LeBootCamp Diet: Presentation, Pros and Cons, Reviews and Results

Diets are on the rise in France. On the Internet and in commerce, there are dozens or even hundreds, as you may have learned the hard way! First, there are restrictive, tyrannical or frustrating diets, which promise to remove your extra pounds, which you will probably resume in a few weeks. On the other hand, there are the so-called gentle diets, which spread over time but will never make you lose an ounce of fat. True, there are effective diets, but not all of them have only good sides.

Starting from the same observation, faced with the disparity and relative effectiveness of diets in France, Valérie Orsoni set out to find a way to lose weight. According to her, a good slimming solution must allow you to stay healthy, avoid the yo-yo effect characteristic of drastic diets, and especially stay in French culinary habits. Valérie Orsoni created her slimming diet, LeBootCamp, which now has more than one million members in 38 countries. Zoom on this revolutionary weight loss program.

What is the LeBootCamp diet?

Valérie Orsoni is a professional coach who accompanies her clients in terms of fitness and nutrition. She developed her slimming coaching program after several months of fighting a brain tumor from which she emerged cured.

Indeed, LeBootCamp is the personal coaching method signed Valérie Orsoni and which is now aimed at the general public internationally. In her spare time, the coach is also the author of many books that detail the principles of his method: LeBootCamp, The 101 recipes of the coach of the stars, A dream body without too much effort, and much more.

The LeBootCamp method is based on 4 pillars, cornerstones of a winning slimming strategy:

  • Gourmet nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Stress management.

On the official website of the brand, Valérie Orsoni offers 3 subscription packages. By opting for one of the subscription rates, the user receives a daily email containing a video, nutrition and motivation tips, session support tools, recipes and tips on the weight loss strategy.

LeBootCamp: how does it work?

Nutrition, physical activity, motivation, stress management: these are the 4 pillars on which the LeBootCamp slimming approach is based. Over a period of 3 to 6 months, the idea is to find a balanced diet by adding physical activity. The choice of foods is then made taking into account three criteria: the glycemic load, the alkalizing or acidifying effect and the detoxifying power.

The LeBootCamp program is divided into 4 distinct phases:

  • The detox phase (15 days), which focuses on the consumption of so-called "detoxifying" foods. Here, the idea is to cleanse and purify the body before moving on to the removal of extra pounds. Indeed, a sedentary lifestyle, regularly subject to stress and pollution, can lead to an increase in the levels of toxins and waste present in the body. However, toxins are an obstacle to the proper functioning of organisms, especially since the functions dedicated to their elimination are not always sufficient.
  • The attack phase, which aims at weight loss and the elimination of cellulite. We recommend here a diet with a low glycemic index, just as it is necessary to integrate one day a week detoxifying foods. Indeed, according to Valérie Orsoni, we all tend to consume too much sugar in its pure state, which is a direct factor in obesity. But sugar is not the only culprit to point the finger, because it is our foods themselves that sometimes contain too high a glycemic index, especially industrial products and foods based on white flour.
  • The stabilization phase, which consists of stabilizing your weight and eliminating the last remaining extra pounds. Based on the acid-base balance, this step occurs as soon as the user has lost 75% of the weight he wanted to eliminate. We must focus here on physical activity. Indeed, the closer the pH of our body is to 0, the more acidic it is, and the more we increase this pH, the more alkaline the body is. The idea is therefore to stabilize the pH by opting for a neutral value or close to 7. This is because an acidic body is a tired and vulnerable body, while an alkaline body is a healthy and energetic body.
  • And finally, the defense phase, which seeks to protect the user from the trap of miracle diets. At this point, LeBootCamp coaches give their advice by explaining a whole range of miracle diets available commercially.

LeBootCamp to lose weight: how does it work?

The principle of the LeBootCamp diet is to reduce caloric intake and increase expenses so that the body creates a deficit and naturally loses fat. According to the founder of the diet, the detox phase is based on the principle that the accumulation of toxins in the body is a brake on the weight loss process. The offending substances include pesticides, mercury from fish, sweeteners and glucose-fructose syrup.

The attack phase, meanwhile, relies on a diet with a low glycemic load in order to reduce the intake of carbohydrates which are a factor of weight loss. Finally, the stabilization phase is based on the principle that an obese organism is acidic, while a thin and healthy body is neutral or alkaline.

You should know that the duration of the LeBootCamp program varies according to the user's objective and his progress. On average, the program will need to be followed for 3 to 6 months to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. However, it can also become a method to adopt new eating habits and a new lifestyle. This is why some users do not hesitate to maintain the diet even after losing their extra pounds.

LeBootCamp diet: instructions for use

The follow-up of the LeBootCamp diet requires above all to register for the program, which is done by submitting his profile on the official website of the program. After you sign up, you will regularly receive an email that contains expert advice on nutrition, fitness, motivation and celebrity secrets when it comes to weight loss. Each week, LeBootCamp will also send you a complete menu and 7 new recipes created by the Program Manager for subscribers. The subscription to the program also offers the possibility to ask unlimited questions to the personal coach (7 days a week) who will provide you with personalized answers at any time.

Foods recommended by the LeBootCamp program

During the 4 phases of the diet, the idea is to reduce the consumption of acidifying foods and salty foods, rich in sodium. The program also recommends the consumption of alkaline foods to promote the acid-base balance of the body.

Here are the main detoxifying foods, ideally to integrate during the detox phase:

  • buckwheat,
  • the apple,
  • artichoke,
  • bananas,
  • watercress,
  • the lawyer,
  • beetroot,
  • cruciferous foods,
  • and garlic.

To regain the acid-base balance, it is advisable to consume the following alkaline foods:

  • lemon peels,
  • hazelnuts,
  • the lawyer,
  • fruits (banana, pineapple, blackberries, raspberries, melon and grapefruit),
  • cabbages,
  • asparagus,
  • sweet potato and potato,
  • sprouted seeds,
  • garlic, onion and aromatic herbs,
  • soybeans and tofu,
  • cinnamon and honey,
  • as well as legumes.

Foods prohibited by the LeBootCamp program

Throughout the diet, and especially during the detox phase, care should be taken to avoid the following foods:

  • red meat,
  • dairy products,
  • eggs,
  • sweet, refined and processed products,
  • prepared dishes,
  • trans and saturated fats,
  • fried foods,
  • white bread (and any food made from white flour),
  • alcohol,
  • and salt (to be limited).

The typical day of the LeBootCamp diet

The typical day of the LeBootCamp program begins with the viewing of a motivational video sent by your personal coach. It's about making an easy and fun move that you could do at home to start your day off right. Your coach then has your interactive weight loss curve checked and updated your new weight in the history.

It's important to keep track of what you're consuming. To empower you, the program offers you a dedicated online space so that you can save everything you eat and drink. This personal space is shared with your coach so that he can closely monitor your progress.

The interesting thing about the LeBootCamp diet is that each one brings you a new thing. Indeed, Valérie Orsoni in person offers you every day a tip or a new idea to put into practice, in addition to a new recipe or a new sports activity.

A few days after you sign up, it's time to browse your weekly menu and plan your meals for the day. From your account, you can print your shopping list directly, knowing that the entire menu is prepared by the Head of the LeBootCamp diet.

In addition, your online space also offers access to the virtual gym. All you have to do is choose your activity for the day, print it out and do it according to your equipment.

Finally, your personal coach is always at your disposal to answer you in case of questions. Similarly, Valérie Orsoni will respond to your messages in a personalized way and in real time.

The benefits of the LeBootCamp plan

The LeBootCamp method is an innovative and current program that stands out for its online coaching service. The program is diverse and offers hundreds of recipes, exercises, interactive tools (the famous weight curve) and tips that you receive daily by e-mail. In addition, in addition to the Program Manager, a team of dieticians is there to customize your diet by avoiding restriction and deprivation.

Obviously, unlike many programs on the market, the LeBootCamp method (formerly orsoni method) focuses on eating pleasure, changing lifestyle habits and highlighting sports practice, which constitute a global approach for sustainable well-being.

The disadvantages of the LeBootCamp diet

LeBootCamp still involves a restrictive diet that can lead to frustration and food compulsions. Nevertheless, Valérie Orsoni compensates for this shortcoming with interactive, fun and above all motivating content offerings.

In addition, the near-ban on dairy products can lead to calcium and vitamin D deficiencies, not to mention the frustration it causes among dairy enthusiasts.

Finally, the Orsoni method is paid: the subscription is monthly and requires daily Internet access and a good command of the web to be able to access all the tools and online coaching.

The effectiveness of the LeBootCamp method on weight loss

On the official website of the program, the results of the trials show a weight loss of 2 kg per month on average, knowing that 90% of LeBootCamp members lose 12 kilos in a year.

Indeed, Valérie Orsoni's program combines the proven effectiveness in the short and medium term of low-calorie and hypoglycemic diets, with the acid-base diet, which is more a search for well-being than a slimming diet. By adding the increase in energy expenditure via sport, this winning duo will certainly remove your extra pounds. But for sustainable weight loss, the ideal is to maintain these new eating habits throughout life.

The different methods of the LeBootCamp program in Europe

In addition to the diet for weight loss, the LeBootCamp program is also a selection of solutions that aim for well-being:

  • LeBootCamp Anti-Aging & Beauty: this solution offers you to rediscover the fountain of youth through anti-aging foods and recipes based on the latest scientific studies. You will progress through many fun exercises designed to wake up and revitalize your body. You will also have the opportunity to discover the invasive and non-invasive anti-aging techniques available on the market.
  • LeBootCamp Maman & Bébé: this is a unique program developed by Valérie Orsoni and Sandrine Dury, certified psychoanalyst of mother-child relationships. This solution offers new mothers a specific diet that replenishes natural reserves of vitamins and minerals in order to overcome the traces of pregnancy. You will find balanced meal plans and physical activity patterns adapted to the body after pregnancy. The goal here is to slim down, tone and regain energy.
  • LeBootCamp Stop Cholesterol: To fight against the cholesterol scourge, the founder of the LeBootCamp program has teamed up with Nathalie Hutter-Lardeau, a nutrition expert, to create this unique solution. The latter makes it possible to rebalance the cholesterol level and is now included in the prescriptions of cardiologists in France.

The BootScore, a performance indicator to track your progress

The LeBootCamp program begins with a complete slimming assessment that anyone can do in order to find their initial BootScore. It is an indicator to observe, measure and analyze your efforts based on the 35 responses you sent on the 4 pillars of nutrition, sleep, exercise and motivation. This referential score therefore serves as a starting point to accurately monitor your progress. Like the SmartPoints of the Weight Watchers method, the BootScore takes into account your entire environment.

Our opinion on the LeBootCamp diet

It must be said that the LeBootCamp method does not lack originality, and this in many aspects. Even if you do not follow the restrictive diet to the letter, you can still draw inspiration from it to discover interesting nutritional concepts, such as detoxification, acid-base balance, glycemic index, reduction of industrial products, sports practice, highlighting the pleasure of eating…

Leader in the French slimming market, Valérie Orsoni's program has already brought together more than one million women since its launch in 2003. The formula of the diet is very rich and offers personalized coaching for weight loss, not to mention solutions for mothers and their babies, people suffering from high cholesterol and people wishing to stay young for a long time.

Valérie Orsoni's company has several establishments located in France but also abroad: United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Nigeria, United States… Other establishments are being set up in other countries to allow everyone to benefit from a complete service in terms of well-being, fitness and weight loss.

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