How to choose the right fat burner to lose weight?

When you decide to lose weight, you immediately think of slimming diets and fitness rooms. Indeed, combining physical activity with an adapted diet can stimulate the musculature and destock the fat accumulated in the body. Excessive kilos, unsightly bulges, less firm skin… The consequences of fat deposits on the body are sometimes disastrous.

But to the great evils the great remedies: it is now possible to accelerate the process by involving a fat burner. Also called "fat burner", this type of slimming supplement will give you a boost to fight against fat deposits in your body. But be careful, not all fat-burning supplements are created equal, and given the diversity of brands, it is better to turn to health professionals for advice. In this article, we offer you an overview of the role, the mechanism of action and the criteria for choosing the best fat burner to lose weight.

A bit of theory about calories

calories and weight gain To fully understand how fat-burning foods and dietary supplements work, let's first do a little reminder. Our body is made up of cells that consume a certain amount of energy to ensure basal metabolism. Much of this energy is provided by food.

The principle is therefore simple: if we consume more calories than we spend, our body will tend to store them. On the other hand, if the metabolism expends more energy than it consumes, we will have a better chance of losing weight. We are talking about the energy balance.

In short, to lose weight, we just have to adjust our diet according to energy expenditure. It may seem easy to you, but it is not always easy to put this principle into practice on a daily basis. Indeed, between aperitifs, lunches or brunches and other barbecues, it is difficult to properly follow your slimming goals. And that's why most people go through the "fat burner" box. This type of dietary supplement promises to remove the extra pounds without requiring too much effort or any drastic diet.

What is a fat burner?

fat burner We therefore know that fat burners are so-called "slimming" food supplements. To achieve these goals and achieve visible results on your line, the fat burner must operate through one of four mechanisms:

  • stimulate and accelerate basal metabolism;
  • inhibit the feeling of hunger by inciting satiety;
  • promote thermogenesis to burn more calories;
  • or accelerate lipolysis (fat burning).

Whatever the mode of action of your fat burner, it must be able to eliminate the fat accumulated in the body, and thus be able to facilitate weight loss. Note that there are also "fat sensors" which, as their name suggests, will capture fat before its absorption in order to eliminate it directly via the stool.

Weight loss, a process that starts with diet

Suffice to say that no slimming supplement alone is enough to suppress fat in the body. If you want to lose weight, it is essential to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. This remains the basis of a low-calorie diet which, in turn, creates a caloric deficit in the body.

A healthy and varied diet is based on the consumption of vegetables, fats and carbohydrates without exceeding the threshold of reasonable amount. It also requires protein and unprocessed foods. But in no case is the consumption of dietary supplements enough to lose weight, because these products are there only to give a boost to your quest.

When used correctly, a fat burner can give a valuable help to your diet. But if you use it excessively, you will not give enough importance to your diet, at the risk of exposing yourself to serious nutritional deficiencies.

Tips for choosing the right fat burner

As we mentioned above, fat burners can be classified into four families based on their mechanism of action.

Thermogenesis to burn more calories

thermogenic fat burner So-called "thermogenic" fat burners increase the number of calories burned by increasing the temperature necessary for metabolism. Most often, these dietary supplements are consumed between 30 and 60 minutes before a sports session to maximize the result.

Indeed, it is during physical exertion that you will burn more calories for the same exercise. This results in a significant increase in your chances of weight loss, thanks to the increase in caloric expenditure. But keep in mind that your slimming results depend above all on the intensity and frequency of your physical activity. Fat burners are only there to give you a boost via thermogenesis.

Diuretics to counter water retention

Heavy legs, soft bulges, cellulite… Water retention is one of the factors of overweight and obesity. That's why fitness enthusiasts mostly opt for diuretic drinks, such as green tea. Manufacturers of dietary supplements have understood this and integrated green tea into their products to combat water retention and refine the silhouette of the consumer.

Appetite suppressants to reduce your appetite

To lose weight, it is not enough to do sports and spend calories. It is equally important to eat a healthy and better calorie-controlled diet. It is therefore necessary to control your caloric intake by reducing your appetite and reducing the amounts of fat.

Lipids as sources of energy

Lipolysis consists of destocking the lipids accumulated in the fatty tissues in order to use them as energy substrates. Lipolytic fat burners thus make it possible to obtain less fat while obtaining enough energy to support your physical efforts. Commercially, you will find different formulas of lipolytic fat burners, such as EIyolab 's CLA HT and Carnitine.

Fat Burner: The Selection of the Diet and Health Team

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Comparison of alternative fat burners and trends

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Which fat burner to choose?

In the field of fat burners, there are two families of products: natural fat-burning foods and dietary supplements.

Fat-burning foods

fat burner food Natural foods are arguably the most effective for burning fat and losing weight. Usable on a daily basis, these foods are:

  • Either low-calorie or negative calories (such as cabbage and broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, apple, pineapple…), rich in micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Some foods in this category are sometimes draining and appetite suppressant.
  • Either filled with dietary fiber, which plays an important role in intestinal transit (this is the case of potatoes and oatmeal).
  • Either thermogenic components, which can naturally increase caloric expenditure (cayenne pepper, green tea, coffee, pepper …).

While most fat-burning foods are low-calorie, there are nevertheless fats that make you lose weight. This is particularly the case with avocado, coconut and olive oil, all of which increase metabolism and prevent fat storage. As long as you consume them raw.


This fruit native to the Brazilian Amazon contains a significant amount of caffeine. The latter is known for its stimulating action on fat burning and basal metabolism. Highly prized by athletes and bodybuilders, guarana called "good mood plant" increases motivation, endurance and physical performance. Enough to multiply the chances of losing weight and burning fat.

Green coffee

Extracted from the fruits of the coffee tree, green coffee is also a star of slimming products. Indeed, it contains two active ingredients, caffeine and chlorogenic acid, which limit the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates by the body. In addition, green coffee seed also promotes fat burning and activates the elimination of toxins. A real mood booster, it exerts a toning and energizing effect during your sports sessions.


Also considered a true slimming ally, lemon is an excellent fat burner that stands out for its high content of vitamin C. This citrus fruit thus helps to calm feelings of hunger and limit caloric intake. Also detox, it purifies the liver in depth while facilitating the evacuation of fat.

Green tea

We have already mentioned green tea as a diuretic and thermogenic. Thanks to the catechin it contains, this drink reduces the feeling of hunger and avoids snacking. As for its diuretic power, green tea promotes the elimination of bad toxins. Finally, also thermogenic, it increases the temperature of the body to promote the destocking of fat and weight loss. Only downside: green tea only works properly in addition to a healthy and adapted diet.

The spicy red pepper

It is less known than its analogues, but the pungent red pepper is one of the star ingredients as part of a slimming diet. Indeed, if its pungent taste often helps us spice up our dishes, red pepper is also very effective in making us lose weight. And for good reason, it contains capsaicin, a substance that is both fat burning and calorie-reducing. In short, red pepper allows you to control your weight by suppressing abdominal fat. However, green tea will be preferred to red pepper in the case of hypersensitivity to capsaicin, or in case of ulcers and gastritis.

The Konjac

Konjac is certainly less than the other fat burners in this article, but it is no less effective. A true natural appetite suppressant, it has a powerful and almost instantaneous satiating effect. As a result, Konjac causes a greater feeling of satiety in order to limit the number of calories you ingest. For best results, it should be combined with a fat-burning supplement and a low-calorie and balanced diet.


In the category of superfoods, spirulina is a cyanobacteria product very rich in iron and protein. It owes to proteins its ability to induce an almost immediate feeling of satiety, especially if consumed before meals. In addition, spirulina has an indirect thermogenic effect that causes the body to expend more energy during digestion.

Which fat burner meets your needs?

powerful fat burner You should know that each fat burner exerts a particular action in your body. It is therefore necessary to know how to distinguish the different fat burners according to their objective, whether it is the acceleration of the degradation of adipose tissue, the increase in caloric expenditure, the improvement of physical performance, the elimination of water retention, the reduction of appetite … To avoid any unpleasant surprises, the choice of your fat burner must therefore be made according to the objectives to be achieved, and especially according to your state of health.

In addition, if foods and dietary supplements that promote fat burning are generally suitable for everyone, priority should be given to substances that effectively eliminate stored fat and water retention.

To burn fat and eliminate water retention

There are many fat-burning dietary supplements, but to specifically target subcutaneous water retention, it is best to opt for products containing:

These two components prevent the formation of new fat cells and capture the fat absorbed directly in the stomach to prevent digestion. These new fats are thus directly directed to the intestines without being degraded during digestion.

To burn fat in the belly and hips

Difficult (not to say impossible) to lose weight in a localized way. However, to lose abdominal fat, it may be worthwhile to adopt a balanced diet and break down meals into small portions throughout the day.

Nevertheless, to help you slim down your belly quickly, you can turn to a dietary supplement containing conjugated linoleic acid. The latter is an essential fatty acid that has the ability to target abdominal fat. It is sometimes considered a fat burner that acts globally, but its action is much more visible on the abdominal strap. In short, conjugated linoleic acid is the best fat burner for those who want to lose belly.

To reduce appetite and avoid cravings

In addition to natural appetite suppressants (apple, egg white, grapefruit, pineapple…), you can also reduce your cravings with the help of food supplements. The latter will have to contain griffonia simplicifolia, a substance similar to serotonin that helps control sugar cravings outside of meals. The same goes for nopal and gymnena sylvestris, which help reduce blood sugar levels.

To fight against cellulite

Many slimming supplements promise to fight cellulite and the famous orange peel. One of these supplements is Burner FG, which contains reason extract and gingko biloba, two substances that improve venous return and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Also antioxidants, they therefore prevent cellulite caused by poor blood circulation.

A versatile fat burner

Some so-called "thermogenic" fat burners also have components that stimulate the nervous system and mobilize the fat stored in the body. To be consumed ideally before training, these supplements intervene at different levels of the weight loss process:

  • destocking of fats,
  • destocked fat burning,
  • elimination of water retention,
  • inhibition of the feeling of hunger.

In conclusion, today we have a multitude of products in the landscape of slimming and weight loss. Whether in capsules, tablets or beverages, these products contain a plethora of substances: caffeine, catechin, conjugated linoleic acid, hydroxy-citric acid, capsaicin, spirulina and sometimes carnitine.

Clearly, modern fat burning supplements rely on the combination of natural and powerful ingredients for effective, fast and sustainable weight loss. By combining these different plants (to which vitamins, minerals or amino acids are sometimes added to relieve fatigue), it becomes possible to fight against the main factors of obesity and overweight.

Other tips for choosing your slimming supplement:

Slimming food supplements: