Why is losing weight with laxatives a bad idea?

For some time, laxatives have been on the rise, not as an anti-constipation drug but to lose weight. When you go on a diet, you may actually be tempted to take laxatives to lose weight. Certainly, many people who have tried the experiment have obtained convincing results, but the fact remains that this misuse of laxatives is unhealthy. As a reminder, a laxative is a drug that makes it possible to thin the stool in order to evacuate toxins more easily. And this is the whole point of using laxatives to lose weight. But is this slimming method really unhealthy? Why should you avoid laxatives when looking to lose weight?

Laxatives to lose weight: does it really work?

laxatives to lose weight Yes and no: these constipation drugs allow you to lose weight, but not fat! Indeed, they promote the evacuation of water, the liquid that constitutes 55 to 60% of the human body. Clearly, you will dehydrate and lose only pounds made up of water. In fact, if you lose 2 liters of water, you actually lose 2 kilos on the scale. But big downside: your fat will always be there. Once you go to drink, your body will again build up its water stocks, and the 2 kilos removed with tablets will be back in a few seconds.

Laxatives to lose weight: what are the consequences on health?

If laxatives attract more and more people who want to lose weight quickly, this alternative is however dangerous for the body and health. Indeed, it can have serious consequences on health, such as dehydration and the risk of contracting certain severe diseases (metabolic disorders, diabetes, cancers …).


The main purpose of these slimming supplements is to increase the amount of water in the intestine in order to make the stool more fluid. However, this water used to thin the stool comes from the body's reserves. Thus, by taking a laxative for slimming purposes, diarrhea caused by the drug will not help the body eliminate fat contained in fat cells. Instead, they will reject water and mineral salts, which will inevitably lead to dehydration as well as mineral deficiency.

You should know that dehydration is never safe for the body. It can cause cramps and severe fatigue and can increase the risk of contracting certain diseases. Not to mention that prolonged treatment with laxatives can lead to cardiac arrest.

Disorders in certain organs

Taking laxative to slim down can also lead to serious consequences on certain organs, such as the digestive tract. Indeed, by forcing itself to eliminate water, the digestive tract can become fragile and resist less effectively against intestinal infections. As a result, colic and hemorrhoid attacks can occur frequently.

Risks of addiction

From a psychological point of view, laxatives are also not healthy. Indeed, by taking these drugs regularly, you risk becoming addicted, your body gradually inhabiting these substances. Again, dependence on laxatives can lead to the accumulation of toxins in your body. Not to mention that by getting used to the active ingredients, the body will no longer react against substances that are foreign to it, thus causing all kinds of dysfunction. However, to achieve positive results on weight loss, you will be tempted to increase your dose of laxatives, resulting in a vicious circle that will increase your addiction.

Laxatives are first and foremost drugs

laxatives for weight loss As drugs for constipation, laxatives should be a one-time help. And since these are quite powerful drugs, they may accustom your body in the long run, which will surely force you to increase the doses. In addition, your body may enter a state of stress when you stop treatment.

So, what solution to lose weight healthily?

As you will have understood, laxatives were not designed to help lose weight. Even used as anti-constipation drugs, they should be taken with some precautions. If you decide to take laxatives for a long time or excessively, other serious problems may appear: infections, tumors and other disorders in the intestine. The same goes for severe colon damage, the functioning of which can be disrupted by frequent use of laxatives. The risks of colon cancer and liver problems are also not to be ruled out.

If laxatives are absolutely not recommended to lose weight, there is a much healthier solution to lose weight: adopt a healthy diet. Combined with regular sports practice, a healthy and balanced diet can help you remove extra pounds on the scale.

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