruit, lean protein sources (cheese, dairy products, eggs, lean meat …) and cereals rich in fibre (cereal bread, oats, wholemeal bread, unsweetened cereals). In addition, we can bet on quality lipids (seeds, vegetable oil, vegetable margarine, oilseeds …) as well as on unsweetened drinks, such as coffee, tea, lemon juice…

Foods to avoid at breakfast

You would have understood it: not all foods provide the same nutrients, and some foods are to be avoided at breakfast. This is particularly the case for biscuits and industrial cereals, which generally contain a large amount of sugars and fats. Quickly assimilated by the body, these foods do not allow to hold until lunch. The same goes for pastries that turn out to be too sweet and too fatty to allow effective weight loss. That said, we don't advise against them for an occasional weekend brunch, but be aware that these products won't allow you to last until lunchtime.

Another mistake to avoid during breakfast: throw yourself on cakes. Indeed, with their glycemic index too high, cakes will lead to hyperglycemia, or an excess of blood sugar levels. However, the body must fight this hyperglycemia and thus ends up with an uncontrolled craving until late afternoon. Weight gain guaranteed!

In short, as part of a slimming breakfast, it is essential to ban fast sugars from pastries and other pastries on the market. Too high in calories, these foods will be quickly absorbed by the body, which will surely lead to uncontrollable hunger during the day. Without providing essential nutrients to the body, these foods are the factors that cause weight gain in the long term.

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