What to eat to lose weight?

Many myths circulate in the field of weight loss, but one certainty proven by scientists remains the crucial role of diet in this process. As paradoxical as it is, to lose weight and lose fat, you must never counter hunger. But you still have to pay attention to the food you put on your plates. Antioxidants, detoxifiers, appetite suppressants… Some foods are more effective than others for a slimming action in the body. Here are our top 8 foods that you absolutely must get to lose weight.

Whole eggs

whole eggs Eggs are known in the world of nutrition to contain a significant amount of protein and vitamins. That is why they are commonly used in many slimming programs, always selecting whole eggs. To do this, we do not cook the eggs in fat: we consume only the food to enjoy its benefits without losing any nutrients.

In addition, eggs are also considered an appetite suppressant food, which brings a feeling of rapid satiety and helps to eat less. Finally, it should be noted that it is an excellent source of energy in the long term, which fuel makes it easy to hold until the next meal without feeling hungry.


This vegetable that is eaten with its skin has the particularity of absorbing fat during pan cooking. Well, it turns out that eggplant retains this action once absorbed into the body. In fact, it contains pectin, a substance that traps fats and promotes their elimination in the body. However, in order not to counteract this effect, limit the amount of oil you use for cooking. Finally, note that eggplant also contains a significant amount of potassium (powerful diuretic), as well as fiber and antioxidants.


Spinach contains many vitamins and a large amount of protein. It is a green vegetable with a protein content of around 50%. Spinach is therefore above all an excellent source of energy for the body, not to mention that it is low in calories, which makes it effective for weight loss. Finally, you should know that spinach contains many antioxidants, the same ones that can revive cellular and blood activity as well as eliminate waste and toxins.


Very rich in fiber, pineapple also contains bromelia, an enzyme with diuretic and anti-cellulite power. In addition, this tropical fruit also contributes to the elimination of fats. Finally, pineapple is very low in calories: it provides only 47 kcals per 100 grams of fruit.

Lean meats

lean meats Chicken, lean roast, rabbit, lean ham… Lean meats also have their place among the effective foods to lose weight, provided of course not to cook them in oil or fat.

Lean meats are rich in protein, the Holy Grail that is needed in all programs to lose weight. They are also low in calories, which allows you to combine them with other foods without the risk of inflating your calorie balance.


Cabbage stands out from most of the foods mentioned in this top because it is a negative calorie food. Indeed, simply by digesting cabbage, you will spend more calories than it brings you. In addition, cabbage exerts a diuretic action in the body and effectively burns fat.


This citrus fruit is well known for its draining properties. It actually contains pectin which exerts an appetite suppressant power and therefore prolongs the feeling of satiety. It should also be noted that lemon stimulates digestion and eliminates toxins accumulated in the body. In short, it is a natural fat burner that should never be missed in your closets.


Beans are low-calorie foods but high in fiber. They are also an important source of nutrients, like many vegetables. In addition, the bean contains a sugar inhibitor, which amply earns it its place among the most effective foods for weight loss. More concretely, the substance contained in the bean prevents sugars from accumulating in fat cells.

Focus on dietary fiber

Vegetables, fruits, whole grains… Many foods contain dietary fiber in the form of carbohydrates. Unlike saturated carbohydrates, fiber is absorbed slowly by the body, and it slows down the digestion of food consumed during a meal. As a result, it is the fiber that makes it possible to last longer without consuming a single food. That's why dietary fiber is essential for breakfast and lunch, so you can easily get the day done without snacking. To increase your intake of dietary fiber, do not hesitate to draw on the side of vegetables (spinach, beans, endives, carrots, cabbage …) and in fruits, nuts and whole grains.

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