How to choose your slimming herbal tea to lose weight?

In infusion, decoction or maceration, the herbal tea bends over backwards to do good to our body. As an accompaniment to a diet, it even offers slimming virtues that earn it a place of choice after festive meals. In fact, drinking an infusion or decoction is an effective way to eliminate toxins and waste products in the body, and some herbal teas even have a reputation for burning fat, removing excess water, and overcoming cellulite. Simple healthy trend or real slimming magic potion? Let's take stock of these flagship products of phytotherapy and discover our guide to choose your slimming herbal tea to lose weight.

Everything you need to know about herbal tea for weight loss

An excellent substitute for still water, herbal tea is a drink with multiple healing properties. Obtained by infusion, decoction or maceration of plants in hot water, it is consumed throughout the day to provide you with the benefits of plants.

To take advantage of these multiple therapeutic virtues, they can be infused into a mono-product or mixed to combine the effects of many plants. But be careful, it is always better to choose plants of French origin, sold in bulk in pharmacies or herbalists. It is also possible to opt for organic plants in sachets, available in specialized stores to avoid any use of pesticides.

Is herbal tea so different from tea?

Many people confuse tea and herbal tea. However, these two hot drinks are not at all similar in terms of their composition. Tea, whether green, yellow, white or black, is obtained from the infusion of tea leaves, which contain theine. Tea has the particularity of being assimilated much more slowly by the body, hence its exciting and stimulating effect. It also contains a large amount of weight loss and antioxidant substances.

For its part, herbal tea has always fascinated scientists and doctors with its medicinal aspect. Concocted from plants, dry herbs or spices, it is usually infused or macerated in boiling water to bring out all the aromas and virtues of each ingredient. Obviously, several herbal infusions are known for their slimming properties.

What are the virtues of slimming herbal teas?

virtues effective slimming herbal tea For millennia, hundreds of medicinal plants, stems, leaves or fresh or dried roots have been listed by phytotherapeutic medicine. The idea is to extract the active ingredient from plants and let it infuse in water for a few minutes or a few hours depending on the mode of action chosen. We thus obtain a beneficial drink that will deliver all its therapeutic benefits or slimming.

It must be recognized that herbal teas are not always curative, but they do us many services. They remain at hand to help us treat our sleep disorders, facilitate our digestion or simply soothe us in case of stress.

Is slimming tea effective for weight loss?

Several plants are known for their ability to help the body slim down, digest better or facilitate intestinal transit. They are also attributed a power against constipation, against the feeling of untimely hunger or against toxins. However, no study has really looked at the effectiveness of herbal tea in terms of weight loss. Plants do not directly lead to an increase in caloric expenditure but play the role of diuretic in order to activate the elimination of waste from the body.

Herbal tea is therefore an ally in weight loss indirectly, provided that it accompanies a balanced and controlled diet. But it should be borne in mind that diuretic herbal teas should not be consumed in the long term but rather as one-off cures. Similarly, we do not add sugar so as not to boost the caloric intake.

How to use herbal tea to lose weight?

We will have understood it: herbal tea is not a fat burner or an appetite suppressant in itself, and drinking herbal tea is not enough to remove our extra pounds. On the other hand, herbal teas encourage you to drink more: scientists know that drinking more is essential in a slimming diet in order to eliminate waste and recharge the body with minerals. As an accompanist in a diet, herbal tea can be consumed throughout the day and between meals.

Which plants to choose for your slimming herbal tea?

There are hundreds of plants that can be relied upon to accompany a diet. First of all, there are draining herbal teas that offer an excellent detox power to eliminate waste and toxins from the body. In this category, we can mention green tea, birch, the queen of the near as well as ash, all of which contribute to draining deep in order to avoid water retention, one of the first factors of weight gain. In the category of natural appetite suppressants, there are the roots of dandelion, which also eliminate toxins.

Other plants speed up the metabolism in order to burn more calories at rest. This is particularly the case of green tea and mate, a very popular plant in South America. Note that mate is particularly interesting for its energizing and non-exciting power, unlike tea or coffee. Finally, let's also mention nopal powder which works by regulating blood sugar levels. A very effective ally to regulate blood sugar and fight obesity!

Green tea

In addition to its positive action on resting metabolism, green tea is also a powerful antioxidant thanks to its high content of theine and catechin. To benefit from these healing virtues, it is better to opt for loose green tea, sold in specialized shops. Exit the green tea that is found in sachets in supermarkets.


rosemary herbal tea Rosemary is credited with the power to cleanse the body and eliminate all toxins and impurities accumulated over time by our diet. Thanks to its action on the digestive system, rosemary will offer a second life to your liver system. Indeed, the liver is an organ called "emunctory", that is to say that it treats the waste products of the body and promotes their elimination in the urine.

In addition, rosemary also regulates blood sugar levels. However, like most plants used in herbal medicine, rosemary has not yet been studied in relation to its action on weight loss.

The cherry tail

Cherry tail contains flavonoids with antioxidant properties. It therefore eliminates all waste products from the body via urine and the digestive system. However, cherry tail tea alone is not enough for weight loss. Because losing water is not losing fat.


The root of dandelion is known for its detoxifying power as well as its undeniable diuretic and laxative effects. Indeed, lion's tooth is rich in iron, calcium, manganese, vitamins C and D, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

This is why its use as a dietary supplement is common: treatment of lack of appetite, minor digestive disorders, improvement of liver, urinary and biliary functions… However, dandelion alone is not enough to treat weight loss.


Also called "the insulin of the poor", cinnamon is able to reduce blood sugar levels. Allied appetite suppressant, it helps you reduce your caloric intake without creating nutritional deficiencies.


ginger tea Ginger infusion is one of the most effective herbal teas to lose weight, thanks to its thermogenic and warming qualities. In fact, ginger stimulates the metabolism and thus contributes to fat burning. Ginger tea is therefore attributed a fat-burning and calorie-burning property , ideal for purifying the body by promoting the evacuation of toxins and waste.

To take advantage of these multiple virtues, it contains grated a teaspoon of fresh ginger. It is then boiled in water for about ten minutes, then the infusion thus obtained is filtered by adding a little honey. Obviously, we taste the infusion while it is still hot, adding a few drops of squeezed lemon for more draining and diuretic effect.

Be careful though, like the pungent red pepper (capsicum), ginger could cause heartburn and bloating. Consumed in high doses, it is also at risk of flatulence, nausea and heart problems.

The Meadowsweet

Also called "ulmaire" or "false spirea", this perennial herbaceous plant would have all the qualities to lose weight. True diuretic, it would have an anti-cellulite power. A great ally to fight orange peel!


Yerba mate is rich in caffeine and theophylline, allows it to accelerate the breakdown of fat accumulated on your hips or belly. It would also have an appetite suppressant effect that would lead to a feeling of almost immediate satiety.


thyme tea Thyme is an aromatic that always sits in our kitchens to enhance our favorite dishes. However, this creeping or cushioned plant also knows how to seduce us with its slimming property. Thyme tea is thus effective in facilitating digestion and overcoming bloating. Note also that thyme is a powerful diuretic.


To lose weight, lemon infusion is second to none, especially since the ingredients are minimalist: all you need is a squeezed lemon and a cup of hot water. In lemon, we find vitamin C (or ascorbic acid), a water-soluble vitamin that promotes the burning of fatty acids and maximizes the burning of calories.


Also called "red tea" because of its coloring in infusion, rooibos tea is based on medicinal plants of Aspalathus linearis, a shrub found in South Africa. The slimming herbal tea in rooibos actually contains antioxidant and appetite suppressant substances that can reduce cravings and snacks, which is essential for weight loss.

The scientific community has demonstrated that rooibos helps fight stress and diabetes. This drink also has hypotensive effects and regulates the level of bad cholesterol.

The criteria for choosing a slimming herbal tea

choose a slimming herbal tea We now know that each of the plants listed in herbal medicine has specific properties. That is why it is important to choose the right infusion to lose weight quickly, referring to your own slimming needs and goals. Otherwise, a bad choice could have a detrimental effect on your body. Thus, you must first identify your needs and choose the plants that best meet them. In short, you must choose your slimming herbal tea according to your goals.

Fighting cellulite and orange peel

To overcome cellulite by flushing toxins into your body, you must opt for a draining or detox herbal tea. This makes it possible to cleanse the body in depth by ridding it of toxins and other harmful impurities. Moreover, detox herbal teas can also promote digestion and weight loss.

In this category of herbal teas we can recommend dandelion, meadowsweet, cherry tail and badiane. As we mentioned above, the roots of dandelion act against water retention and promote drainage. For its part, badiane is effective in preventing feelings of bloating and other symptoms of digestive disorders.

In the family of detox herbal teas, there are hibiscus, lemon and dogtooth, which promote the renal elimination of water, purify the liver and exert a draining action in the body.

Our selection of anti-cellulite herbal tea

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Fighting snacking

At the risk of repeating ourselves, snacking is the worst enemy of well-being and a slim figure. If you want to put an end to cravings, then you need an appetite suppressant tea, such as chamomile, mate, cinnamon, fennel or peppermint. As a bonus, fennel helps digestion, as it is very rich in fiber and fights against gases. For its part, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels.

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Have a flatter stomach

To achieve your "flat stomach" goal, you can opt for the diuretic herbal tea that eliminates belly fat thanks to its high antioxidant content. This type of herbal tea regulates intestinal transit thanks to its laxative and diuretic action: you will feel lighter after its absorption. To concoct a diuretic herbal tea, prefer to use rosemary, green anise, lemon balm or licorice. As we said above, rosemary also helps to rebalance blood sugar levels while helping to relieve difficult digestions.

You should also know that diuretic tea allows you to lose weight in the belly and thighs. Its main role is to eliminate water retention and help its user to reach a healthy weight as well as to feel better about himself. You will find different diuretic plants on the market, starting with birch and artichoke, all of which promote the elimination of toxins and fluids accumulated in the body.

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Burn more fat

Fats are the most influential factor on weight gain. To help you eliminate more fat, do not hesitate to opt for a fat-burning herbal tea. Boosting metabolism, it allows you to transform fat cells into energy through increased body temperature (a process called "thermogenesis"). Among the plants used to concoct fat-burning herbal tea are green tea, pineapple and papaya. You can also opt for guarana seed, which is also very popular in the field of slimming food supplements, due to its high caffeine content.

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Refine your silhouette

This is arguably the ultimate goal of all weight loss diets. To do this, you have the slimming infusion, which contributes to weight loss, provided you combine it with a healthy and balanced diet as well as physical exercise. On the market you will find a wide choice of plants to prepare this herbal tea, but we will mention only a few: artichoke, lemon, mate, guarana and red vine. For a better rendering, you can also combine them in a single infusion or alternate them.

Our selection of slimming herbal tea

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