Capsiplex: info about this fat burner and reviews

Capsiplex is, it seems, the slimming drug of Hollywood stars. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Osbourne, Britney Spears…American celebrities have set their sights on this slimming drug, the tilt that was enough to get sales of Capsiplex off the ground. Moreover, user reviews of the product are flowing profusely on the Internet, some simply extolling the merits of Capsiplex while others are calling for more studies on this highly publicized pill. In France as elsewhere in the world, Capsiplex would therefore be the miracle slimming capsule that overcomes belly bulges. But is it really the rare pearl not to be missed to lose weight? Or, on the contrary, is it a well-crafted marketing strategy that hides imperfections as a slimming drug? We will discover it through this guide on the Capsiplex.

What is a fat burner?

After a little research on Capsiplex, we now know that it is a fat burner. But to be able to understand what it is really used for, let's remember what a fat burner is and what a calorie is.

We know that our muscles work a lot during a sports session, whether it's bodybuilding, fitness or just running. In order for them to support the movements solicited, our muscles need fuel or energy. And the foods we eat will be used to provide the energy needed for these physical activities.

Indeed, it is during digestion that the calories provided by the food we have just eaten are distributed throughout the body. However, if these calories are not expended properly, they will accumulate as fat. On the other hand, once transformed into energy, they will nourish our muscles and give us a more slender figure. This is where the fat burner comes in, which will help the body convert calories into fuel.

Capsiplex: Presentation of this fat burner

Capsiplex is a fat burner: its main purpose is to help us eliminate fat to lose weight. Ideal for people who want to stabilize their weight after a slimming diet, this slimming drug burns more calories, stimulates fat metabolism and improves endurance for physical activities. Capsiplex was developed using OmniBead technology, which takes advantage of the thermogenic effect of chili pepper without the burning sensations. Thus, Capsiplex is a very powerful fat-burning supplement, but it does not cause irritation of the gastric tract.

Capsiplex was developed by Wolfson Berg Laboratories in Lamaca, Cyprus, on behalf of the well-known bauer nutrition brand. The process of developing the supplement follows a rigorous scientific protocol, under the guidance of a team of medical advisors specialized in the development of dietary supplements to lose weight.

Capsiplex: when to use this food supplement?

Capsiplex is therefore a fat burner whose purpose is to promote the loss of superfluous fat mass. Combined with a healthy and adapted diet as well as regular physical activity, it boosts weight loss over a treatment period ranging from 2 to 6 months.

More concretely, Capsiplex stimulates fat metabolism in order to destock excess calories and boost lipolysis. This acceleration of metabolism actually allows the body to spend more energy in order to eliminate the risks of fat storage.

On its official website, Bauer Nutrition explains that its product works according to a natural and fairly simple principle that relies on the increase in energy expenditure in order to induce significant weight loss. A true slimming supplement, Capsiplex contains capsicum as the main ingredient, an active substance better known as "hot red pepper".

According to the scientists behind Capsiplex, the pungent red pepper increases calorie expenditure while speeding up metabolism and increasing endurance as part of physical activity. Capsiplex therefore promises to prevent the accumulation of fat in the belly, thighs and hips, thanks to its thermogenesis effect and the rapid decomposition of fat cells.

It should also be noted that Capsiplex is an energy booster. However, if the pungent red pepper can indeed improve endurance, it should be taken 10 g daily to reproduce these energizing effects, and this without the slightest irritation in the gastric tract.

Composition of Capsiplex: what are the active ingredients?

Capsiplex combines several ingredients known for their ability to help the body burn fat: capsicum, caffeine, piperine and niacin.


Active substance of pungent red peppers, capsicum is known for its thermogenesis-stimulating effect, allowing to quickly melt the fat accumulated in the body. Then it has the power to increase metabolism and allows muscles to burn calories more efficiently.

In capsicum, we also find capsaicin, a chemical compound present in chili pepper and responsible for its pungent taste. Capsaicin is still said to be a fat-burning compound, and from human and animal studies, it seems that adding chili to your meals increases heat production in the body for short periods of time.

While the makers of Capsiplex claim that it can help burn calories on its own, but at the moment, there is not enough research to support these claims. Nevertheless, combined with regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, capsaicin can actually increase the body's metabolism and help it increase energy expenditure.


Caffeine is a common ingredient in coffee, tea and in many diet pills. It is therefore not surprising that Capsiplex contains it, since this substance helps to stimulate the body's metabolism and burn fat. Although there are differing opinions about the actual effectiveness of caffeine on the body, scientists are unanimous in saying that it is beneficial for everyone except pregnant women and people with heart disorders.

Studies reveal that caffeine helps stimulate the fat breakdown process to produce energy. In addition, caffeine acts as a natural stimulant, fighting drowsiness and helping its users stay active longer.

Some people claim that the effectiveness of caffeine is related to the amount of caffeine that the individual would normally tolerate. It is therefore recommended that if you regularly take coffee or other caffeine-based drinks, you should first remove your caffeine addiction, because in this way, slimming supplements like Capsiplex will have a better effect on your body.


Piperine is a compound found in pepper that gives it its pungent smell. According to some studies, piperine is an effective substance for weight loss. According to research, it targets fat cells and prevents the formation of new fat cells by interfering with the genes responsible for their formation.

Thus, Capsiplex, just like several other supplements for weight loss, contains piperine in its formula. Some scientists also argue that piperine could help in the treatment of obesity, although it seems too early to attribute such properties to the compound.

Nevertheless, piperine offers other benefits, including the ability to act as an antioxidant and stabilize sugar levels after a meal. It also helps reduce bloating and food retention, thus helping to avoid digestive disorders.


Niacin is a B complex vitamin found in many foods, such as eggs, nuts, poultry, legumes, and lean meat. It is attributed key virtues such as weight loss and improved fitness. However, niacin does not act directly on calorie burning: rather, it works by helping the body use the energy released by fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Niacin, taken in combination with meals, releases more energy to support physical activity and improve endurance in sports. So when there isn't enough niacin in your diet, you'll find that your energy runs out much faster.

Other components of Capsiplex

Capsiplex also contains magnesium stearate and rice flour, two ingredients that act as hypoallergenic fillers and lubricants respectively.

Capsiplex dosage: how to use this slimming supplement?

The treatment consists of taking a slimming capsule with a large glass of water. If you play sports, it is advisable to take the capsules at least 30 minutes before each session. And on days when you do not train, it is advisable to take one capsule before breakfast. Be careful, it is not recommended to take the treatment in the evening or before bedtime, because Capsiplex contains caffeine, a substance well known to cause insomnia.

Under no circumstances should the dosage of one capsule per day be exceeded. Indeed, the slimming effect and the stimulating actions of the treatment would not be increased, not to mention that an increase in the dosage would risk leading to hypertension. In addition, to optimize its effectiveness, the treatment based on Capsiplex is to be taken in combination with a healthy diet and with regular physical activity.

Does Capsiplex cause any side effects?

Capsiplex certainly brings together many strengths, but like all drugs to lose weight, this slimming product alone can not remove the extra pounds. Indeed, if you do not adopt a healthy diet, or if you do not play sports, Capsiplex will have no effect on your line. It is therefore essential to combine it with balanced meals and the practice of physical activity. By adopting these good habits, you will easily be able to take advantage of the positive effects of Capsiplex on your extra pounds.


Like most weight loss medications, Capsiplex is contraindicated in people under 18 years of age and in pregnant or lactating women. It is also not recommended to take the slimming capsule if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases. In any case, if you are undergoing any medical treatment, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor in order to avoid any drug interaction.

Capsiplex side effects

The Capsiplex slimming capsule is certainly formulated from natural and a priori reliable components. But even 100% natural products are not always tolerated by everyone. There may be people who are allergic to a natural supplement that does good for many users.

This is particularly the case of capsaicin to which many people are allergic, depriving them of the recognized benefits of Capsiplex. Heartburn, gastric reflux, stomach irritation… Many side effects can occur in people who cannot stand capsaicin.

In contrast, other people may develop sensitivity to the caffeine contained in Capsiplex. In fact, not everyone reacts in the same way to this slimming dietary supplement. The slightest overdose can cause a number of adverse effects: irritability, bad mood, increased heart rate, insomnia, dizziness… In some very rare cases, some people may have panic attacks after an intense workout.

Finally, if you are taking a medication that may interfere with Capsiplex, it is better to refrain from taking this slimming capsule. Hence the interest of always asking the advice of your doctor before starting your slimming program.

Where to buy Capsiplex to lose weight?

As a reminder, Capsiplex is a food supplement produced by the Bauer Nutrition group. You must therefore buy it only on the manufacturer's website, where you can benefit from decreasing rates and several discounts granted depending on the quantity of bottles ordered.

On the Bauer Nutrition site, the bottle of Capsiplex costs 34.95 euros instead of 44.95 euros on other sites. By ordering two bottles, you will receive another one for free: the lot is therefore displayed at the price of 69.90 euros instead of 104.85 euros (saving of 34.95 euros). By ordering three boxes, you will receive three more free: the lot is sold for 104.85 euros instead of 209.70 euros (104.85 euros savings).

Bauer Nutrition deliveries all over the world. Once your order is paid, the slimming capsules are packed and shipped within 24 hours, allowing you to receive your package within 48 working hours.

Some of our readers wonder if it is possible to buy Capsiplex in pharmacies. Unfortunately, outside of the United States and the United Kingdom, this slimming capsule is not available at the pharmacy counter. To buy them, you should place an order directly on the official website of Bauer Nutrition. Once on this online store, you will realize that there are, in fact, many other food supplements and specialties developed by the firm Bauer Nutrition.

Our opinion on capsiplex

Many of our readers wonder what really sets Capsiplex apart from other weight loss products. It is obvious that many supplements use chili, cayenne pepper or capsaicin to provide their slimming virtues. Unfortunately, for these substances to be effective, they must be consumed in such quantities that they certainly cause a burning sensation in the stomach.

But the manufacturer of Capsiplex reassures us that its product differs from other supplements in that it uses an external coating that resists the acidity of the stomach. As a result, the capsicum extract passes into the stomach where it could have caused a disorder and is instead released directly into the intestine, where there is no likelihood of disorders.

In addition, according to our tests on the various slimming products on the market, the capsiplex formula seems very promising. While Bauer Nutrition does not offer details regarding the studies conducted on the actual effectiveness of Capsiplex, this does not prevent us from believing that this supplement will work properly if combined with adequate diet and regular physical activity.

However, it is up to you and your doctor to decide if Capsiplex is good for your health. To simplify the task, you can opt for capsiplex if you want to lose weight but you do not have enough time to do sports (Bauer Nutrition maintains that its product is a real "product to lose weight in the office").

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